Pensioner and Seniors Concessions and Rebates

As a senior or pensioner, you may be eligible to receive rebates and concessions on Rates, Emergency Services Levies (ESL) and underground power. Please notify the City of any changes to your circumstances. You may also qualify for a deferment on paying your rates.

Am I eligible for rates rebate?

You are eligible for a rebate if:
  • You are the owner and occupier of the property as at 1 July
  • You are the holder of a valid Pensioner Concession Card, State Concession Card, WA Seniors Card or both a WA Seniors Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.  

How do I apply for a pensioner / seniors rebate?

  • Contact the Water Corporation on 1300 659 951 to complete a telephone application or apply online. The Water Corporation will then forward a copy of your completed application to the City
  • You may be entitled to a pro-rata rebate from the date of application if you become eligible for a concession during the year.

How much is the seniors and pensioners rates rebate?

  • Pensioner Concession Card or State Concession Card holders can receive a rebate of up to 50%, limited to a maximum amount.
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card and WA Seniors Card holders can receive a rebate of up to 50%, limited to a maximum amount. WA Seniors Card holders can receive a rebate up to 25%, limited to a maximum amount. 

Can I lose my seniors or pensioner rates rebate?

If any outstanding rates are not cleared by the end of the previous financial year, seniors and part-pensioners may have their concession status cancelled and be required to make a new application once the arrears are cleared.

Change of circumstances 

If any of your circumstances change, such as your concession card type, change address or are no longer eligible; you must notify the City immediately on  
08 9411 3444 or via email

Centrepay deductions

Centrepay is a free bill paying service for Centrelink customers. Please contact Centrelink on 13 23 00 or visit their office and provide them with the City of Cockburn Service Provider's Centrepay Reference Number and your account number:

  • Centrepay Reference Number: 555025770X
  • Your Account Number (property number) - you will find the property number on your Rates Notice. 

When are my rates due?

We encourage pensioners and seniors to pay their rates before 15 June so the rebate can be claimed from the State Government on your behalf. Late payments may result in your rebate being forfeited.

Can I defer my rates?

If you receive a 50% pensioner rebate for your property, you may defer paying your rates until the property is sold or you no longer reside at the property. Please note:

  • Life tenants, seniors and part-pensioners are not entitled to defer rates.
  • Deferred rates are charged at the full value, not the reduced rate.
  • All charges and levies other than Underground Power, ESL and Rates cannot be deferred and must be paid in full by the due date.
  • Deferred rates only become payable at such a time that you either sell your property or cease to reside at the property, even if you are no longer a current pensioner.
  • No interest will apply to the deferred amount.

How do I organise a concession card?

The Seniors Card Hotline, 8.30am - 4.30pm weekdays.

1800 671 233
(country free call)
08 6551 8800

Seniors Card

Department for Local Government and Communities

Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card

13 23 00

Commonwealth Pensioner Concession Card

13 23 00

State Concession Card

133 254

Commonwealth Department of Veteran Affairs

08 9366 8222
Completed Senior forms can be sent to:
Seniors Card
WA Seniors Card Centre
Level 1 Albert Facey House
469 Wellington Street


Pension caps

Please see the Department of Finance for information on pension caps for the 2017-18 financial year.

Seniors Security Subsidy Scheme

The Seniors Security Subsidy Scheme offers subsidies to seniors for home intruder alarms, door dead bolts, keyed window locks, security sensor lighting, security doors, window screens and door viewers. The subsidy is paid directly to the company who supplies these items and the applicant pays the balance of costs.


To be eligible for a seniors security subsidy, your residential property must be within the City of Cockburn. To apply, you must be the property owner, an agent authorised to act on their behalf, or a tenant with signed consent from one of these persons. You must also hold a valid seniors or pensioner card.

The subsidy offered depends on the item, and its value was calculated based on the lowest price of standard specifications. You can seek quotes for greater specification or different styles of the same products from approved companies to suit your individual requirements. Please note that the subsidy amounts will remain as detailed in the table below regardless of the cost or company selected.

Table of security subsidies available for seniors and pensioners


Subsidy amount paid by the City

Roller Shutters


Home Intruder Alarm


Door deadlocks (per lock)


Keyed Window Locks (per lock)


Security Screen Door (per Door)


Security Window Screen (per Window)


Sensor Light


Door Viewer


Apply for a seniors security subsidy

You can apply for a Seniors Subsidy between 1 September and 30 June. You will need to submit a Seniors Security Application Form, together with a copy of the quote and your seniors or pensioner card to the City. You must apply for the subsidy before any works commence, and use a supplier listed in the application package. Details are featured in the seniors security application form under Documents below.

More information and contact

Please contact Rates Services for information or assistance with rates rebates, and Community Safety services for information on the seniors security subsidy, on 08 9411 3444 or at

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