Public Art in Cockburn

Percent for Art

All development proposals for commercial (excluding industrial uses), civic, institutional, educational projects or public works of a value greater than $1 million (exclusive of GST) are to set aside a minimum of one per cent (1%) of the total project cost (up to a maximum value of $250,000) for the development of artworks on the subject land which reflect the place, locality and/or community.

All development proposals for multiple dwellings of a value greater than $2 million (exclusive of GST) are to set aside a minimum of one per cent (1%) of the total project cost (up to a maximum value of $250,000) for the development of artworks on the subject land which reflect the place, locality and/or community.

Drive Through Art Gallery

The Cockburn Drive Thru Art Gallery consists of more than 30 public artworks across the City. This unique outdoor gallery showcases some of the region’s best public artists, spanning a number of different mediums and projects.

Assisted by numerous funding bodies, the gallery illustrates how art can be used to develop community morale and spirit whilst enhancing the aesthetic of the built environment. 

Below is a list of the Drive Thru Art Gallery’s artworks by suburb, including information on the artwork and its material, location and artist.

Artwork Details

Section made of corten steel

Art medium – Sculpture

About the artwork – This artwork draws inspiration from the rich physical elements of construction that occur in a new development and the interaction of this activity to the natural environment.

Location – Northern side of the lake, Aurora Drive, Atwell

Artists – Ben Jones and Buffy Hallam

Interleaf construction made of powder coated interwoven steel pipes

Art medium – Sculpture

About the artwork – This interactive sculpture was inspired by the reeds and sedges that grow naturally in the nearby lake. Working on the principal that the reeds and sedges filter nutrients in the lake, interleaf filters light through the interwoven steel pipes that is then filtered through the artwork to present an ever-changing pattern of shadows in and around the work. The shadows reflect the ever-changing elements of nature and the ongoing changes in the development of the land from bushland to rural to urban.

Location – Eastern side of the lake, Aurora Drive, Atwell

Artist – Dawn Gamblen

CSI look listen and imagine powder coated mild steel

Art medium – Sculpture

About the artwork – The purpose of this artwork is to engage the viewer, and user of Eco Park actively on the site. The artworks consist of three framed structures that allow the viewer to define a view or reference. This glimpse of the park encourages the viewer to remember the past inhabitants, observe environmental changes and appreciate the present.

Location – Eco Park at Harvest Lakes, Atwell

Artist – Louise Josephs

Metal eucalyptus leaves rising out of water

Art medium – Sculpture

About the artwork – Elemental Harvest explores the importance of water to sustainability. The stylised eucalyptus leaves rise from the water like germinating seeds drawing attention to the new life made possible by water. Locating the work in the water allows us to watch the rise and fall of the water levels and the interaction this has on the artwork as some pieces are submerged in the wetter months and then remerge in summer.

Location – Western side of the lake, Aurora Drive, Atwell

Artist – Rima Zabaneh

Above and below steel cut-outs mounted on a rendered wall

Art medium – Sculpture

About the artwork – The primary focus of this piece was to create an artwork that reflects the environmental focus of the Harvest Lakes community and that encapsulates the feeling of vitality and growth. Inspiration came from the restoration of the Harvest Lakes degraded wetlands which have once again become important habitats and nutritional filters.

Location – Wall dividing Harvest Lakes from Kwinana Freeway, Zodiac Loop, Atwell

Artist – Tunya Versluis

Steel stack for Harvest Lakes

Art medium – Sculpture

About the artwork – The freestanding perpendicular form has been created by stacking triangle shapes over an internal frame giving the artwork strength and the idea that each part is important to the whole. This artwork describes ecosystems and communities as having many integral parts, each dependant on the other to exist. This is highlighted through the repeated stacking of an element to encourage the viewer to consider how they as individuals are important to the whole of the community.

Location – Grassed area corner Harvest Lakes Boulevard & Harmony Avenue, Atwell

Artist – Jennifer Cochrane

The Oscillidex copper sheet

Art medium – Sculpture

About the artwork – This work is an installation of five forms tethered to the bed of the lake at Eco Park. Inspiration for the forms was from seeds collected in the park, drawing attention to the natural forms within the environment. The artwork makes comment on the passing seasons through the changes in the water levels and climatic changes such as wind and rain.

Location – Eastern side of Eco Park Aurora Drive, Atwell

Artists – Louise Morrison and Matt Dickmann

Mosaic in a series of circles representing sustainability

Art medium – Mosaic

About the artwork – Working with the local school children and exploring the idea of sustainability and water conservation, Lesley King has created a mosaic using handmade tiles in a series of circles.

Location – Harvest Lakes Community Centre, Harmony Drive, Atwell

Artist – Lesley King
Artwork Details

Beeliar community street art Central Ward

Art medium – Mural

About the artwork – The new community centre at Beeliar was an ideal location to encourage young people in the area to consider themselves and how they belonged in the community. Working with artist Lesley King, youths explored themes that looked at their local community and living together in a community made up of many different people from different backgrounds and beliefs.

Location – East Beeliar Community Centre

Artists – Lesley King assisted by Local Beeliar Young people

Designs on Beeliar Railway Abutment Bridge

Art medium – Mural

About the artwork – Artwork students form Emmanuel Catholic College, under the guidance of their art teacher Nicole Ryan developed designs for the Beeliar Railway abutment bridge, identified by residents as an ideal artspace. The designs were then taken to the Beeliar Residents Advancement Group for selection and given to local artists Chandy Pendergrast and Aran Cummins Devereaux to develop further. The students also cut out stencils of themselves to be included on the wall as part of the finished artwork.

Location – Beeliar Drive (Western end)

Artists – Chandy Pendergrast and Aran Cummins Devereaux assisted by Beeliar Residents Advancement Group and Emmanuel Catholic College

Sister city metal sculpture depicting crops in a market garden 

Art medium – Installation

About the artwork – The inspiration for this artwork finds its roots in the rich pioneering history of market gardening that is common to both the City of Cockburn and its Sister City Split in Croatia. Each of the three individual metal sculptures works with its neighbours to create a strong, bold eye catching artwork. A bold checkerboard pattern found on the Croatian flag and the Split coat of arms are a prominent recurring design motif. Linear cutouts within the checks depict cross sectioned slices of crops traditionally grown in a market garden.

Location – Spearwood Avenue (Near Beeliar Road roundabout)

Artists – Dawn and Phillip Gamblen and local Croatian community representatives

Bibra Lake
Artwork Details

Seat installation showcasing Portuguese and other migrant stories

Art medium – Concrete

About the artwork – This installation on the banks of Bibra Lake is part of a three piece multicultural project showcasing the Portuguese and other migrants and their stories. The seat allows the viewer to sit in the migrants shoes and the tiles on the installation tell in pictures and words the stories of the migrants and how they settled in a new land.

Location – Bibra Lake

Artists – Audrey and Arif Satar

Community banner poles

Art medium – Banner Poles

About the artwork – The banner poles on North Lake Road are an ever-changing display work by local artists. The poles display banner works by different individual artists (including photography) or groups created during community art workshops. The City commissions several banners each year and the display is regularly updated.

Location – North Lake Road

Artists – Various local artists

Recycled timber, concrete, stainless steel sculptures showing regeneration

Art medium – Sculpture

About the artwork – The three artworks draw on a theme of regeneration to echo the philosophy of sustainability. These values are reinforced using local plant species and the recycling of cleared timber from the site. The three 7.5 metres artworks are in the dual carriageway at the entrance to the subdivision. Their simple yet detailed form suggests the germination of a new plant of leaf shoots.

Location – Discovery Drive

Artists – Malcolm McGregor

City Wide
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Cockburn Central
Artwork Details
Keip sculpture, Noongar word for water droplets

Art medium  Sculpture

About the artwork  Keip, Noongar word for water. Three water droplets that are traditional and contemporary symbols which fit with the water theme of the Cockburn ARC (Aquatic and Recreation Centre). 

Location  31 Veterans Parade, Cockburn Central 

Artists  Peter Farmer

East Ward sculpture depicting sustainability and links to place

Art medium  Sculpture

About the artwork  This artwork was commissioned by Development WA as part of its development at Cockburn Central. Along with the stand alone sculptural elements that are sited in the town square area near the train station, there are a series of pavement design elements that allow the viewer to move through the space and to discover and make their own links to the area. The theme used in this artwork looks at sustainability and connections or links to place.

Location  Cockburn Central

Artist  Malcolm McGregor

Cockburn Central West Memorial walk

Art medium  Commemorative Bronze Plaques

About the artwork  The plaques installed represent 36 individual conflicts that Australians have been involved in both at home and abroad since European settlement. An area for rest and contemplation is located on the southeast corner of Yandi Park, overlooking the wetland.

Location  Remembrance Ave, Cockburn Central 

Aboriginal Memorial Artwork
Art medium  Perforated 3mm aluminium, and powder-coated structures

About the artwork  Series of 7 separate works, spread out along the length of the board walk at Yandi Park. These 2.2m high cylinders x 700mm diameter, feature human-scale figures each side, 14 in total representing Aboriginal service men and women, as well as some more traditional warrior figures.  Each figure is set against the image of a traditional hand-carved shield, representing the 14 Nyoongar tribes weaving a strong sense of Aboriginality throughout.

Location  Yandi Park, Cockburn Central 

Artist  Sharyn Egan
Artwork Details

Coogee Nyungar mosaic of the spotted frog and sea eagle

Art medium – Mosaic

About the artwork – Designed by Nyungar artist Toogar Morrison and created by mosaic specialist Lora Scampoli, the Nyungar dreaming story of the spotted frog and the sea eagle is depicted in a mosaic on the lawned area of Coogee Beach reserve.

Location – Powell Road Reserve

Artists – Toogar Morrison and Lora Scampoli assisted by
Follow the Dream Students from Hamilton Senior High School, Coogee Primary School, seniors groups from Coolbellup, community members.

Heritage markers depicting different activities that have occurred in Coogee

Art medium – Steel and limestone

About the artwork – A series of tall limestone columns that host steel sculptures depicting different activities that have occurred in Coogee since European settlement. On each column is an information panel describing the different aspects of Coogee.

Location – Located in Powell Road, Cockburn Road, Mayor Road, Amity Road, Coogee Lake (Western end), Arlington Loop, King Street.

Artists – Jahne Rees assisted by Historical Society of Cockburn and Enrolled Pensioner Guards special interests Group.

Artwork Details

Four bus shelters

Art medium – Street art

About the artwork – Students from Hamilton Senior High School worked with artists Dan Duggan and Minaxi May to create some fun designs for drab bus stops in Coolbellup.

Location – Counsel Avenue & Cordelia Avenue

Artists – Dan Duggan & Minaxi May assisted by Coolbellup Community Association & Hamilton Senior High School

Wall mosaic reflecting students life and community

Art medium – Mosaic

About the artwork – Students from Coolbellup Community School worked with artist Chris Jones to develop images that reflect their life and community. These were then used to create some fun designs that were then created using mosaics onto striking wall panels that adjourn the shopping centre.

Location – Coolbellup Shopping Centre, corner Counsel and Cordelia Avenue.

Artists – Chris Jones assisted by Coolbellup Community Association, Coolbellup Community School, residents and their children.

Hamilton Hill
Artwork Details

Installation showing the growth of the western suburbs of Cockburn

Art medium – Installation

About the artwork – The installations on Phoenix Road represent the growth of the western suburbs of Cockburn from its early market gardening and rural usage through to the huge shipbuilding industry on our coast and future industry. Sculptor Tony Jones approached the City for the opportunity to develop an art project within the City and was assisted by students to research designs that reflected the character of Spearwood and the western suburbs. Emerging artist Nathan Strahans design was chosen, manufactured and installed.

Location – Phoenix Road (near Southwell Crescent Entrance).

Artists – Nathan Strahan in collaboration with Tony Jones assisted by final year sculpture students Perth College of Art and Historical Society of Cockburn.

West Ward street art

Art medium – Street art

About the artwork – Working with students designs from Hamilton Senior High School, Dan and Minaxi created a colourful interpretation of ongoing development and transport routes within the City.

Location – Rockingham Road near Davilak Road

Artists – Dan Duggan & Minaxi May assisted by Hamilton Senior High School

Ralston bus shelter that celebrates Aboriginal people and their culture

Art medium – Street art

About the artwork – As part of the NAIDOC week celebration, Dan and Maxxi worked with Hamilton High School "Follow the Dream" students to develop a design for a bus stop on Ralston Road that honours and celebrates Aboriginal people and their unique cultural heritage.

Location – Ralston Road.

Artists – Dan Duggan & Minaxi May assisted by Follow the Dream Students at Hamilton Senior High School.

Shopping Centre mural

Art medium – Mural

About the artwork – The mural for Hamilton Hill Shopping Centre was designed and painted by participants of Mission Australia’s Work for the Dole program 'Street Arts' team. The artwork was chosen by residents and features a Willy Wagtail bird mimicking shoppers as it forages for sticks in the wetlands of Cockburn right through to the waves.

Location – Dodd & Simm Street.

Artists – Martin Phillips assisted by 'Street Arts' -  Mission Australia Work for the Dole team.

Terrazzo seating outside public phone boxes in Hamilton Hill

Art medium – Installation

About the artwork – The contemporary terrazzo seats were designed by local artist Martin Phillips and his Work for the Dole team in response to a concern by local resident Georgia Catralli about the lack of amenities for people waiting to use the public phone boxes at Hamilton Hill.

Location – Dodd & Simm Street.

Artists – Martin Phillips assisted by Street Arts - Mission Australia Work for the Dole Team.

Community Centre wall

Art medium – Mural

About the artwork – Working with local young people Dan Duggan developed a series of related themes about the area and melded them together to create a striking mural.

Location – Cafferey Place Hamilton Hill

Artists – Dan Duggan assisted by local Hamilton Hill young people

North Coogee
Artwork Details

Human Race depicting the original cattle race

Art medium – Installation

About the artwork – Human race takes the form of metal fencing, gates and wind veins. The fencing runs in two long lines spaced per the dimensions of the original cattle race. The fencing on both sides features metal cut out shapes of cattle. Walkers and bike riders can stop and explore the work and engage with it - look at it, walk throughout it, climb on it. The piece follows part of the line of the original race that ran from the jetty to the slaughter yards and is made of recycled fencing salvaged from the original structure.

Artists – Tony Jones.

Pizza oven depicting parity of day and night

Art medium – Mosaic

About the artwork – The first project completed as part of the Drive Thru Art Galley Project saw local community mosaic artist, Shanti George, and the local church youth group and church members work together to design and painstakingly place the tiled pieces onto the youth group built pizza oven. The result is a fantastic design that depicts the glorious parity of night and day.

Location – St Michaels Church, Mell Road.

Artists – Shanti George assisted by St Michael Youth group and church regulars.

C Y O'Connor riding his horse in the surf

Art medium – Statue

About the artwork – Voted WA's most popular public art piece, the CY O’Connor bronze statue is located about 30 metres off the beach at the spot where it is said that the engineer took his own life in 1902. Dedicated to the amazing engineering contributions made by CY O’Connor to the state of Western Australia, the statue reflects the other great love of O’Connor, his passion for horse riding along the beach.

Location – In the water off C Y O'Connor Beach, North Coogee.

Artists – Tony Jones.

Artwork Details

Manning Park sunset sound shell

Art medium  Mural

About the artwork – The Manning Park Sound Shell has been painted in the glorious colours of a sunset. The Sound Shell was designed and painted by Mission Australia’s Work for the Dole program 'Street Arts' team. The lead artist involved in the artwork said decorating the shell worked to dispel a commonly believed legend that Manning Park is haunted by bringing the colours of the sunset into this spot of darkness to create a happier vibe.

Location  Azelia Road.

Artists  Martin Phillips assisted by Street Arts -  Mission Australia Work for the Dole team.

Journey wall to Manning Park (southern entrance)

Art medium  Mural

About the artwork  Manning Park is a favourite spot for many locals who enjoy the beautiful park and the amenities on offer. To make the journey to the park more special, artist Lorraine Bourke worked with several groups of young people to develop a mural that depicts journeys, the natural environment, and the role of the community within this journey. The result is a bright and cheerful mural on the southern entrance to the park.

Location  Azelia Road.

Artists  Lorraine Burke assisted by South Metropolitan Personnel, Dalmatinac Club, Follow the Dream Students, Hamilton Senior High School and Port Community School.

Spearwood Heritage Walls

Art medium  22 individually painted artworks affixed to limestone walls

About the artwork  Individual artworks exploring the rich history of the Spearwood market gardening area. Imagery for the paintings was taken from 100s of images provided by the community and Irene has used

these images to create a visual story of the early development of the Spearwood area where the community lived, worked and socialised from market and flower gardens to local stores, churches, railway station, farming properties and more.

Location  Spearwood Avenue, Spearwood

Artist  Irene Osborne

South Lake
Artwork Details

Ibis sculpture


Ibis sculpture

Art medium – Sculpture

About the artwork  This project was commissioned after the South Lake Community expressed a desire for their community to be recognised with an entry statement. This artwork measures more than 5 metres tall and represents the Ibis, a unique waterbird that lives in the South Lake area, accompanied by reeds and watched over by a single star. The overall semi-circle design is based on the shape of a radiating sun with the sculptural elements radiating out from the centre representing the lake with Ibis. The reeds on the water’s edge next to the Ibis are in the shape of a star.

Location – Corner Berrigan and Elderberry Drive, South Lake

Artists – Gary Aitken & Sophie Zilinski assisted by Lakeland Senior High School, Connecting South Lake Residents Group

Artwork Details

Five bus shelters that celebrate culture

Art medium  Street art

About the artwork  The artists worked with African, Korean, Chinese and Afghani students from North Lake Senior Campus's intensive English class to develop designs for five bus shelters along Yangebup Road and Osprey Drive that celebrate culture.

Location  Yangebup Road and Osprey Drive.

Artists  Dan Duggan and Minaxi May assisted by Yangebup Progress Association and intensive English students from Northlake Senior Campus.


Art medium - Mural

About the artwork - Featuring a stylised flock of airborne birds, the mural is an energising backdrop for the centre’s basketball court, raised outdoor stage and skate space while also improving the area’s aesthetic appeal.

Location – 25 Wentworth Parade, Success

Artist - Darren Hutchens

Artwork Artwork details

Time poles representing the intertwining of cultures

  • Art medium: Installation 
  • About the artwork: This installation on the shore of Little Rush Lake represents the intertwining of various cultures through growth and conflict. The rhythm of each pole is reflective of a culture's struggles and achievements. The artwork plays on the elements of earth and water and relates to the wetlands.
  • Location: Little Rush Lake
  • Artist: Chris Maple

The Guardians and the Waugal

  • Art medium: Installation
  • About the artwork: Growing up camping in the bush land surrounding Little Rush Lake, artist Sharyn Egan has a very close link to the area where her artwork has been installed. Sharyn's installation uses layers of paint and colour and the figures within to represent the ongoing custodianship of the place - past, present and future. Mick Counsellor's installation explores the myth of the Waugal, the giant serpent who local Aboriginal people believed appeared during the dreamtime. Its body formed the rivers, lakes, gorges, and valleys. The serpent also provided the animals, birds, and plants in these areas.
  • Location: Little Rush Lake
  • Artists: Sharyn Egan & Mick Counsellor

Concrete tank showing stories of local Bibbulmun tribes and the first Europeans

  • Art medium: Mural 
  • About the artwork: A disused concrete tank on the northern side of Yangebup Lake was given a new lease on life when community members came together to tell their stories to four local artists. The artwork shows the traditional stories of the local Bibbulmun tribes and the European settlement where local school children quizzed their parents and grandparents on their personal journeys.
  • Location: Parke Road
  • Artists: Melanie Evans, Toogar Morrison, Nicky Stone and Claire Bailey assisted by Mater Christi Primary School, Lakeland Senior High School, Hamilton Senior High School and community participants.

Flock of sheepish grins

  • Art medium: Installation
  • About the artwork: A flock of ceramic sheep have taken up residence alongside Yangebup Lake. These sheep are a humorous interpretation and reminder of the wool scouring operation that occurred at Yangebup Lake from the 1920s until the 1990s. The sheep have handmade tiles on their backs telling the history of the lake.
  • Location: Parke Road
  • Artists: Lesley King assisted by Michael Arnold and students from Yangebup Primary School.


  • Art medium: Mural
  • About the artwork: Internationally recognised Perth street artist Fieldey was chosen to create a colourful mural for the 250m noise wall on the western side of Spearwood Avenue in Yangebup. Apart from the artist’s surf and skate art, murals and commercial commissions, Fieldey, or Haylee Fieldes, is also sought after for her illustrations of flora. Colourful blooms inspired by local flower farms of bygone years, and the Yanget reed after which the suburb of Yangebup is named, is a feature of the massive mural.
  • Location: Spearwood Avenue
  • Artists: Haylee Fieldes



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