Street Trees - Pruning and Planting

Benefits of street trees

Street trees are an important part of any City and provide a range of benefits. Trees may increase property values, reduce heat in our suburbs and promote wellbeing. Trees clean the air, create natural screens and provide habitat. They act as wind and noise buffers and reduce the need for artificial cooling in adjacent buildings.

Street tree planting

If you would like a tree planted on your verge, please contact us.

A City officer will contact you within five working days to discuss the type of tree(s) to be planted. The City will determine the most appropriate location for the planting and will cover the cost of purchasing and planting the tree.


Street tree pruning and maintenance
The City is responsible for the pruning of all trees. Trees should be allowed to develop their natural canopy and will generally not be pruned. Where pruning is essential, it will be approved and undertaken by the City or a nominated contractor and will be carried out in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4373 – 1996.
Street trees are pruned to provide the following:
  • Improve the safety, structure and health of the tree 
  • Provide clearance for pedestrian movement 
  • Prevent branches from overhanging a property boundary and park infrastructure
  • Maintain safe clearances zones from powerlines
  • Maintain clear line of sight for vehicles and cyclists
If you would like your tree assessed for pruning please contact us.
Street tree removal
The City is responsible for the removal of verge and reserve trees. Trees will only be considered for removal, under the following circumstances:
  • Dead
  • Diseases
  • Structurally unsound
  • Obstructing an approved works program, by either the city of utilities
  • Tree root damage to public and/or private assets, when root barrier installation is not viable
  • Damage by a declared storm event
  • Idenfied as an invasive species 
If you would like more information on street tree removals or would like to have a street tree assessed, please contact us.

More information and contact

For more information or requests for street tree planting, pruning or removal, please call us on 08 9411 3444 or email
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