Henderson Waste Recovery Park

About the park

The Henderson Waste Recovery Park is the regional waste disposal and recycling facility for commercial waste and bulk household items, including:

  • Timber
  • Metal
  • E-waste
  • Construction and demolition waste
  • Commercial waste
  • Household items such as whitegoods, electronic equipment, furniture etc
  • Household hazardous waste (domestic, maximum 20 litres per day)
  • Paint (via the Paintback program) 
  • Innerspring mattresses (maximum four per load - additional fee applies)
  • Asbestos (additional fee applies).

Please note, the park is not a green waste facility. See disposing of green waste below.

Location and opening hours

The Henderson Waste Recovery Park is located at 920 Rockingham Road in Henderson.

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The park is open seven days a week, every day of the year except Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

Opening hours are:

  • Transfer station: 
    • 8am to 4.30pm for cars and trailers
    • Gates close at 4:30pm
  • Trucks on weighbridge: 
    • 7am to 4pm from Monday to Saturday
    • 8am to 4pm on Sundays
  • Reuse shop: 
    • 8am – 4pm (enter by 3.45pm) Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
Important notes:
  • Fees shown below may be subject to change.
  • Each load will be assessed by the weighbridge attendant whose decision shall be final.
  • Due to safety concerns vehicles with pets will NOT be admitted.

Disposal of green waste

Domestic quantities of green waste (including branches and pruning suitable for mulching) is accepted at Henderson Waste Recovery Park as well as the Regional Resource Recovery Centre on Bannister Road, Canning Vale. Simply show a City of Cockburn trailer pass or pay the relevant entry fee.

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For information on green waste, opening hours and rates, please contact the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council.

Disposal of asbestos and hazardous waste 


Only compliant quantities of asbestos are accepted at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park. Asbestos must be:

  • Firmly wrapped and sealed in heavy duty builder’s plastic 
  • Put in bundles the customer can manage without assistance
  • Placed on top of the load for inspection prior to entry for priority. 

Asbestos is accepted until 4pm to allow for special burial.


Residents and businesses can dispose of paint and paint containers free of charge at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park via the Paintback scheme. A maximum of 100 litres in volume will be accepted per visit. This must be carried in containers no larger than 20 litres.

Other hazardous waste

Cockburn residents can dispose of domestic quantities (maximum 20 litres per day) of household hazardous waste free of charge at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park.

This only applies if the waste material is household hazardous waste. You must show your trailer pass or pay the relevant entry fee to dispose any other rubbish.

For information on the types of hazardous waste and disposal, visit Hazardous Waste.

Trailer passes

Cockburn residents will receive a six trailer passes with their rates notice each year in July/August, or with the delivery of bins to new homes.

For public housing, Defence homes or LandCorp tenants, or f your trailer pass does not come in the mail, please contact us.

How to use your trailer pass

Trailer passes can be used at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park and Regional Resource Recovery Centre (for green waste).

Present your trailer pass with the vouchers attached at the Henderson Waste Recovery Park weighbridge. 

Important notes 

  • Cut-off vouchers will not be accepted at the gate. Present your trailer pass with the vouchers attached
  • Trailer passes are not transferable
  • Residents are NOT permitted to sell trailer passes
  • Cockburn residents who seek to transfer or sell their passes may be refused future passes.

Fees and charges

The following fees include the Landfill Levy, which the City is required to collect for the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on each tonne of waste, and 10 per cent GST.

The following charges apply if a genuine trailer pass is not presented to the gatekeeper at the Recovery Park.

Charges for volumes of waste

The table below lists the cost of waste depending on the size of the load.

Trailers: Charges for volumes of waste Cost ($) per load
Per car (sedan) $50
Per utility or trailer not exceeding 1m3 $65
1-2.5m3 $130
Exceeding 2.5m3 $165

Asbestos charges

  • Residents (with proof of address): One trailer pass or asbestos entry fee PLUS burial fee of $8 per full size sheet
  • Non-residents: Asbestos entry fee PLUS burial fee of $9 per full size sheet.

Please contact the City of Cockburn for full information on asbestos disposal.

Mattress charges

  • Innerspring Mattresses: Entry FEE or pass PLUS $20 per mattress.
Maximum four mattresses per load. Does not include base or foam mattresses.

Tyre charges

  • Car tyres: $8 each
  • 4wd tyres: $14 each
Maximum of 4. On or off the rim.

Charges for truck loads of waste per type and per tonne

The table below lists the cost of waste by type, per load and per tonne.

Type of waste Minimum cost
per load ($)
Cost per      
tonne ($)
Clean fill - Not accepted at this time N/A N/A
Inert waste (off Liner) includes sand, concrete, rubble, bricks only (not gyprock or timber) $60 $100
Timber packaging (off Liner) uncontaminated timber packing only (no chipboard, cardboard, plastic, etc) $60 $160
Mixed waste (on Liner) - Domestic and general waste, plaster, timber, steel, other building material $60 $160

When weighbridge is not in use see table for prices based on load/truck sizes.

Environmentally sensitive, extraordinary or Class II or III waste

Rates for disposal of environmentally sensitive, extraordinary or Class II or III waste is by negotiation.  Special handling fees apply for non-compliance and/or burials. The table below lists the class type and the cost per tonne.
Type Cost per tonne ($)
Class 2 $190
Class 3 $200

Renewable energy

The City continues to invest in the Henderson Waste Recovery Park’s renewable energy capacity.

Each day 60 photovoltaic panels convert sunlight into electricity to help power the Reuse shop. These panels make up a 3.6kW photovoltaic system that generates approximately 6,010 kWh every year.

The system reduces the facility’s carbon footprint and prevents 6.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere each year. 

It extracts methane from decomposing waste to generate 3.195 megawatts and power more than 3,300 homes via Synergy’s main electricity grid. 

Waste Gas Resources manages the Methane Extraction Plant and reduces an additional 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents each year.

More information and contact

For information on the Henderson Waste Recovery Park, please contact us.



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