Grants up to $5,000

The City can support your business with grants of up to $5,000 for enhancing your neighbourhood and adapting your business.
If you’re a micro, small or medium business based in Cockburn you will soon be able to apply for up to $5,000 for the following:

  • Support for technology, online and e-commerce activities

  • Upgrades or improvements to shopfronts and business facades

  • Promotion of innovation to support business growth or start-ups

  • Assistance with COVID-19 recovery

Who can apply?

To apply for Community Funding for Local Economic Development, an applicant must:

  1. Have an ABN.

  2. Have a business based in the City of Cockburn or offer a project or initiative within the City of Cockburn local government area.

    • If an applicant is not located within the City of Cockburn local government area, the project or initiative must demonstrate a clear link and direct impact on the City of Cockburn’s strategy and objectives, for example - the local economy outcomes of the Strategic Community Plan.

    • Where an applicant is not located within the City of Cockburn local government area the City will have full discretion to determine if the local Economic Benefit is sufficient such that a grant may be awarded.

  3. Be a micro, small or medium business (1 to 199 employees).

  4. Have all appropriate insurances and licenses.

Applicants that will be procuring from suppliers based within City of Cockburn will be favourably considered.

How much can I apply for?

Grants of $5,000 are available in the following streams:

  1. Technology/digital enhancements

  2. Enhancements to local retail and employment centres

  3. Promotion of innovation

  4. Assisting businesses with COVID-19 recovery

Projects must be delivered within 12 months, with an acquittal submitted within one month of completion.

When can I apply?

Please note that Economic Development Grants will be offered ongoing throughout the year, broken into two separate rounds. Applications will be assessed and awarded on an ongoing basis. 

Funding cannot be awarded retrospectively.

Application criteria

Technology/Digital enhancements

Costs associated with online and e-commerce activities, including the purchase of software, hardware and services in any of the following areas, to support a business’s sustainability and promote economic growth:

  • Website design and development
  • E-commerce platforms (selling online and receiving payments)
  • Online content development (web pages, mobile apps, audio & visual media)
  • Digital marketing promotion
  • Mentoring and training in online and e-commerce activities (where this is not readily available under the City’s Business Advisory/ Business Development program)

Hardware purchases must be matched funding (i.e. The City will contribute 50% of the cost provided that the applicant contributes 50%)

Enhancements to local retail and employment centres

Costs associated with enhancing the destination and visitor experience in local activity centres. A Local retail and employment centre is a community focal point, and can include activities such as commercial, retail, entertainment, tourism, civic/community, education and medical services.Eligible improvements may include the following, subject to council approval where required:

  • Painting of the existing façade
  • Repairs to structural façade elements
  • External architectural and or artistic façade features
  • Upgrading entrance for accessible access
  • Window treatments including vacant shopfront windows (ie. Vinyl artwork)
  • Tiling or painting of external walls
  • Awnings & canopies
  • Creative lighting on facades, awnings and footpaths
  • Removal of redundant signage, air conditioning units
  • Verge upgrades
  • Landscaping including planter boxes or vertical garden beds in private property
  • Public art elements including painted murals, light boxes, window or footpath decals

Please note:     

Applicants must obtain the relevant approvals and permits, including compliance with the City’s planning framework and the Building Code of Australia. Applicants that will be procuring from suppliers based in the City of Cockburn will be favourably considered.

Promotion of innovation

Encouraging new and innovative practices and products in small to medium businesses in the City of Cockburn, across three areas:

  • Business Growth - Development of new innovative ideas to expand business
  • Supporting Export Growth - Research and development of export-focused initiatives
  • Start-Up - Support for launching an innovative business idea in the City.

Other projects with an innovation focus may also be considered, so please consider applying for this funding if your business is eligible.

Assisting businesses with COVID-19 recovery

The City is committed to helping the local business community recover and rebound from the impacts of COVID-19.

This program will fund measures that will assist businesses to reopen and adapt following the COVID-19 pandemic. This grant has been developed to encourage businesses within the City boundaries to develop capacity, invest in their premises, encourage community visitation, attract new customers, build exposure and ultimately be a financially sustainable business.

Limitations and Conditions
The successful request for a grant in any year does not imply any ongoing commitment of the same or similar contribution in following years.
Applicants must be based in the City of Cockburn or be able to demonstrate that you primarily serve the Cockburn community or looking to provide a service in Cockburn that will benefit the Cockburn community.
Priority will be given to applicants who haven’t previously been funded.

Funding will not be provided:
  • Retrospectively for any projects or events that have already occurred or commenced
  • If previous City of Cockburn funding has not been acquitted
  • To political parties, government departments and agencies, or individuals.
  • For projects or programs that rely on existing funding from the City of Cockburn
  • Multi-year funding will not be considered within this program
  • For expenses without documentation
  • Payment of debts to any entity
  • Items covered by state and federal government funding packages
  • Operational expenses such as Utility charges, Council rates, Insurance payments, Franchise fees, Wages or salaries
  • Consumables
  • Projects/ activities which exclude or offend segments of the community
  • Projects/ activities which could present a hazard to the community or environment or promote antisocial behaviour

Before you apply

  • Read the Economic Development Grants Guidelines and Policy

  • Preview the Application Form, so you can gather all information needed

  • Contact the Business Engagement Officer on 08 9411 3444 during business hours or email to determine your eligibility, ensure you are applying under the correct category, and to answer any questions.

Applications can be made at the Cockburn Smarty Grants website opens in a new window.

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