Building Permit Application

Important notes (please read first)

A Building Permit is required for most residential, commercial and industrial structures, including new works, alterations, additions and extensions (indoors and outdoors).

Find out what building works do not require a permit on page 93 of the Building Regulations 2012.

Important notes:

  • Building without a permit: Under the Building Act 2011, it is an offence to carry out building work without a valid Building Permit. Offenders may be prosecuted in the Magistrates Court by the City.
  • Building works over $20,000: If a property owner intends to undertake building works over the value of $20,000, they must apply for Owner-Builder Approval first. The Owner-Builder Approval must be submitted with the Building Permit application.
  • Crossovers: If you are changing an existing crossover or constructing a new one, you will need to submit a Crossover Construction Application Form.

Types of building permits

There are two (2) types of building permit applications.

Certified building permit applications (BA1 Form)

Certified building permit applications can be made for any class of building or structure.

A certified application is mandatory for Classes 2-9 buildings e.g. shops, apartments, warehouses, offices, factories.

Certified applications are optional for Class 1 buildings e.g. residential houses and Class 10 structures e.g. sheds, swimming pools, patios.

For a certified application, you must engage a private building surveyor to complete a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) before the Building Permit application can be submitted to the City.

Uncertified building permit applications (BA2 Form)

An uncertified application is submitted directly to the City for assessment.

Uncertified building permit applications can be used for:

  • Class 1 buildings eg. residential houses
  • Class 10 structures (non-inhabitable) eg. sheds, patios, pergolas, retaining walls, swimming pools.

Apply for a Building Permit

Building permit application forms (BA1 and BA2) are available on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website.

For current fees refer to the Building Applications Fees Schedule web page.

Submission of building permit applications:

  • Applications are to be submitted via the Council's online lodgement system (Online Services eProperty).

Please refer to the following checklists for submission requirements:

Assessment timeframes

The following assessment timeframes are in accordance with the Building Act 2011:

  • Certified applications: 10 business days (excluding public holidays).
  • Uncertified applications: 25 business days (excluding public holidays).

What happens when further information is required?

If required, a letter will be sent to the applicant, requesting further information. The applicant has 21 calendar days to provide the requested information.

Under the Building Act 2011, the City has the right to refuse an application if all required information is not provided within the 21-day timeframe provided. The City also has the right to retain the application fee. 

BA7 Notice of Completion

The responsible person (builder or demolition contractor named on a permit) must issue a Notice of Completion.  This establishes the end date of the permit for compliance and record keeping purposes.  The person named as builder or demolition contractor remains liable for the building or demolition complying with the Building Act until a notice of cessation or a notice of completion is issued.

All works that require a building permit are required to submit a Notice of Completion.  The notice of completion must be given to the relevent permit authority within seven (7) days of completion of the work, or the stage of work, for which the permit was granted.

A notice of completion must;

a)  be in approved form.
b)  state the work, or stage of the work, for which the permit was granted, is completed.
c)  be accompanied by a copy of a certificate for each inspection or test that applies to the permit.

Submission of your BA7 Notice of Completion and relating documentation can be done by email to [email protected]

The BA7 Notice of Completion document is available on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website.

More information and contact

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website provides detailed information on the building approval process.

For more information on applying for a Building Permit and the application process, please contact us on 9411 3444 or email [email protected].



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