Real Estate Signage Guide

The Ranger team regularly patrols the City, often finding an array of signage that does not comply with the Local Laws. This guide endeavours to put all Real Estate agents on the same page and ensure fairness.

The below information relates to temporary and portable home open signage used by real estate agents and private sellers when conducting a home open for the sale or lease of a property. The display of home open signs for temporary purposes does not require signed formal approval from the City where the portable sign complies with the following requirements and is intended to be used for directional purposes. It is imperative that signs are used in the correct manner, do not breach local laws and meet safety considerations. 

The conditions for displaying real estate signage include:

Signage size requirements

Must not be larger than 450mm high and 600mm wide


Signs must not be constructed from hard or sharp material that may be dangerous to pedestrians or road users should the sign be knocked, hit, crashed into, become windblown or create any other hazard.

Signs must display:

  • The date and time of the home open (e.g. 1-2pm)
  • The address of the home open.

Placement of signs

  • Real estate signs should only be placed out on the day of the open home and not before 7am
  • Must be removed by 6pm on the same day (but ideally at closure of open home)
  • If the house is open for viewing after 6pm, the signs must be removed within one hour of the advertised end of the home open time.

Number of signs

Maximum Number allowed per property is two signs:
  • One on the property where the open home is occurring
  • One on the nearest intersecting street, subject to conditions below.

Where signs are placed near intersecting streets, they must comply with the below:

  • Do not contain more than two sign faces (front and back)
  • Not higher than 60cm in height above the surrounding ground level
  • Placed at least 10 metres from any road intersection
  • Placed at least one (1) metre from any vehicle crossover or driveway
  • Not placed within one (1) metre of a footpath or the road edge
  • Must not be placed within the centre of a road or medium strip where the road is separated by a traffic island (cannot be placed on a roundabout)
  • Must be freestanding and not attached to any post, existing sign, power or light pole, or other structure
  • Should not be placed out in conditions where they are likely to be windblown or create a hazard to pedestrians and road users
  • With the approval of the property they are placed in front of.


The business/organisation/person who placed the sign indemnifies the City from and against all claims and judgements arising from the erection of the signs.

These conditions are subject to change at any time where the City deems changes are needed.


Where signage is found to be in breach of the requirements the signs may be impounded by the City. To reclaim a sign an impound fee will need to be paid prior to release. Offending parties may also be liable to infringement(s). Unclaimed signage is destroyed after the relevant holding period.


This information is only applicable to the sale of homes, not business advertising.

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