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Assets & Maintenance Budgeting, Rates and Procurement Building and Development Business, Economy and Technology Community Support Elected MembersEnvironment and Sustainability Events, Arts, Culture and Heritage Fire and Emergency Management Governance
Document name Downloadable files
Records Management PDF document
Acknowledgement of Traditional Custodians - Policy PDF document
Annual General Meeting of Electors - AES1 - Policy (Deleted Council Meeting - 13/9/2018) PDF document
Appointment of Acting Chief Executive Officer PDF document
Awarding 'Honorary Freeman of the City of Cockburn' PDF document
City of Cockburn Branding & Logos - Policy PDF document
Compliments, Feedback & Complaints PDF document
Risk Management PDF document
Execution of Documents - Policy PDF document
Flying of Flags & Bereavement Recognition PDF document
Fraud & Misconduct Control & Resilience PDF document
Legal Representation & Costs Indemnification - Elected Members & Employees PDF document
Obtaining Legal & Other Expert Advice & Legal Proceedings Between City of Cockburn & Other Parties PDF document
Related Party Disclosures PDF document
Social Media - Policy PDF document
Structure for Administering the City of Cockburn - Policy PDF document
Incoming Sponsorship PDF document
Elected Member Communication - Policy PDF document
LibrariesPlanning - Land Administration Planning - Town Planning & Development

Access a list of all relevant local planning policies adopted under Town Planning Scheme No.3 below.


Document name Downloadable files
Residential Design Codes Alternative Deemed to Comply Provisions - LPP1.1 PDF document
Residential Design Guidelines - LPP1.2 PDF document
Ancillary Dwelling - LPP1.3 PDF document
Aged or Dependent Persons' Dwellings - LPP1.4 PDF document
Single Bedroom Dwellings - LPP1.5 PDF document
Lodging Houses - LPP1.6 PDF document
Coogee Residential Height Requirements - LPP1.7 PDF document
Flagpoles & Camera Poles - LPP1.8 PDF document
Domestic Satellite Dishes - LPP1.9 PDF document
Subdivision Around Thomsons Lake - LPP1.10 PDF document
Residential Rezoning & Subdivision Adjoining Midge Infested Lakes & Wetlands - LPP1.11 PDF document
Noise Attenuation - LPP1.12 PDF document
Waste Management in Multiple Unit Developments - LPP1.14 PDF document
Tourist Accommodation - LPP1.15 PDF document
Single House Standards for Medium Density Housing in the Development Zone - LPP1.16 PDF document
Non-Residential Uses in Residential Zones - LPP1.17 PDF document


Document name Downloadable files
Public Open Space - LPP5.1 PDF document
Incorporating Natural Areas in Public Open Space and/or Drainage Areas - LPP5.2 PDF document
Control Measures for Protecting Water Resources in Receiving Environments - LPP5.3 PDF document
Location of High Voltage Overhead Power Lines & Microwave Towers - LPP5.4 PDF document
Local Development Plans - LPP5.5 PDF document
Vehicle Access - LPP5.6 PDF document
Uniform Fencing - LPP5.7 PDF document
Sea Containers - LPP5.8 PDF document
Renewable Energy Systems - LPP5.9 PDF document
Filling of Land - LPP5.11 PDF document
Retaining Walls - LPP5.12 PDF document
Percent for Art - LPP5.13 PDF document
Cockburn Coast Percent for Art - LPP5.14 PDF document
Access Street - Road Reserve & Pavement Standards - LPP5.15 - Policy PDF document
Design Review Panel - LPP5.16 PDF document
Cockburn Central Percent For Art - LPP5.17 PDF document
Subdivision & Development - Street Trees - LPP5.18 PDF document
Structure Plans & Telecommunications Infrastructure - LPP5.19 PDF document

Public Health and Security Sport and Recreation Street Trees and Verges
Document name Downloadable files
Transport, Traffic and Parking Waste Management
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Cockburn Nyungar moort Beeliar boodja-k kaadadjiny. Koora, yeyi, benang baalap nidja boodja-k kaaradjiny.
Ngalak kaadatj dayin boodja, kep wer malayin. Ngalak kaadatj koora koora wer yeyi ngalang birdiya.

City of Cockburn acknowledges the Nyungar people of Beeliar boodja. Long ago, now and in the future they care for country.
We acknowledge a continuing connection to land, waters and culture and pay our respects to the Elders, past, present and emerging.