Local Planning Policies

Access a list of all relevant local planning policies adopted under Town Planning Scheme No.3 below.

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Document name Downloadable files
Residential Design Codes Alternative Deemed to Comply Provisions - LPP1.1 PDF document
Residential Design Guidelines - LPP1.2 PDF document
Ancillary Dwelling - LPP1.3 PDF document
Aged or Dependent Persons' Dwellings - LPP1.4 PDF document
Single Bedroom Dwellings - LPP1.5 PDF document
Lodging Houses - LPP1.6 PDF document
Coogee Residential Height Requirements - LPP1.7 PDF document
Flagpoles & Camera Poles - LPP1.8 PDF document
Domestic Satellite Dishes - LPP1.9 PDF document
Subdivision Around Thomsons Lake - LPP1.10 PDF document
Residential Rezoning & Subdiv. Adjoining Midge Infested Lakes & Wetlands - LPP1.11 PDF document
Noise Attenuation - LPP1.12 PDF document
Waste Management in Multiple Unit Developments - LPP1.14 PDF document
Tourist Accommodation - LPP1.15 PDF document
Single House Standards for Medium Density Housing in the Development Zone - LPP1.16 PDF document
Non-Residential Uses in Residential Zones - LPP1.17 PDF document


Document name Downloadable files
Public Open Space - LPP5.1 PDF document
Incorporating Natural Areas in Public Open Space and/or Drainage Areas - LPP5.2 PDF document
Control Measures for Protecting Water Resources in Receiving Environments - LPP5.3 PDF document
Location of High Voltage Overhead Power Lines & Microwave Towers - LPP5.4 PDF document
Local Development Plans - LPP5.5 PDF document
Vehicle Access - LPP5.6 PDF document
Uniform Fencing - LPP5.7 PDF document
Sea Containers - LPP5.8 PDF document
Renewable Energy Systems - LPP5.9 PDF document
Filling of Land - LPP5.11 PDF document
Retaining Walls - LPP5.12 PDF document
Percent for Art - LPP5.13 PDF document
Cockburn Coast Percent for Art - LPP5.14 PDF document
Access Street - Road Reserve & Pavement Standards - LPP5.15 - Policy PDF document
Design Review Panel - LPP5.16 PDF document
Subdivision & Development - Street Trees - LPP5.18 PDF document



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