Online Payments (Rates, Renewals and Infringements)

Online payments can be made with valid credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) via our NAB hosted secure payment gateway. Payments are processed in real time and you will be able to print out a confirmation receipt for your records.

Your credit card details are not retained on any database or file.

Infringement payments

Make an infringement payment  

For alternative payment options and information on appealing an infringement refer to payments, infringements and appeals.

Locating your infringement number

Ticket infringements

Your infringement number is the "Ticket No" shown on your infringement notice.

Barcode infringements

Your infringement number is found under the barcode at the top of the infringement notice.

Rates payments

Make a rates payment 

Locating your Payment Reference Number

To find your Payment Reference Number, look for the 'Pay Ref No' found on the top right hand side of your rates notice.

Please enter numbers only for your Payment Reference Number - no letters, dashes or spaces.

Alternative payment methods

For alternative payment options and instalments refer to the 'Pay my rates' page.

Find out about pensioner and seniors concessions and rebates.

Have any questions? Visit our Rates Question and Answer page.

Sundry debtors invoice payments

Sundry debtors invoices may include waste disposal fees, hall bookings, lease rentals, sporting clubs and reserve charges.

Locate your Payment Reference Number

Look on the right hand side of your invoice above the invoice title.

Things to remember when paying your invoice

  • Only invoices with a Payment Reference Number beginning with 41 can be paid via this method
  • You must enter numbers only for your Payment Reference Number - no letters, dashes or spaces
  • Type in your Payment Reference Number shown on your invoice.
Find out about other payment options e.g. paying in person or by post.

Animal registration renewal payments (dogs and cats)

Important note about first time animal registration

Payment for first time animal registration cannot be done online. You are required to complete the first time cat/dog registration form. Please select from the following:

Cat registration options and costs

Period of Registration Cost ($)
1 Year $20 ($10 pensioner concession)
3 years $42.50 ($21.25 pensioner concession)
Lifetime $100 ($50 pensioner concession)

Dog registration options and costs

Length of registration Cost for STERILISED
dog ($)

dog ($)

1 year $20 ($10 pensioner concession) $50 ($25 pensioner concession)
3 years $42.50 ($21.25 pensioner concession) $120 ($60 pensioner concession)
Lifetime $100 ($50 pensioner concession) $250 ($125 pensioner concession)

Registration renewals

  • Online payments can be made for renewal of animal registrations. Please select the from the payment options below.
  • If your animal’s microchip number has not been registered with the City, you will be unable to pay for your renewal online.  Please contact us and provide the microchip number.
  • Should there be any changes to the particulars of your registration renewal please contact us, as you will not be able to proceed with the online payment option. 
  • Please read the terms and conditions provided below before proceeding.

Terms and conditions for renewing your animal registration online

By selecting one of the payment buttons above, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
  • I certify that for the purposes of section 16 (1a) of the Act means exist on the premises at which the dog will ordinarily be kept for effectively confining the dog within those premises 
  • I am, or the owner is not under 18 years of age 
  • The particulars shown in this application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief 
  • Should there be any changes to the particulars on the registration renewal, I must contact the City of Cockburn on 08 9411 3444 and note that I cannot proceed with the online payment option.

Locating your Animal Number

Look for your Animal Number on the top right hand side of your invoice, just under the heading of dog details.

Online payments help

Issues with paying online

If you are unable to make a payment for any reason or if you are not sure if a payment was successful, please contact us.

You can help by providing us with the following information:

  • Any relevant reference and account numbers - do not email us your credit card details
  • At what point you were at when the problem occurred (eg; I receive the following error after I clicked on the 'make a debtors invoice payment button')
  • What browser you are using and its version (eg., Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 3, Safari 3, Opera 9.5, Google Chrome) 
  • Your computer operating system (eg., Windows XP, Mac OS X, Linux, Ubuntu etc.)

Top tips for paying online

  • Make sure you enter all digits of your reference number
  • The payments windows is a pop up - that is, it will open in a new window. Make sure that you allow pop ups from within your browser, or hold down the Ctrl key as you click on the link. This will force the pop up window to open
  • Use the latest version browser (such as Internet Explorer 7 or above, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Google Chrome) with JavaScript active   
  • If you are behind a corporate firewall or using a proxy server, you may not be able to access the secure payments screen. For example, some companies prohibit staff from accessing secure websites.

More information and contact

If you have any questions or are experiencing problems with making an online payment, please contact us
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