Naval Base Shacks

About the Naval Base Holiday Park

The Naval Base Holiday Park comprises six rows of campsites and 176 holiday shacks settled on the mainland, along Cockburn Road in Henderson.

The Naval Base Holiday Park has a continuous history as a holiday destination since 1933, and has been used by generations of families from Cockburn and the wider area, there are a number of extended families that have a long association with the site.

The shacks have no internal running water and no externally supplied electricity. Lessee’s cook and power refrigerators with gas, use solar panels for electrical power and get their water from nearby communal taps. Two ablution blocks are onsite. Although individual shacks have changed since 1933, as a holiday destination, the overall site has a high level of integrity and authenticity. The Naval Base Holiday Park Heritage Area is designated as a ‘Heritage Area’ under the City of Cockburn Town Planning Scheme No. 3 (TPS 3).

A formal lease has been in place since 2012 for the sites on Reserve 24308. The lease allows the shack owner to use it for a maximum of 120 days per year. The shacks are not for short term lease, hire or use by anyone but the shack owner/s. Information relating to the sale of shacks can be found below.

Shack Transfer Process
To transfer your shack there are several steps that you will need to undertake. 
  1. Execution of the Request to Undertake Assignment Form

    • This step requires both the Vendor and Purchaser to fill out the required details and sign the form.

    • This can be completed at the City’s offices when you verify your identity or posted to PO Box 1215, Bibra Lake DC WA 6965

    • To request a copy of this form please email or call 08 9411 3444

  2. Verification of Identity

    Both the Vendor and Purchaser to attend the City’s offices and provide:

    • One (1) form of photographic identification (passport, drivers license, proof of age card); or

    • Two (2) forms of original non-photographic identification.

  3. Payment of Fees

    Requires the payment of a $250 transfer fee and any outstanding Shack fees

    • Arrangements should be made between the buyer and seller as to who will pay this fee.
    • Outstanding fees should be factored into any negotiations as the Shack cannot be transferred while any fees are outstanding.
  4. Public Liability Insurance

    Requires the purchaser to provide a certificate of currency to evidence public liability insurance.
  5. Gas Certificate or Declaration

    Requires a gas safety certificate to be provided if gas is connected to the Shack

    • If gas is not connected to the Shack the Vendor and Purchaser must make declarations confirming this.

  6. Evidence of a Smoke Alarm

    Requires evidence of a smoke alarm at the shack to be provided

    • This takes the form of a photo of the smoke alarm installed at the Shack

  7. Occupancy Log

    Requires the City officer to explain the use of an occupancy log at the Shack.

    • Occupancy logs are required as the Shack cannot be occupied for over 120 days in any 12 month period.

  8. Vendor and Purchaser Execution of Assignment Document

    The Vendor and Purchaser to sign the Assignment Document

  9. City/Ministers Consent and Execution

    Requires the City to execute the Assignment Document and the Minister to Consent to the assignment.

  10. Advice to Vendor and Purchaser that Assignment has been finalised.

    A copy of the executed assignment documents will be provided to the Vendor and Purchaser.

Naval Base Shacks Lease Expiry August 2022

Reserve 24308 where the Naval Base Shacks are located is managed by the City of Cockburn. The reserve land is owned by the Crown (State of WA). The Lease between the City and the current shack owners expired in August 2022. The City has requested advice from the State as to the future development of the port, particularly in relation to the future of the shacks. When the City has received a response from the State the City and Council will consider the future for the leases on the land where the shacks are located.

The following are the indicative time frames for the new Naval Shack lease details, advertisement, and consideration by Council.

  • February 2023 – Notification to all owners of the proposed lease terms and conditions.
  • February 2023 – Advertisement of public notice of the City’s intention to enter leases with Shack Owners (this is required in line with s3.58 of the Local Government Act 1995)
  • March/April 2023 – Ordinary Council Meeting – approval of lease terms.
  • April/May 2023 – Approval of Lease by Minister for Lands
  • May/June 2023 – Lease to Shack Owners for signing.

It is the City’s internal policy not to enter a community consultation process over the holiday period of December and January. It is at this time of year that the community is not as engaged as normal and primary parties often miss out on their opportunity to make comment.
The City does not have an Ordinary Council meeting in January. Due to agenda capacities, the new lease would not go any earlier to Council than March 2023 for consideration even if the City did enter community engagement earlier.   

We understand the delay of the invoices being issued for the 2022/2023 rental period has caused Shack Owners concern. We will be working with Shack Owners to ensure that arrangements are put in place such as direct debit payment plans if required once these invoices are issued. We can confirm this will not occur until after the new Lease has been issued.

Moving forward through the lease process this webpage will be utilised as a primary information point. As queries are received from Shack Owners, we will be updating information and FAQ’s on the webpage so that information is available for all Shack Owners.


Security and public safety have been identified as one of the top priorities for residents in Cockburn. As a result, we are improving CCTV coverage throughout Cockburn, and have installed CCTV at the Naval Base Shacks. CCTV reduces the incidence of anti-social behaviour, protects the amenities in the area, makes residents feel safer, and can be used to support investigations by WA Police.   

CCTV footage is controlled through a Code of Practice that is consistent with State and Commonwealth legislation. Footage is securely stored, and may be provided to authorised authorities such as the WA Police, if anti-social or criminal behaviour has occurred. Images may also be used to direct CoSafe or other City staff to areas that require attention, for example, maintenance. Members of the public will not have access to images or footage recorded by the City’s CCTV systems unless provided through a Freedom of Information Request, or police request.

Maintaining the privacy of residents and businesses is a priority for the City when operating video surveillance. All City installed cameras focus on public spaces, not private property. 

The City has developed the Community Safety and CCTV Strategy 2017-2022 that reflects its continued commitment to improving security throughout Cockburn. 

New swipe cards to access bathrooms

The City is replacing residents keys to the two communal bathrooms with swipe cards to increase security and safety. The City is asking if all residents can please collect their two new cards by 12 December 2022 from the City’s Operations Centre at 52 Wellard St, Bibra Lake, Monday-Friday, 8-11am or 1-3pm.

Please note:
  • There is a limit of two swipe cards per owner
  • The initial two cards are complimentary
  • Residents must hand in keys to receive their new cards
  • Photo ID is required to collect the cards.

Obtaining a Building Permit

The below guidelines provide some general information for the size and design of any proposed structure.

A holiday accommodation (shack) may be constructed on each lease site area. The accommodation may be an enclosed building and shall have an overall floor dimension of no greater than 5.2m x 5.2m, and a maximum height no greater than 2.7m (wall) and 3.0m (ridge).

Patio/pergola - A patio or pergola may be constructed on the east or west side of the shack. The patio or pergola shall be attached to the shack and be no greater than 1.8m wide. The patio or pergola must be open on three sides and not be longer than the shack it is attached to. No building/structure will be permitted to be located closer than 1.8m to another building/structure on an adjacent site area, regardless of the maximum dimensions prescribed for a shack or patio or pergola.

Please note that a building permit must be obtained before any development commences.
Process to obtain a Building Permit

If you are proposing to build a structure or carry out works you will generally be required to obtain a Building Permit from the City’s Building Services Division prior to carrying out the building works onsite. Please follow the process below when applying for a Building Permit:

  1. The completed Certified Building Permit Application Form is required to be executed by the Minister for Planning, Lands & Heritage as the owner of the land. The City's Property and Lands Officer will arrange for this when the application is submitted to the City.
  2. You MUST obtain a Certificate of Design Compliance from a registered independent building surveyor. The Certificate of Design Compliance confirms that if the building or works are carried out in accordance with the certified plans, the building works will be compliant with each building standard that applies to the building.

Application to carry out works

You will need to have a registered consultant building surveyor of your choice carry out this process for you. Please note that this service is at commercial rates as negotiated by you with the independent building surveyor. The City of Cockburn cannot offer this service. A list of registered consultant building surveyors is available from the Building Commission website opens in a new window.

Request to Carry out works

General Building Information - Site Overview
  • The City of Cockburn is of the opinion the shacks are best compared to a Class 3 building for the purposes of the Building Code of Australia Volume 1 (BCA - Part A3)

  • The applicable building standards are as defined in Specification A1.3 of BCA Volume 1

  • It is to be noted that the City’s Health and Engineering requirements must all be met prior to the issuance of a Building Permit.

Obtaining a Demolition Permit

You need to obtain a demolition permit from the City’s Building Services for demolition work on a whole or part of a building or structure. In addition, there are health requirements that would need to be complied with, particularly for removing asbestos and the decommissioning of septic tanks. Service providers (ie. Water Corporation, Western Power etc.) need to be notified before demolition work is started.

Under the Building Act 2011, a demolition permit is required before any demolition work can commence on a property.
Process to obtain a Demolition Permit
The Demolition Permit Application Form (BA5) is required to be executed by the Minister for Planning, Lands & Heritage as the owner of the land. The City's Property and Lands Officer will arrange for this when the application is submitted to the City. You MUST have a valid Planning/Development Approval for the proposed demolition works. 

To apply for a demolition permit, you need to submit the following:

  • A completed Demolition Permit application form (BA5) and prescribed application fee (refer to Building Application Fee Schedule).
  • The Demolition permit application form (BA5) opens in a new window is available on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website.
  • A scaled (min 1:200) site plan clearly indicating the building/s or section/s of the building/s to be demolished and the structures to be retained
  • Demolition Contractor Worksafe Registration or proof of a valid legislative exemption
  • A rat baiting certificate from a licensed pest control company.

You may need to submit a Notice and Request for Consent of Work Affecting Other Land (Form BA20) if the proposed demolition work is likely to adversely affect adjoining land or buildings. In the event that you are unable to gain consent from the affected adjoining land owners, a Court Order to carry out the proposed demolition work must be obtained instead and lodged with your demolition permit application.

For further information, Visit the City's Demolition Permit webpage opens in a new window.

Request to Carry out works

Other Works

Other works may be defined as works that do not fall within the definition of building/development work. Such work generally will not require development approval or a building permit. However, the City’s consent is required for other works, and a Form NBHA 1 must be submitted to the Property & Lands Officer. The detailed scope of work/specification for the proposed other works. Subject to the level of works the City’s Property & Lands Officer will advise you if you will be required to submit any further applications. Some examples of other works are:

  • Recladding of existing walls.

  • Recladding of an existing roof.

  • Replacing/repairing gutters/downpipes.

  • Antenna (less than 1.8m above roofline if fixed to a roof)

  • Repainting

    Request to Carry out works

General Information

Naval Base Holiday Park Management Plan

The Naval Base Shacks Management Plan was developed in conjunction with shack lessees, City of Cockburn staff and Elected Members. The management plan sets out the administration of future improvements to the site.

Some infrastructure works have commenced under the management plan, including:

  • Improved street lighting
  • Bench seats installed
  • Line markings.  
  • Ablution upgrades

The City will continue to progress the various works and upgrades identified in the Management Plan.

Naval Base Holiday Park planning policies
Local Planning Policy 5.1 – Public Open Space and Local Planning Policy 4.5 Naval Base Holiday Park – Heritage Area guide development at the site. They can be viewed on the Local Planning Policies page.

Local Planning Policy 5.1 provides a strategic overview of how public open space should be managed in relation to structure plan and subdivision application assessments.

Local Planning Policy 4.5 is a statutory policy that will guide development at the Naval Base Holiday Park including future additions or changes to existing structures, and how new structures should be built.
Rules In Relation to the Reserve

Boats, Caravans, or Trucks
(i) The Lessee must not and must not suffer or permit a person to park a boat, caravan or motor vehicle exceeding 3.5 tonnes in gross weight or 1.9 metres in height on the Land unless prior permission has been provided by the Lessor.

(ii) The Lessee must not and must not suffer or permit a boat to be parked on any other site within the Reserve, any boat parked must be parked within the lease area of the owner or users site.

(iii) The Lessee must not and must not suffer or permit a boat to be parked on any other site within the Reserve, any boat parked must be parked within the lease area of the lessee or users site.

(iv) The Lessee must not and must not suffer or permit a person to store a boat, caravan or motor vehicle on the Land

(i) The Lessee acknowledges and agrees that it must at all times comply with the Dog Act 1976, including without limitation the requirement for all dogs to be on a leash at all times.

ii) City of Cockburn Rangers are to be contacted on 08 9411 3444 or in an emergency after hours 1300 658 877.

Anti-social or Noisy Behavior​
(i) The City’s CoSafe service regularly patrols the area for noisy or antisocial behaviour. 

(ii) Concerns regarding the Naval Base Shacks can be reported to CoSafe on 1300 267 233 (24 hours), the Police on 131 444 or 000 in the event of an emergency.  

Grassed Areas
(i) It is the Lessees responsibility to maintain the areas surrounding each shack.

(ii) All grassed areas must be kept clear to enable people to walk through with ease.

(iii) Vehicles, boats etc may only be parked on one side of each shack unless agreed to by the neighboring property.

(iv) Every site must be surrounded by grass unless prior written approval has been provided by the neighboring Lessees and formal approval provided by the City to replace the grass.

(i) The Lessee must not and must not suffer or permit any person to extend the City’s reticulated water system. Any illegal plumbing will be removed by the City at the cost of the Lessee.

Fire Restrictions
(i) No open fires are permitted on the Reserve at any time.

(ii) Wood Fired BBQ's are permitted during low fire risk times however any fire warnings must be strictly adhered too.

(iii) No rubbish is to be burnt off at anytime.

(i) The internal roads are to be used for the movement of licensed vehicles only. Any boat, caravan or motor vehicle exceeding 3.5 tonnes in gross weight or 1.9 metres in height will NOT be permitted on the roads unless prior permission has been provided by the Lessor.

Emergency Procedure
(i) These will be displayed on the Notice Boards installed at both the northern & southern ablution blocks.

More information and contact

Please contact the Building Services team for information on building in the Naval Base Holiday Park on 08 9411 3444 or at [email protected]

Please contact the City’s Land Administration team for queries about the Naval Base Holiday Park Management Plan via the same contact details.

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