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The Mayor attends numerous engagements each month. This is a list of all of the events, function and program attendances by Mayor Logan K Howlett each month. Mayor Howlett attends civic, community and business events.

To view the list of past engagements by Mayor Logan Howlett in 2016-18 please visit the Mayor's Calendar Archive

List of events attended by Mayor Logan Howlett


August 2019
Date Event
1 Aug Photoshoot re Installation of the City of Cockburn’s first Beach Emergency Numbers (BEN) Sign
1 Aug Lakeland Senior High School Grandparents as Guardians Morning Tea Event
1 Aug Agenda Briefing Session
2 Aug Stockland Aspire Clubhouse Launch at Treeby
3 Aug Cockburn Seniors Centre 10th Anniversary Sundowner
3 Aug Meet Elected Members (Mayor and East Ward Councillors) @ Atwell Café & Curry House
3 Aug Caroline Kirk Farewell @ Cockburn Youth Centre
3 Aug Vale Tavern – Final of ‘You’ve Got Talent’
5 Aug Western Australian Local Government Association State Council LGIS Workshop
6 Aug Western Australian Local Government Association Annual Convention
6 Aug Western Australian Local Government Association Mayor’s and President’s Forum
6 Aug Western Australian Local Government Association Mayor’s and President’s Reception
7 Aug Western Australian Local Government Convention Breakfast with Hon David Templeman MLA
7 Aug Western Australian Local Government Association Mayor’s and President’s Forum State and Local Government Forum
7 Aug Western Australian Local Government Association – Elected Members/CEO’s Discussions with Director’s General
7 Aug Mayor/CEO meeting with Hon Minister for Local Government
7 Aug Western Australian Local Government Association – AGM & Awards Ceremony
7 Aug 1st Bibra Lake Scouts – Presentation of Australian Scouts Medallion to Taylor Bloomfield
8 Aug Local Government Policy Awards Children: Health : Environment
8 Aug Western Australian Local Government Association Convention
8 Aug Council Meeting
July 2019
Date Event
2 Jul Emmanuel Catholic College E-Motion Dance Showcase
3 Jul Lakeland Senior High School – NAIDOC Week Assembly
3 Jul Western Australian Local Government Association – Governance & Organisational Service Policy Team Meeting
3 Jul Western Australian Local Government Association – Strategic Forum
3 Jul Western Australian Local Government Association – State Council Meeting
3 Jul Town Team Movement Launch Phase 2
4 Jul Road Safety Council – Executive Leadership Program Working Group Meeting
4 Jul Agenda Briefing Session
7 Jul MACA Cancer 200 Fundraiser Event
8 Jul NAIDOC Week – Flag Raising Ceremony
8 Jul NAIDOC Week – Official Opening Art Exhibition
9 Jul Cockburn ARC Ministerial visit to recognise the facility as the State’s 40th Waterwise Aquatic Centre
9 Jul Lions Club of Atwell Changeover Dinner
10 Jul Department of Fire & Emergency Services NAIDOC Showcase Event
11 Jul Yangebup Family Centre NAIDOC Week Family Event
11 Jul Council Meeting
12 Jul Performance of ‘100’ Production – Memorial Hall
13 Jul City of Cockburn RSL Cockburn Christmas in July Event
13 Jul Spearwood Dalmatinac Sport & Community Club – ‘Italian’ night
14 Jul Rehabilitating Roe 8 Community Planting Day – Site Visit
14 Jul Kidogo Arthouse Fremantle – Budadee Foundation – Irrungadji Art Exhibition
14 Jul Official Opening of Fremantle Mind Inc. Hub 
15 Jul Radio Fremantle Segment
15 Jul Danjoo Koorliny Leader Briefing – Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, UWA
16 Jul Grants & Donations Committee Meeting
18 Jul ATCO Official Opening of Clean Energy Innovation 
18 Jul Audit & Strategic Finance Committee Meeting
18 Jul General Briefing – Westralian Local Government Association
19 Jul Cockburn Power Boat Club – Official Opening of Pens & Louise’s Bar
20 Jul 6PR Interview – The Suburb of Coogee
20 Jul Meet Elected Members (Mayor and Central Ward Councillors) @ Jamaica Blue Coffee Shop @ Beeliar Village
21 Jul Cockburn Chinese Community Association – ‘Speak to Lead’ Event
22 Jul Citizenship Ceremony
23 Jul Cockburn Coast Liaison Group Meeting
23 Jul Chief Executive Officer Performance and Senior Staff Key Projects Appraisal Committee Meeting
24 Jul Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce Event – Melville Volkswagon
25 Jul General Briefing Session – Marina Expansion Project
25 Jul General Briefing Session - Strategy Workshop 
27 Jul RSL Cockburn Korean Veterans Memorial Day Service
28 Jul Historical Society of Cockburn – Azelia Ley Museum
30 Jul Road Safety Council – Executive Leadership Program Meeting
31 Jul South West Group – WA Business News breakfast – Minister Saffioti discussed Infrastructure and Transport Matters
31 Jul Welcome Representatives Ministry of Welfare, Community, Well-Being, Women, Family and Childhood Development Sarawak, Malaysia
31 Jul Resilient Australia Awards Ceremony
June 2019
Date Event
1 Jun Cockburn City Soccer Club Annual Sponsor’s Lunch
1 Jun Friends of the Community Mid-Year Dinner
2 Jun Boer War Commemorative Service
4 Jun Road Safety Commission - Executive Road Safety Leadership Program
4 Jun 73rd Italian National Day -  Official Reception @ Government House
5 Jun Road Safety Commission - Executive Road Safety Leadership Program
5 Jun Western Australian Local Government Association State Council Meeting
6 Jun Road Safety Commission - Executive Road Safety Leadership Program
6 Jun Agenda Briefing Session
7 Jun Road Safety Commission - Executive Road Safety Leadership Program
7 Jun City of Armadale – Acknowledging Mr Ray Tame, CEO Recognition Dinner 
8 Jun Lado & Friends – A Celebration of Croatian Music, Dance & Song @ Octagon Theatre UWA
9 Jun Executive and Elected Members Strategic Planning Workshop
10 Jun Meeting re Hiroshima Day Event Planning
10 Jun Meeting with Western Australian Local Government Association President & CEO
10 Jun South West Group Board Meeting
10 Jun Citizenship Ceremony
11 Jun Lions Club of Jandakot Lakes 20th Anniversary Dinner
12 Jun Telethon Speech & Hearing – Cockburn Official Launch & Ribbon Cutting for the ‘No Gap Hear’ Project
12 Jun Constable Care Child Safety Foundation Showcase 2019
13 Jun Council Meeting
14 Jun BRIT Tool Presentation to Minister and DFES
15 Jun Official Closing Celebration of End of CockburnMind Project Celebration
16 Jun Round 5 of the 2019 BMXWA Super Series – Malabar Way, Bibra Lake
16 Jun to
19 Jun
Australian Local Government Association - National General Assembly – Canberra including WALGA Members of Parliament (WA) Breakfast
20 Jun ‘Catch–up’ meeting with Landcorp
20 Jun Elected Member tour of Lakelands Hockey Facility
20 Jun Special Council meeting to adopt Annual Business Plan and the 2019/2020 Budget
21 Jun City of Fremantle Pioneers’ Luncheon
22 Jun Fremantle Christian College Open Day
22 Jun Official Opening Pear Tree Café Pop-Up Forest
22 Jun Cooby Community Convo @ Len Packham Hall
22 Jun Celebration of Portugal Day – Portuguese Club
23 Jun Cockburn Power Boats Club – Special General Meeting followed by Dinner
24 Jun Radio Fremantle Segment
24 Jun Children Reference Group meeting
24 Jun Western Australia Local Government Association - South Metropolitan Zone meeting
25 Jun Western Australia Local Government Association – Governance Structure and Process Review Group
26 Jun Westport Taskforce Reference Group meeting
26 Jun Municipal Waste Advisory Council meeting
26 Jun Rotary Club of Cockburn 50th Anniversary Dinner and ‘Changeover’
27 Jun Dedication of Heritage Wall Murals event
27 Jun General Briefing - Landcorp
27 Jun General Briefing – Co-Safe Review Project Up-date
28 Jun Institute of Public Administration Australia (WA) Achievement Awards Event
30 Jun Cockburn Community Wildlife Corridor Planting Day
30 Jun Azelia Ley Homestead Museum
May 2019
Date Event
1 May
to 3 May
Australian Mayoral Aviation Conference - Melbourne
4 May Seniors Soiree 3 @ Spearwood Dalmatinac Community & Sports Club
4 May Cockburn Cricket Club Awards Dinner
5 May Friends of the Community Manning Park Trail Run
5 May Spearwood Alternative School – Annual Fair Day
5 May Azelia Ley Homestead Museum
6 May Children’s Reference Group – Fun Drama Workshop
7 May Partnering with Westport on a Community Event @ City of Cockburn
8 May WALGA – Annual Members of Parliament Breakfast
8 May WALGA Governance and Organisational Services Policy Committee Meeting
8 May WALGA Strategic Forum
8 May WALGA State Council Meeting
9 May Council Meeting
10 May Wetlands Centre – dedication of garden seat Mr Norm Godfrey
14 May Fiona Stanley Hospital – HAZMAT Exercise & Site Tour
15 May Business News Breakfast – Hon. Bill Shorten Guest Speaker
15 May Spearwood Alternative School – Climate Change Summit Meeting – Children of Bunguna
16 May Briefing Forum – Digital Strategy
16 May Cockburn Community Events Committee Meeting
16 May DAPPS Committee presentation – Policy Review Forum
17 May Coolbellup Family Dance
18 May Leeming Area Training Band Performance
18 May Annual Cockburn Football Club Reunion
19 May Hamilton Hill Sustainable Home Open – “Inspired Infill – 4 Homes, 4 families & 40 Trees’
20 May Radio Fremantle Segment
20 May Opal Aged Care New Residential Aged Care Home – Sod Turning Event
20 May Citizenship Ceremony
21 May Local Emergency Management Committee Meeting
21 May Man V Fat Awards Evening
22 May National Simultaneous Storytime 2019 – ‘Alpacas with Maracas’
22 May Volunteer & Clubs Sundowner
23 May Rotary Club of Cockburn Meeting
23 May Connecting Community for Kids Joint Commissioning Committee Meeting
23 May Funky Monkey Bars Event
23 May DAPPS Committee Meeting
23 May Briefing – Local Planning Strategy 
23 May Briefing – Cockburn Development
23 May Briefing - Tom Griffiths (Director South West Group) – the Work of the South West Group
25 May Volunteer Giving Market
25 May Ahmadiyya Musim Community – ‘Fasting in my Religion'
25 May Coogee Beach Surf Life Saving Club 2018/2019 Awards Night
27 May Reconciliation Week 2019 – Flag Raising Event
28 May Grants & Donations Awards Ceremony
29 May Melville Cockburn Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Event – Coral Horizon Finance & Impressions Catering
30 May Emergency Welfare Centre Training @ City of Melville
30 May Roadwise & TravelSmart Reference Group meeting
30 May Defence Review – Future of the Defence Sector  in the South West Metropolitan Area
31 May Annual Pioneers Luncheon
31 May The Late Margaret Auld - Celebration of her Life
31 May Indonesian Diaspora Network Western Australia Inauguration Dinner
April 2019
Date Event
1 Apr Junior Sport Travel Assistance Awards Ceremony
2 Apr Mr Rodney Tolley & Dr Paula Hooper – Your Move Seminar/Workshop
2 Apr Cockburn Creates Project – Celebration Event for Last Class (Girls) in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
3 Apr Historical Society of Cockburn meeting
4 Apr Rotary Club of Cockburn meeting
4 Apr Agenda Briefing Forum
5 Apr Launch of New Stairs in Hammond Park – Richard Noble & Co.
5 Apr Show Off Art Exhibition – Official Opening
6 Apr Cockburn Cultural Fair including Cockburn’s Got Talent Grand Final
6 Apr Wetlands Education Centre Event
8 Apr Beeliar Primary School 20th Anniversary Assembly & Carnivale
8 Apr Funeral Service late Mr Maurice Fortini
9 Apr Atwell College ANZAC Day Service
9 Apr Business Networking Sundowner @ Show Off Art Exhibition
10 Apr South West Group - Ministerial Briefing 
10 Apr ANZAC Youth Parade and Service @ RSL Memorial Park and Field of Poppies
10 Apr Joint Commissioning Committee – Connecting Community for Kids meeting
11 Apr Council Meeting
12 Apr Atwell Primary School ANZAC Day Service
12 Apr WALGA – Verge Collection Working Group meeting
12 Apr Fremantle Water Polo event
13 Apr Official Opening Farmer Jacks store – Phoenix Shopping Centre
13 Apr Sing Australia Day Regional Gathering
13 Apr Twilight Markets @ Radonich Park, Beeliar
14 Apr Rehabilitating Roe 8 Community Open Day
15 Apr Funeral Service Late Mr Brian Clarke
15 Apr WALGA – Mayors’ & Presidents’ Forum
15 Apr Citizenship Ceremony
16 Apr Review Items from Budget Forum No. 1 & Operational Budget
17 Apr Funeral Service Late Mr Charlie Landro
17 Apr WALGA - Municipal Waste Advisory Council meeting
17 Apr Grants & Donations Committee Meeting
17 Apr Briefing Forum - PWC Presentation
17 Apr Briefing Forum - Strategic Workshops
18 Apr Rotary Club of Cockburn Meeting
18 Apr Main Roads WA - Metropolitan Regional Road Group (Elected Members) Meeting
18 Apr Funeral Service Late Mr Kevin Hull
24 Apr Briefing Forum - Good Governance and importance of Risk Management and informed decision making
25 Apr Cockburn RSL ANZAC Day Dawn Service
25 Apr Cockburn RSL ANZAC Day Gunfire Breakfast
25 Apr Banjup ANZAC Day Service
25 Apr Cockburn RSL ANZAC Day Morning Service
25 Apr Hosted Cockburn RSL Sub-Branch Members at Council
25 Apr Cockburn RSL Sub-Branch ANZAC Day Fellowship
28 Apr Heritage Week Festival – Azelia Ley Homestead Museum
28 Apr Machinery Day – Azelia Ley Homestead Museum
28 Apr Villa Dalmacia Aged Care Facility – 30th Birthday Celebration Event
29 Apr WALGA - South Metropolitan Zone Meeting @ City of Melville
30 Apr Connecting Community for Kids Mother’s Day Morning Tea – City of Kwinana
March 2019
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Date Event
1 Mar Annual World Day of Prayer hosted by St Jerome’s Church & Parish
2 Mar Australian Sikh Heritage Day 2019 - Sikh Heritage Trail @ Adenia Park, Riverton
6 Mar Historical Society of Cockburn meeting
6 Mar ’Eat & Greet’ Networking Dinner  for Community Groups
7 Mar Rotary Club of Cockburn meeting
7 Mar Geographic Names Committee meeting
7 Mar Agenda Briefing Session
8 Mar WALGA – Regional Road Group Chair’s Workshop
8 Mar Spearwood Dalmatinac Sport & Community Club Dinner
9 Mar Coogee Live Event – Official Opening
9 Mar Diamond Way Buddhism Official Inauguration of the ‘Gompa’
9 Mar Coogee Live Event
10 Mar Coogee ‘Jetty to Jetty’
10 Mar Coogee Live Event
11 Mar Citizenship Ceremony
12 Mar Citizenship Ceremony
13 Mar Breakfast Briefing – Accelerating Global Competitiveness – Western Trade Coast
14 Mar Funeral Service Late Mrs Jelka Dropulich @ Fremantle Cemetery
14 Mar Council Meeting
15 Mar Photoshoot re Art Donation to Southwell Primary School
15 Mar Cockburn Power Boats Association Event
16 Mar Budget Forum 1: Capital Budget/New Projects/Initiatives 
16 Mar City of Cockburn RSL Sub-Branch – Open Afternoon/Evening Event
16 Mar Aubin Grove Twilight Markets
16 Mar Cockburn’s Got Talent – Heat Two at Cockburn Youth Centre
17 Mar Azelia Ley Homestead Museum
17 Mar Nasir Mosque, Bibra Lake - Vigil re Christchurch Mosque Attacks
18 Mar Radio Fremantle segment
18 Mar Cockburn Seniors Centre - Harmony Day Event
18 Mar Meeting with LACB, SSSO & AFA Brass Band
18 Mar Children Reference Group meeting
18 Mar WALGA – South Metropolitan Zone meeting
19 Mar Tour of Cockburn ARC – City of Albany
19 Mar Harmony Day - Community Health & Fair at Integrated Health & Community Facility
19 Mar CEO Performance & Senior Staff Key Projects Appraisal Committee
21 Mar Rotary Club of Cockburn meeting
21 Mar Audit & Strategic Finance Committee meeting
21 Mar General Briefing - Risk Review
21 Mar General Briefing - Long Term Financial Plan
21 Mar General Briefing - DTS Review, Major Road Construction Plan 
22 Mar Fremantle Christian College – Official Opening Cornerstone Building (Stage 1) 
22 Mar Westport Local Government Reference Group meeting
22 Mar Persian New Year Celebration at South Perth Community Hall
23 Mar -
30 Mar
South West Group - Smart Cities Conference & Expo, Taipei, Taiwan
31 Mar 1st Coolbellup/1st Bibra Lake Scout Group – 50th Anniversary Event
February 2019
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Date Event
4 Feb Seniors Centre - chinese New Year Lunch
5 Feb Town of Victoria Park - Tour of Cockburn ARC
5 Feb Funeral Service Late Mr Pasquali Notaro
5 Feb Annual General Meeting of Electors
6 Feb Historical Society of Cockburn Meeting
7 Feb Agenda Briefing
10 Feb Chung Wah Association 2019 Perth Chinese New Year Fair
11 Feb Meeting with Western Australian Planning Commission re Perth Peel 3.5M
11 Feb Meeting with Deputy Premier re Funding Initiative
11 Feb Children's Reference Group Meeting
12 Feb ATCO Site Meeting Briefing
13 Feb Special Briefing - Policy Review Workshop
14 Feb Joint Commissioning Committee Meeting - Connecting Community for Kids
14 Feb Council Meeting
15 Feb WALGA - Verge Collection Working Group meeting
15 Feb Cockburn Seniors Centre Lunch
16 Feb Kingdom Light Church – Pastors & Leaders of Cockburn  GEO Network – Morning tea & Round Table
16 Feb Southern Lions Rugby Union Football Club – Rugby 10’s Tournament
17-18 Feb Canberra – National Growth Areas Alliance ‘Catch–Up’ with Outer Suburbs Launch and ‘Meet & Greet’ with Croatian Ambassador to Australia – Her Excellency Mrs Betty Bernardica Pavelich Sirois 
19 Feb City of Cockburn RSL Bombing of Darwin Commemorative Service
19 Feb Official Launch of the Cockburn History Website
20 Feb Road Safety & Travel Smart Reference Group
20 Feb WALGA Special State Council meeting
20 Feb Verge Policy Community Forum
21 Feb Rotary Club of Cockburn meeting
21 Feb WALGA State Council Economic Development Policy Forum
21 Feb Briefing Session – Tim Collins, Director Westport Taskforce
21 Feb Briefing Session - Proposed Ultimate Capacity Australian Noise Exposure Forecast Update Jandakot Airport 
21 Feb Briefing Session – Naval Base Shacks
22 Feb ‘Meet & Greet’ with Regional Development Australia (Perth) representatives
22 Feb Consulate General of India – Presentation on ‘Sikh History of Western Australia’
22 Feb Australian Local Government Women’s Association (WA) Networking Forum
23 Feb Historical Society of Cockburn Planning Day
24 Feb Government House - Scouts WA Youth Awards Presentations
24 Feb Sunset Spectacular Army Museum, Fremantle
25 Feb Radio Fremantle Segment
25 Feb Spearwood Alternative School – Year 1 & 2 Class Visit
25 Feb South West Group Board meeting
25 Feb Citizenship Ceremony
26 Feb WALGA South West Native Title Settlement Update for Local Government
26 Feb Local Emergency Management Committee meeting
26 Feb Lions Club of Atwell meeting
27 Feb Cockburn Central Youthcare Council meeting
27 Feb John Rich farewell – South Lake Ottey Centre
27 Feb Melville-Cockburn Chamber of Commerce – Opportunities to Supply to Local Government Forum
27 Feb Municipal Waste Advisory Council meeting
27 Feb Australian Institute of Company Directors Forum 
28 Feb ‘Meet & Greet’ with Superintendent Jim Migro, WA Police
28 Feb State of Innovation Summit – Hydrogen Heavy Haulage
28 Feb Delegated Authorities, Policies and Position Statements Committee meeting
28 Feb Briefing Session – Branded Wearing Apparel
28 Feb Briefing Session – Customer Services Survey Results
28 Feb Briefing Session – Parking Plan            
January 2019
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Date Event
8 Jan WALGA – Film shoot with videographer
11 Jan City of Cockburn RSL Sub-Branch
11 Jan Fremantle Tennis Club Open Day
12 Jan Croatian House - Annual Picnic @ Gwelup
15 Jan WALGA  - Launch of Your Everyday Website
16 Jan Presentation from Austrade State Director, Jane Caforio – City of Melville
17 Jan Rotary Club of Cockburn Event
21 Jan Radio Fremantle Segment
22 Jan Lions Club of Atwell
23 Jan Celebrations to Launch Australia Day Nominees - Government House Gardens
24 Jan Rotary Club of Cockburn Meeting
25 Jan Seniors Centre Australia Day Lunch
25 Jan City of Cockburn RSL Sub-Branch Event
26 Jan Park Run Event @ Bibra Lake 
26 Jan Australia Day Coogee Beach Festival
26 Jan Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony
26 Jan Cockburn RSL Australia Day Barbecue
26 Jan Australia Day Event - Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - Nasir Mosque
27 Jan Azelia Ley Homestead Museum
30 Jan Future of Local Government State-Wide Forum
30 Jan WALGA Special State Council Meeting

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