Where can I take my dog?

Dogs must be on-leash in all areas unless signage states otherwise. This includes most public places unless it is an area where all dogs are prohibited. 

The City recently undertook community consultation, asking residents if there should be a dog on-leash only beach in Cockburn. Four options were presented for comment. Council considered feedback at the 10 February 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting. In line with consultation findings, Council voted to establish a new on-leash dog beach at the following location, which will come into effect on 14 March 2022: 
  • 200m of Chelydra Point Beach (Lot 2161 McTaggart Cove) and 400m of the adjoining southern end of the C.Y. O’Connor Beach dog exercise area. 

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Dogs at the beach 

What beaches can dogs access off-leash?

Dogs can access the following beaches off-leash:
  • C. Y. O’Connor Beach north of South Fremantle Power Station to the Catherine Point groyne
  • Jervoise Bay dog beach facing south to the Henderson shipbuilding area, accessible via Jervoise Bay Cove road.

What beaches can dogs access on-lead?

As of 14 March 2022, you can take your dog on-lead to the following beach:
  • 200m of Chelydra Point Beach (Lot 2161 McTaggart Cove) and 400m of the adjoining southern end of the C.Y. O’Connor Beach dog exercise area. 
To ensure the beach is enjoyed by all and our community complies with the on-leash requirements, Council has approved additional funds to install extra Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in the area, which will be used by the City. We will be installing additional CCTV as soon as possible, however, due to contractor availability we cannot provide a confirmed installation date at this time.

In addition, our Rangers will be:
  • Undertaking proactive patrols during peak periods
  • Temporarily installing a variable message board sign trailer to advise of the on-leash requirements
  • Installing a highly visible and vandal-resistant delineation marker at the northern end of the on-leash area
  • Installing permanent signs at the southern end of the dog on-leash beach area.

What beaches are prohibited to dogs?

The following areas are the only three public places in the City of Cockburn that are prohibited to all dogs.
  • Woodman Point between Ammunition Jetty and south around the point to Jervoise Bay dog beach
  • Coogee Beach and its associated reserve on Powell Road
  • Ngarkal Beach at Port Coogee Marina
Note - As of 14 March 2022, Chelydra Beach will no longer be dog prohibited. Following a decision of Cockburn Council on 10 February 2022, this will become a dog on-leash only beach. Dogs will be allowed at this beach but must be on a leash at all times.

Dogs on-leash are allowed in all other public places in the City.

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Off-lead dog exercise areas

The City has a number of off-lead dog exercise areas (see the map below). If you are using an off-lead dog exercise area, make sure your dog is under control at all times to prevent conflict with other dogs or people. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure the dog collar is worn and a lead is available. 

New off-leash dog exercise areas

Several large public opens spaces are being trialled as off-leash areas, when not in use by recognised sporting groups or by schools.

  • Phase one reserves (as of 21 October 2020): Allendale Park, Aubin Grove Reserve, Beeliar Reserve, Colorado Park, Goodchild Reserve and Santich Park
  • Phase two reserves (2022): Enright Reserve, Len Packham Reserve and Success Reserve
  • Phase three reserves: other specified reserves.

You can view all of the off-lead and enclosed dog exercise areas in Cockburn on the map below. Zoom in to see more details and click on an icon to read more about the parks details, or click on the black arrow to search for a specific park by name.

The map is equipped with accessibility features including in-map voice and accessible colour choice. If you would like to access these features, please make sure they are switched on before conducting your search.

Using our enclosed dog parks

Enclosed dog parks

The City currently has five enclosed dog parks:

  • Briggs Street, South Lake – West of Wambiri Close, South Lake
  • Clementine Park - Clementine Boulevard, Treeby
  • Jan Hammond Park - corner of Baningan Avenue and Bartram Road, Success
  • Yarra Vista Park - corner of Dean Road and Berrigan Drive, Jandakot
  • Baler Court, Hammond Park.
An additional two dog specific parks may be constructed at Radonich Park (Beeliar) and Macfaull Park (Spearwood) in the near future, following further consultation. 

Baler Court Dog Park
In the interest of community safety, we have removed the dog agility equipment, fountains, park benches and fencing from the Baler Court dog park. These items have been replaced with non-electric conducting equipment.

The City is acting on advice provided by electrical engineers after residents reported feeling an electrical charge when visiting the park.

Why should I take my dog to an enclosed dog park? 

There are many benefits to exercising your dog at an enclosed dog park, as reinforced by our partner and local dog trainer, Agile Dogs

  • Tests your dog’s skills in different environments
  • They get to socialise with people, other dogs, noises and environments

  • A release outlet for your dog’s mental and physical energy

  • You get to bond with your dog by engaging in activities in an open space

  • Exercise for you and your dog

  • Introduces your dog to new activities in open space, e.g. flyball, frisby, agility
  • ​Increases your dog's confidence through good socialisation and positive experiences.

Why is it important to interact with my dog? 

  • Increases the bond and relationship between you and your dog

  • Promotes compliance and your dog listening to your commands and instructions

  • Good interaction increases your leadership and respect

  • A focused dog means less distractions

  • Greater enjoyment while at the park

How do I use the dog park equipment?

  • Use equipment appropriate to your dog’s age and skill level

  • Avoid making puppies and young dogs jump from heights

  • Use equipment on lead at first to control speed and landings

  • Gradually increase difficulty over time

  • Encourage, not force, your dog on equipment

  • Agility equipment should be fun for you and your dog
  1. Place your dog at the entrance of the tunnel and have someone call them at the other end
  2. Try throwing treats inside if they’re hesitant. Be patient and don’t push them inside, wait for them to move themselves.
  3. After one successful run through the tunnel, repeat and they should be happy to go through.

dog walking through tunnel
  1. Shorten the lead and encourage the dog up and down the A-Frame, supporting the dog’s weight as you go
  2. Use a lure to encourage if the dog is hesitant. Gradually reduce lures and support to allow your dog to freely walk up and down
  3. Ensure your dog doesn’t jump off at the end or fall.

dog walking on A frame
  1. Place your dog at the entrance of the tyre and lure them through
  2. Be patient and don’t push the dog through, ensure the lead is slack and free.

dog going through tyre ring
Dog platform
  1. A great way to build dog confidence at different heights and levels with stays and teaching your dog "up" and "down", or "on" and "off" commands, or simply a "place" command for practical and real life situations

  2. Lure your dog with treats and praise them when they interact with the platform, continuing poisitive reinforcement until the desired action is achieved. 

dog on step

Dog excreta (poo)

If your dog excretes on a street or a public place, you must remove and appropriately dispose of it. The City of Cockburn has installed waste bins, dog pooch dispensers at many parks locations to assist pet owners with appropriate disposal.

If your local park does not have this facility or if your park has run out of dog pooch bags, please contact the City directly.

Failure to remove excreta may result in a $100 penalty. 

More information and contact

For more information about off-lead dog exercise areas in the City please email the City or call 08 9411 3444.

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