Parking Operations

Parking Operations

Ensure the Safety of Children Around Vehicles

Due to their still-developing cognitive abilities, children may struggle to navigate complex traffic
situations, particularly when drivers fail to adhere to Local Parking Law. Additionally, their smaller stature makes them less visible. It is crucial for
parents to exercise caution in school zones, adhere to designated parking areas, and encourage walking or cycling where feasible. Our Your Move
Schools program, detailed on page 16, serves as an excellent resource.

Be advised that vehicles parked unlawfully near schools, including on footpaths, median strips, in no stopping or parking zones, bus zones, or
exceeding timed parking limits, will be subject to infringement penalties.

The City of Cockburn has implemented Mobile License Plate Recognition (MLPR) technology to enhance the monitoring of illegal parking practices.
Prioritizing your child's safety, the City of Cockburn emphasises that illegal parking can significantly increase the risk of harm to your child and others.

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