Planning Application

When do I need a planning application?

You will need to lodge an application for planning approval prior to undertaking development or use of land within the City unless the type of development or use is exempt from requiring planning approval. A list of exemptions can be obtained here: Town Planning Scheme.

If you’re unsure as to whether your proposal requires planning approval, please contact the City’s Statutory Planning Service.

Pre-application planning meetings

The City has a service for pre-application meetings. You will need to make an appointment with Statutory Planning by contacting the City’s Statutory Planning Service.

Design Review Panel

Certain types of complex planning applications are required to be presented through the City’s design review process prior to formally lodging the application. The Design Review Panel, which consists of independent architecture and design experts will work with you to achieve the best possible design outcome. The City's Design Review Panel Policy indicates the types of applications and processes.

How can I submit a planning application?

  • Online via eProperty
  • By post
  • In person at the City's Administration Building

Planning application process and timeframe

To lodge a planning application, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Register your planning application online
  2. Complete an application form for development approval
  3. Complete the indemnity form and checklist
  4. Provide a copy of your certificate of title
Your application will be processed within the statutory timeframe of 60 days or 90 days (If advertising or referral is required).

Joint Development Assessment Panel applications

Certain types of planning applications are required to be determined by the Joint Development Assessment Panel. Under the regulations, each Joint Development Assessment Panel will determine development applications that meet certain type and value thresholds as if it were the responsible authority under the relevant planning instrument, such as the local planning scheme or region planning scheme.

The regulations state that Joint Development Assessment Panel applications cannot be determined by local government or the Western Australian Planning Commission.

For more information on the Joint Development Assessment Panel process, please refer to the Department of Planning website.

Subdivision applications

The Western Australian Planning Commission is responsible for approving all subdivision applications and certain classes of strata subdivision applications in our State.

Information and comment from the relevant local government, any public authority or utility services provider are also included in this assessment prior to a decision being made on the proposed plan.

For further information on lodging a subdivision application and the relevant forms, refer to the Department of Planning website.

Subdivision clearance applications

Once conditional subdivision approval has been granted by the Western Australian Planning Commission and works have been completed, developers are required to lodge an application for clearance with the City.

Part of the subdivision clearance process, is for the developer to demonstrate compliance with their subdivision conditions.

To lodge an application with the City for subdivision clearance, the subdivision clearance application forms must be completed.

Built strata applications

A built strata generally will have already received approvals from both the City and where relevant, state authorities during the planning and building process.
This means only an additional approval from the City is needed to ensure the development is in accordance with the planning approval.

The built strata approval is issued in two parts by the City, one being the Form 24 which ensures compliance with the original plans of approval, and the other being the Form 26, which ensures all conditions of planning approval have been complied with.

To lodge an application with the City for a Form 24 and/or Form 26 built strata, the built strata application forms must be completed.

Local development plan applications

Local development plans are used in limited situations to guide the design and development of small and constrained lots or to achieve particular design outcomes. Local development plans are often required as a result of a subdivision condition imposed by the Western Australian Planning Commission for subdivision approval.

To lodge an application with the City for a local development plan, the application must include:

  • A cover letter detailing the specifics of the local development plan
  • A scaled local development plan and
  • The appropriate fee being paid.

Section 40 Liquor Licence applications 

Section 40 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 requires a certificate from the local planning authority to be submitted for the grant or removal of a licence, or for a change in the use or condition of any premises, unless otherwise determined.

The following additional information is required to be submitted to the City:

  • Section 40 pro-forma application form
  • Application fee
  • A copy of the planning approval relevant to the use of the site
  • The proposed hours of operation.

For more information on what is required as part of the Section 40 application process refer to the information sheet.

Written planning advice applications

If you have queries pertaining to development or potential development of a site, you may wish to apply for written planning advice. Written planning advice is provided without prejudice and does not constitute an approval.

The purpose of written planning advice is to provide general advice only, anything technical may not be addressed. Anything personal pertaining to the property (i.e. past approvals) may require a separate Freedom of Information request.

To request written planning advice, landowners consent is mandatory. A fee is incurred for written planning advice and can be requested via the Cities website.

Retrospective planning approval

Retrospective planning approval is required when development or use of land commences without planning approval having been obtained.

Whoever undertook the development without obtaining planning approval must then lodge an application for the works that have occurred.

If the party who undertook the works without planning approval no longer owns or has an association with the land, it is the responsibility of the current landowner to seek and obtain retrospective planning approval.

To lodge an application with the City for a retrospective planning application, the development application forms must be completed, the appropriate retrospective fee paid and relevant plans and details pertaining to the proposal to be provided.

More information and contact

Please contact the City’s Statutory Planning Services for more information on 08 9411 3444 or at

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