Port Coogee Marina

About the Port Coogee Marina

The Port Coogee Marina is an idyllic harbour in a perfect location. Port Coogee and its marina offers residents and visitors an enviable experience on the shores of the peaceful Cockburn Sound.

The marina has a range of attractions including:

  • A day jetty for drop in visits
  • Shopping and cafés at the new Port Coogee Village
  • Close to the vibrant port city of Fremantle
  • Short boat run to Rottnest, Garden and Carnac Islands, or to the Swan River
  • Recreation reserve with a swimming beach, BBQ’s, children’s water playground and shaded grassed seating areas
  • Nearby to the Omeo shipwreck and underwater dive trail
  • Nearby to Coogee Beach with its eco-shark barrier for a worry-free ocean swim experience.

The marina is adjacent to the Dome Café and the recently-opened Port Coogee Village shopping centre which has a number of retail facilities, including a supermarket, pharmacy, bakery and cafes.

Ngarkal Beach

Ngarkal Beach is a family-friendly recreation reserve located in Port Coogee, comprising:

  • A protected swimming beach with wheelchair ramp and access matt
  • Children's water playground
  • Landscaped BBQ and picnic facilities
  • Public toilets and beach showers.

Boat pens for lease

Periodically, boat pens become available at the marina.  Features include:

  • Competitive fees
  • 10 – 20m pen sizes  (including for catamarans)
  • No height restrictions for yachts - direct ocean access
  • Floating pontoon jetties and mooring pen fingers
  • Power and water facilities provided at each pen
  • Convenient swipe card and auto gate access
  • Onshore showers and toilets for penholders
  • Sullage pump-out and disposal facility.
  • Coming soon - 24 hour self-service fuelling jetty with diesel and premium unleaded for Baileys fuel card holder.

Future development will include 150 additional mooring pens plus more extensive day visitor berthing facilities.

Change of Management

The City of Cockburn took over management of the Port Coogee Marina on 24 July 2016. A number of important changes to boat pen licence agreements and conditions occurred as a result, many of which are outlined in the section below titled 'Frequently Asked Questions'.

Frequently asked questions

What type of mooring licences are available?

The City offers pen licences between one day and two years, with fees payable at daily, monthly or annual rates. The following pen sizes are available. Refer to the License & Application form at the end of this page for further information and a schedule of current fees.

Boat pen sizes

Pen Type and Length (metres) Available Widths (metres)
10m (standard) 4m
12m (standard) 4.4m
12m (catamaran) 6.5 - 7.75m
15m (standard) 5m
15m (catamaran) 7.5m
20m (standard) 5.7m
Has the marina licence document and licence fee structure changed?

Yes, a new licence document applies to all new licences. This can be viewed under the documents heading below and is also attached to mail outs. There is just the annual, monthly or daily fee payable in advance, plus electricity costs invoiced based on actual usage. A one-off refundable security bond of $500 is also payable.

For pen licensees that have a Australand/Frasers issued mooring pen licence that goes beyond 24 July 2017, these licensees will continue to be invoiced an annual fee. Once these licenses expire, a new City of Cockburn licence must be taken out.

How is access to the mooring pen jetties and marina ablution facility controlled?

As one of the security upgrade measures, the Marina's locks and gatehouses are now automated and are activated by electronic swipe cards.  Each pen licensee receives two swipe cards. Additional or replacement access cards are available at a charge of $50 each. The keys, swipe cards and fobs issued by Australand / Frasers are now inactive.

Contractors wishing to access the marina to work on boats can register with marina management, and will receive an access card for a fee of $50. An induction must be completed and insurance details provided. Please contact Marina Management to book an appointment.

Are overnight or weekend short-stay licences available?

The Port Coogee Marina is a great place to stay for travelling boats, with water, power, sullage offtake and private shower facilities available. Short-stay licences are available, from as little as one day's duration. Please contact the marina office during business hours (Monday - Saturday, 8.30am - 4.30pm) to book short term stays.

What parking is available for penholders?

Car parking spaces are available in the temporary carpark at the south end of Chieftain Avenue, the island off Maraboo Wharf and on roadside bays. Additional permanent parking is planned for surrounding land as it is developed. Dedicated security parking is not available at present, however the City is exploring what is feasible with regard to longer term secure carparking areas.

What security is in place at the marina?

Access to marina jetties is controlled by secure gatehouses. Only penholders and registered contractors possess access cards. Jetties are well lit, with newly-installed floodlights located throughout the facility. An extensive CCTV network which has recently been upgraded by the City, includes more than 30 low-light cameras covering the jetties, waterways and boardwalk area. Security guards patrol the facility nightly.

Can I live on my boat at the marina?

Living aboard vessels is not currently permitted due to an insufficient number of onshore ablution facilities to facilitate permanent residencies. Licensees are permitted to stay overnight on their boats for up to 20 nights per year.

When will fuel be available at the service jetty?

The fuel facility will be operated by Baileys Marine Fuels, with diesel and premium unleaded available to Baileys card holders from the service jetty, 24 hours a day.

The fuel system was constructed in 2014, prior to the City’s management of the facility. Unfortunately the system has several major safety defects and has not yet been commissioned. The system is expected to be commissioned and operational in 2018.

What are the fees and charges for keeping a boat at the Port Coogee Marina?

Fees and charges for a mooring licence at the Port Coogee Marina comprise:

  • An annual, monthly or daily licence fee determined by the size of the pen being leased, paid in advance
  • Charges for any electricity used at the pen (billed in arrears at applicable Synergy rate)
  • A one-off security bond, payable at the commencement of a licence and refundable at the end of the license, less any amounts for damage or outstanding payments.

Services such as water, sullage offtake, trolley hire and rubbish disposal are all included in the licence fees. 

Mooring licence fees from July 2017, including GST

Length (m) Length (ft) Width (m) Annual Fee Monthly Fee Daily Fee
Standard Pens
10 33 4 $5,600 $690 $46
12 40 4.4 $6,752 $805 $54
15 50 5 $8,750 $1,005 $68
20 66 5.7 $12,260 $1,356 $92
Catamaran Pens
12 40 7 $9,560 $1,086 $72
12 40 7.5 $10,100 $1,140 $76
15 50 7.5 $12,125 $1,343 $90
15 50 8.5 $13,475 $1,478 $99
Refundable Bond $500 $500 $100
Minimum licence term 6 months 2 weeks 1 day

Important contact numbers

Port Coogee Marina Administration 08 9411 3390
Marina Manager (After Hours) 0419 944 355
Fire, Emergency, Police, Ambulance 000
Department of Transport Maritime Environmental Emergency Response unit 08 9480 9924
Water Police 08 9442 8600
Cockburn Volunteer Sea Search & Rescue (call sign VH6CL) 0409 103 029
27MHz Ch 88 & 90
VHF Ch 16 & 73
Department of Environmental Regulation pollution watch hotline 1300 784 782
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