Elected Members

The City of Cockburn has one Mayor and nine Councillors who represent three wards - East, West and Central. The Mayor and Councillors in Cockburn are elected for four year terms. You can contact the Mayor or one of your local ward Councillors to discuss any matters relevant to your ward.

Mayor Logan K Howlett JP

Mayor Howlett's Biography

Logan was popularly elected as Mayor at the March 2009 extraordinary local government election and again in October 2009, October 2013 and October 2017.

Logan and his wife Pat have lived in Cockburn for over 45 years. They have volunteered in the community for most of that time and believe in engaging with and serving the ratepayers and residents in the true Cockburn tradition. They are passionate about Cockburn, its people, its history, cultural diversity and its future as a place where dreams can be realised.

The mayoral role involves Logan and Pat being out and about seven days a week and most nights as they seek to ensure their commitment to the community is maintained, enhanced and focused on achieving great outcomes for a growing community. In their opinion, there is no greater contribution one can make than to serving their community with the values of trust, respect, honesty, integrity, personal engagement wherever possible, and inclusiveness, being priorities.

Logan says; “There are so many great things happening across Cockburn.  As opportunities unfold I will continue to work to ensure Cockburn continues as a leader in service delivery and that those special places within our neighbourhoods that makes us proud to call Cockburn our home, our place of work and/or small business ownership continue to be enhanced.  It is about people and their interaction  with each other that builds resilience, sustainability and peace of mind.”

Logan is a Justice of the Peace, Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Executives, has proven executive level experience, represented Industry and small business at state and national levels and previously served nine years as a councillor (1990 to 1999).

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Term Ends October 2021
Address PO Box 1215, Bibra Lake WA 6965
Mobile 0407 337 650
Phone 08 9411 3420 (office direct)
Fax 08 9411 3333
Email Lkhowlett@cockburn.wa.gov.au

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Mayor Howlett's Committees and Memberships


Council – Mayor & Presiding Member

Council - Internal Committees

  • Audit and Strategic Finance Committee.
  • Chief Executive Officer & Senior Key Projects Appraisal Committee.
  • Grants & Donations Committee.
  • Local Emergency Management Committee.
  • Delegated Authorities, Policies & Position Statement Committee.

Council Reference & Other Groups

  • Cockburn Children’s Reference Group.
  • Cockburn Sister City Reference Group.
  • Road Safety & TravelSmart Reference Group.

Membership of External Committees to Council – Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA)

  • WALGA - State Councillor.
  • WALGA - Mayors & Presidents Forum.
  • WALGA - South West Metropolitan Zone (Chair).
  • ​WALGA - Governance & Organisational Services Policy Team.
  • WALGA - Municipal Waste Advisory Council.
  • WALGA - Environment and Waste Policy Team.
  • WALGA - South West Metropolitan Regional Road Group. (Chair).
  • ​WALGA - Metropolitan Regional Road Group - Elected Members (Chair).
  • WALGA - Verge Collection Working Group.
  • ​WALGA - Geographic Names Committee - Metropolitan Local Government Representative.
  • WALGA - Economic Development Policy Forum.

 Membership of External Committees to Council – Local Government - Other

  • South West Group Board.
  • Westport Local Government Reference Group.
  • South West Metropolitan Partnership Forum.
  • Joint Commissioning Committee of the Connecting Community for Kids initiative.
  • Cockburn Coast Steering Committee.
  • Cockburn Coast Community Liaison Committee.
  • Cockburn Central Youth Care Committee.
  • Mayors for Peace.
  • Sister Cities Australia.
  • Australian Local Government Women’s Association Inc. (WA)
  • National Growth Areas Alliance. 
  • Growth Areas Perth & Peel (GAPP) Alliance.

Membership of External Groups – Education

  • South Lake Primary School Board of Management - Independant Public School - Member
  • Southwell Primary School Board of Management - Chair

Membership of External Groups - Other

  • Royal Western Australian Historical Society Inc.
  • Historical Society of Cockburn Inc.
  • City of Cockburn RSL Sub –Branch Inc.
  • Boer War Association (W.A.) Inc.
  • Friends of the War Memorial, Canberra.
  • Placenames Australia.
  • Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre Trust.
  • Friends of Woodman Point Recreation Group Inc.
  • National Trust of Australia.
  • Lions Club of Atwell Inc. (Charter Member).
  • Maori Women’s Welfare League Inc.
  • Cockburn Seniors Centre.
  • Spearwood Dalmatinac Sport & Community Club Inc. 
  • Cockburn Power Boats Association Inc. 
  • Cockburn Bowling Club Inc.

Patron Positions

  • City of Cockburn RSL Sub-Branch (Co-Patron).
  • Rotary Club of Cockburn Inc.
  • Jervoise Bay Sailing Club Inc.
  • Cockburn Power Boats Association Inc.
  • Cockburn Junior Football Club Inc.
  • Cockburn Junior Cricket Club Inc. (Patron).
  • Cockburn Community Men’s Shed Inc.

Mayor's speeches 

Mayor's calendar

Cockburn Councillors

The City’s Councillors are elected for four year terms.

The City of Cockburn is divided into three wards – West, Central and East and three Councillors represent each Ward. Please see Our People and Suburbs for more information on which suburbs are in which ward and City demographics in Cockburn.

You are encouraged to contact any or all of your ward Councillors to discuss issues regarding your ward.

East Ward Councillors

Deputy Mayor Lee-Anne Smith OAM

2017 – 2019 Council Appointed Positions

For the next 2 years I look forward to representing East Ward and the City of Cockburn on the following Internal & External Committees & Reference Groups. As Deputy Mayor it is expected you will take on extra responsibilities and while many of these positions are not new to me, this term I bring a wonderful burst of new enthusiasm.

  • Audit and Strategic Finance Committee
  • Chief Executive Officers and Senior Staff Key Projects Appraisal Committee
  • Delegated Authorities, Policies and Position Statements Committee
  • Cockburn Community Events Committee
  • Local Emergency Management Committee
  • Grants and donations committee
  • Jandakot Regional Park Community Advisory Committee
  • Jandakot Community Aviation Consultation Group
  • Disability Access and Inclusion Reference Group
  • Cockburn Youth Advisory Collective Reference Group
  • Cockburn Bushfire Advisory Reference Group
  • Sister Cities Reference Group
  • WALGA Reducing Illegal Dumping (RID) working group
  • Community Gardens Reference Group


The Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) is the peak advocacy body representing local government in this State.  It is comprised of a number of Zones, including the South Metropolitan Zone, which covers the districts of Melville, Fremantle, East Fremantle, Cockburn, Kwinana and Rockingham. 

• The South West Corridor Development Foundation (Inc) (SWCDeF)

The South West Corridor Development Foundation (Inc) (SWCDeF) is an incorporated body whose membership consists of each of the participating South West Group local governments, as well as regional Chambers of Commerce and employment based organisations. 

• The South West Reference Group (Treasurer)

The South West Reference Group has been established by the South West Group, comprising the six local authorities in the South West Metropolitan Region of Perth.

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Term ends October 2021
Mobile 0497 953 153
Email lsmith@cockburn.wa.gov.au
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Cr Chamonix Terblanche

Chamonix’s widespread interdisciplinary background of information systems, policy development, business and education has landed her high profile national positions such as the President of the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) and the Australian Governments Australian Awards for University Teaching Committee and Australian Qualifications Frameworks International Alignment Committee memberships. 
Chamonix also served as an elected member of Curtin's University Council, as the President of their Postgraduate Student Association and held membership of a number of other Curtin University committees including its Academic Board.
Presently Chamonix is the Managing Director of a Real Estate Agency, and most recently prior to this, served as Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor for Senators in Australia's Federal Parliament. Prior to embarking on a political and legislative career, Chamonix worked in industry for a number of years, most notably for the following employers: a peak representative body working closely with government; a higher education provider and a software engineering company. As a result, Chamonix is highly skilled in, among others: policy formation; conceptual and workflow modelling; analysing business needs; scoping business improvements; researching, designing and implementing state-of-the-art software solutions; rapidly adapting to changing environments; executive level governance; developing strategic organisational plans; drafting complex manuals and policies; training and evaluating learning; and liaising with stakeholders on all levels of an organisation, the media and with government officials (including state and federal ministers).
Chamonix has a dream and vision for the City of Cockburn to be a Connected City and as such she actively works towards achieving this. She has her own website and Facebook page dedicated to this cause and would encourage anyone interested to learn more about her vision to visit these pages and follow her on her quest!

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Term ends October 2019
Mobile 0404 696 306
Email cterblanche@cockburn.wa.gov.au

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Cr Lara Kirkwood

I am a local Aubin Grove resident who chose to live in this wonderful suburb to be closer to my family in Wandi. 

Having devoted much of my personal time over the past few years by resolving issues in our suburbs, helping organise events and meeting with state and federal politicians to put the spotlight on Cockburn that it deserves. Unaffiliated with any political group, I bring an independent approach to working with people of all backgrounds to promote our community’s wellbeing and safety. 

I am the Founder of Cockburn Chat, member of the Aubin Grove Community Association, an NBN Spokesperson for the community, Neighbourhood Watch volunteer and organiser of the successful ‘Widen the Kwinana Freeway’ petition. 

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Term ends October 2019
Mobile 0449 229 792    
Email lkirkwood@cockburn.wa.gov.au
Facebook www.facebook.com/CouncillorKirkwood
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West Ward Councillors

Cr Kevin Allen

Kevin, along with his wife Debbie and their family, has been a resident of Cockburn for over 25 years.

In addition to serving as a West Ward Councillor, Kevin is employed in private industry as a state manager and owner of an overseas business.

Before being elected to Council in 2000, Kevin was active in community issues, as the President of the Coogee Beach Progress Association and a community representative on the State Government's Coogee Master Plan committee.

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Term ends October 2021
Mobile 0419 901 735
Email kallen@cockburn.wa.gov.au

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Cr Carol Reeve-Fowkes
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Term ends October 2019
Mobile 0404 111 526
Email creevefowkes@cockburn.wa.gov.au
Cr Michael Separovich

Many of you will already know the name Separovich. My grandparents, the market gardeners helped make Spearwood what it is today. My mother has been teaching in Cockburn for 30 years, and I am the friendly guy from down at the shops. My family has been helping build Cockburn for generations, and I want to continue that.

I have lived in Munster for more than two decades and for the last four years have been attending and participating in Council meetings. I do not represent political parties or real estate developers; I am representing you. I am a Councillor who will not hesitate to take your call or email and will come and visit to see the things you wish to talk about first hand.

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Term ends October 2021
Mobile 0432 653 369
Email mseparovich@cockburn.wa.gov.au

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Central Ward Councillors

Cr Stephen Pratt

I have lived in Coolbellup for the past several years, where my wife Elena and I built our first home.

I am actively involved in a number of community groups including the Coolbellup Community Association, CoobyNow, and the Cockburn Rotary Club.

I am passionate about preserving the natural environment that the City of Cockburn suburbs are blessed with while also ensuring communities have access to the best possible facilities.

The City of Cockburn is a great place to live and is growing rapidly. I was very proud to be elected as Councillor in 2011 and am enjoying the experience of working in Local Government.

I look forward to representing local residents for the duration of my term through this exciting period of growth and change.

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Term ends October 2019
Mobile 0400 575 007
Email spratt@cockburn.wa.gov.au
Facebook www.facebook.com/CrStephenPratt

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Cr Philip Eva JP

I have lived in Cockburn for the last 23 years having moved to Australia from Cornwall after meeting my wife Michele while working as a freight manager for a local shipping company.

On arriving in WA we lived in Fremantle and then moved to Cockburn where I ran a small business.
For the last 9 years I've been working as an Electorate Officer for the Member for Cockburn. I’m also a proud member of the Royal Association of Justices having been a JP for the last 8 years.
I have always had a passion for the community serving as a past P & C President of Newton Primary School and now currently on the School Board.  Also an ex member and ex director of Cockburn Rotary.
Currently serving as an active member of several Community groups and Clubs; Yangebup Progress Association, Bibra Lake Residents Association, Friends of the Community, Dalmatinacs Club, Coolbellup Sporting Association and the Woodman’s Points CRG and Beeliar Residents Association Group.
Being a Councillor I'm on several Council committees including; Grants and Donations, Audit Finance and Strategic Committee, Chief Executive Officers & Senior Key Projects Appraisal Committee, Delegated Authorities, Policies & Position Statements Committee, South West Reference Group, Jandakot Regional Park Community Advisory Committee, Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre (Inc.) Community Safety & Crime Prevention Reference Group, Cultural Reference Group.
I have a very strong passion for the environment and in making Cockburn a sustainable and progressive but without destroying the natural beauty of this wonderful place.

In my spare time I love gardening, fishing, the gym, and of course the Fremantle Dockers.

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Term ends October 2021
Mobile 0410 274 000
Email peva@cockburn.wa.gov.au

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Cr Chontelle Sands

My family and I have been proud to call Yangebup home for the past nine years, after growing up in rural Western Australia. Since then I' have been an active member in community groups such as Yangebup Progress Association, Yangebup Primary P and C, Safety House Cockburn and Southern Lions RUFC. Ongoing community involvement allows me to share my experiences and skills in strategic planning, community consultation, fiscal management, corporate governance and policy reviews. In addition to serving as a State Councillor at WACSSO, I have also contributed to several local campaigns such as 'Hands off Cockburn' and 'Hammond Park needs a High School'. I see myself as a devoted advocate for environmental conservation. My children are my inspiration and drive my passion for youth engagement, road safety and crime prevention. I pledge to listen to our residents, consult on important issues and represent the core values of our diverse, cohesive and robust community.

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Term ends October 2021
Mobile 0411 612 382
Email csands@cockburn.wa.gov.au

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