Change of Name/Address/Ownership

What should I do if I change my name or address?

Please advise the City promptly in writing of any changes to your name or postal address. There is an obligation for property owners to ensure that the City has the correct address for service of notices.

What should I do if I sell my property?

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act, when a person (as a principal or as an agent) sells or disposes of land, the owner/agent must advise the City in writing within 21 days of the change in ownership, giving full details of the purchaser. If you are a City of Cockburn resident or ratepayer and have changed your address or ownership details, please fill out the form below.

More information and contact

For more information on changing your address, name or property ownership please email us or call 08 9411 3444.
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Pension rebate

Do you claim a pension rebate on the property?

Please note: If you are a registered pensioner you will also need to contact the Water Corporation on 1300 659 951 to update your details.



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