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Local government elections are held every two years, on the third Saturday in October. Residents elect three Councillors to represent each ward and a Mayor for the Council. Elected Members are chosen for a four year term.

Elections will be held in the City of Cockburn on 21 October 2017 for six vacancies on Council. The elections will be run by the WA Electoral Commission as a postal vote. Voting is voluntary.

LAST WEEK TO VOTE - lodge your vote at the City's administration office, 9 Coleville Crescent Spearwood between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday this week or between 8am and 6pm this Saturday. Voting slips returned by post may not make it in time. For more information on local government elections, visit the Western Australian Electoral Commission website.

The following table displays the six vacancies on Council including ward (if applicable), position and term. The terms of the incumbent Mayor and five Councillors expire at that time.

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Ward Position/s Term
N/A Mayor Four year term
West Ward Two Councillors Four year term
Central Ward Two Councillors Four year term
East Ward One Councillor Four year term

Candidate Profiles

Mayoral candidates

Logan Howlett

I look forward to serving you and the community as we plan for new and exciting projects that will contribute to our health, well-being and sense of community. The world class facilities provided over the past eight years have clearly defined our local government and provide the focus for us going forward.  We have protected our local government boundaries and in doing so, have brought our community together in a powerful and enduring manner.

My wife Pat and I have worked tirelessly in the community as we share a dream, a passion for all things Cockburn; its people, history, cultural diversity and future as a place where dreams can be realised.

I seek your support and vote as we work together to make Cockburn a safer place, promote small business, create the jobs of the future, deliver inclusive programs and community services, increase our tree canopy and protect our environment.

Mobile: 0407 337 650
Email: Lkhowlett@bigpond.com
Social network address (Facebook): Logan K Howlett your Cockburn Mayor

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Chamonix Terblanche

Fellow Cockburnians it's time for change.  As a service Councillor, I know we need fresh leadership to make Cockburn Australia's best city.  I ask for your help to realise a bold new vision for Cockburn. With 20 plus years' industry, government, board, governance and academic experience, I want to work with you to realise:
1. Connected and consulted community - listening actively; improving security; boosting tourism, culture; greater transparency; regular video updates from me, your Mayor
2. Future proof city - implement city wide WiFi; better road networks; drone utilisation; video-streaming Council meetings
3. Considerate commitments - conserving fauna and flora, diverse cultures, disabled, aged, young, less fortunate - I will make sure you come 'first'.

This is your city.  With your help, I shall make it work for all of us.  My husband Carl, my three young sons and I look forward to your support for a new era of energised Council leadership.

Mobile: 0404 696 306
Email: dr.chamonix@gmail.com
Social network address (website): ChamonixTerblanche.com

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Lee-Anne Smith

Lee-Anne Smith is no stranger to Cockburn, well known as the foster carer that sold her family home to fund award winning Cockburn youth charity HALO.

Backed by an accolade of community service awards and Order of Australia Medal, Lee-Anne has tirelessly raised and managed millions of dollars in funds, giving hope to the lives of others.

With the Local Government Act open for review she sees a rare window of opportunity to generate change for Cockburn. A Council that leads by example giving priority and protection to local business, employment and local places.

A Council driven by a gutsy new Mayor with measurable and inclusive strategies that open doors while leaving nobody behind.

Described by Perth Children's Court President as a 'woman that can be trusted', promote Lee-Anne Smith from long standing city Councillor and experienced CEO, to 'the first female community Mayor of Cockburn'.

Vote 1 Lee-Anne Smith.

Mobile: 0497 953 153
Email: leeanne@cockburnmayor.com.au
Social network address (Facebook) Lee-Anne Smith for Mayor - City of Cockburn

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West Ward Candidates

Michael Separovich

Many of you will already know the name Separovich. My grandparents, the market gardeners helped make Spearwood what it is today. My mother has been teaching in Cockburn for 30 years, and I am the friendly guy from down at the shops. My family has been helping build Cockburn for generations, and I want to continue that.

I have lived in Munster for more than two decades and for the last four years have been attending and participating in Council meetings. I do not represent political parties or real estate developers; I am running to represent YOU. If you want a Councillor who will not hesitate to take your call or email and will come and visit to see the things you wish to talk about first hand, then I promise to be the best choice for Councillor you could make.

Mobile: 0432 653 369
Email: voteseparovich@gmail.com
Social network address (Facebook): VOTE Separovich      

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Peter Holliday

I love living in the City of Cockburn, and love the vibe and culture of the place.  If I am to be elected as Councillor I would advocate for the invigoration of our wonderful coastline.

I want to connect all of Cockburn to our wonderful coast, and I want to ensure the coast and the beaches are a place for community to come together and connect.

This would include creating community facilities, parks, clubs, playgrounds and, easy access to the water front. I want to make the coast accessible and explorable and would push for more bike paths to connect the community to the coast, and along the coast.

Connecting people to the coast would create great opportunities for local businesses.  Cafes, restaurants and shops would service the needs of those exploring the coast and would add value to the community.

Mobile: 0422 042 822
Email: peterwholliday@gmail.com

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Phoebe Corke

I am a musician, event organiser and community campaigner and have lived in Cockburn for 12 years. I hold a Master of Law from Cambridge University and previously worked in journalism. My experiences working with ActionAid, Gimme Shelter and Save Beeliar Wetlands - for human rights, the homeless and the environment - have given me skills relevant to the role of Councillor.

We are facing massive population growth in Cockburn, meaning more houses and cars. If elected I would champion sustainable, progressive development of infrastructure with particular consideration given to land re-zoning, traffic management, preservation of green spaces and access to public transport. I would work to preserve the heritage and individuality of each suburb by engaging with businesses and local communities to create engaging, high quality public spaces and social hubs. I would advocate for equality and accountability. Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep and to live free from fear.

Mobile: 0407 606 696
Email: phoebe@phoebecorke.com
Social network address (Facebook): Elect Phoebe for Cockburn West Ward

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Bart Houwen

Bart Houwen

It is again an honour to have this opportunity to continue to serve the people of Cockburn.

In recent years Cockburn has successfully managed many challenges in a high growth environment mainly focussed on directing resources into other wards. The ratepayers of west ward are entitled to expect that this next term of Council will see a greater focus on the priorities of our ward.

The west ward is the pioneering heart of Cockburn and as a director of the community bank in our region I am acutely aware of the challenges that the future presents. The changing demographics of the ward will require a greater focus on community engagement to drive decision making and I look forward to being an active change agent to secure the best possible outcomes for the ward and city.

Please join the fight to get better value for your rate dollar to drive our future.

Mobile: 0417 115 210
Email: barthouwen@bigpond.com

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Tony Romano

A local resident for over 30 years and a former Councillor, I have a strong passion for Cockburn. I'm also a small business owner in Cockburn and employ a number of local residents. During my previous time as a Councillor, I chaired the Audit and Finance Committee and gained a sound understanding of the financial management  of the Council and know that more funds can be directed to community projects, particularly in the West Ward. Our ward has
been neglected in recent years, and I want to change this by redirecting funds into projects that will benefit residents. Rates should be kept to a minimum and align with inflation and I will work to achieve this. I will ensure that the Council's focus is directed at local government issues and not any individual's personal agenda. I will give you experience, leadership, strength, and loyalty and I ask for your support.

Mobile: 0407 388 139
Email: tony.romano@naiharcourts.com.au
Social network address (Facebook): Tony Romano

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Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen

As a long time, experienced Councillor and former Deputy Mayor, I'm proud to have been part of a Council that supports development. I work as a State Manager in the finance sector. I'm married to my school teacher wife Debbie. We have two daughters and four adorable grandchildren. If you re-elect me, I will use my financial and municipal experience to:
  • Ensure Council rates never go up more than inflation
  • Oppose attempts for Council to not respect Australia Day
  • Keep the shark barrier at Coogee Beach
  • Maintain pensioner rates discounts
  • Keep free tip passes
  • Maintain quality streetscapes
  • Ensure support for community and sporting groups
  • Ease traffic congestion
  • Continue the sustainable redevelopment of Hamilton Hill and Spearwood
  • Increase CCTV's to reduce crime
  • Help businesses create jobs
  • Pursue safe and accessible coastal recreation
  • Maximise public transport to all suburbs.
I offer leadership, experience, strength and fair representation.  I respectfully ask for your vote.

Mobile: 0419 901 735
Email: kevbay@upnaway.com

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Antony Svilicich

As a resident within the City of Cockburn  for over 30 years I have seen a lot of positive changes,  however I believe there is a lot more that can be done to ensure our City is the best place to live in Perth.  My policies are:
  1. Redevelopment of the Cockburn power station
  2. Building a cafe at Bibra Lake
  3. Redevelopment of Phoenix Shopping  Centre
  4. Provide rebates to home owners for security products in suburbs experiencing high crime
  5. Install more CCTV cameras in public areas
  6. Attract more Police Officers to live in the City by providing discounted rates
  7. Provide safer access to the AMC  facility in Henderson
  8. Fix Mayor Rd and Rockingham Rd intersection for better access to  Beeliar Dve
  9. Improve access to Coogee Beach car park and increase parking bays at Surf Club
  10. Provide grants to up and coming sports stars.

Mobile: 0438 941 553
Email: antony_svilicich@hotmail.com

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Central Ward Candidates

Philip Eva

I have lived in Cockburn for 23 years with my wife Michele and son Hunter.

For the past four years I have represented our community on Cockburn Council. I stood for Council as I wanted to see better facilities and more amenities in our community.
Since then I have worked hard to implement first class facilities for our community including:

  • Cockburn ARC
  • Bibra Lake Adventure Playground
  • Bowling Club at Visko Park
  • Bibra Lake Skate Park
There is still more to be done. I work closely with local community groups and residents on issues such as community safety, hooning, reducing traffic and keeping our environment pristine. I am passionate about making Cockburn a fantastic place to live, work and raise a family. I am readily available and happy to assist residents with any issues you may have.
I am seeking your support to continue working to make Cockburn thrive.

Mobile: 0410 274 000
Email: pmheva@westnet.com.au
Social network address (Facebook): Philip Eva

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Chontelle Sands

My family and I have been proud to call Yangebup home for the past nine years, after growing up in rural Western Australia. Since then I' have been an active member in community groups such as Yangebup Progress Association, Yangebup Primary P and C, Safety House Cockburn and Southern Lions RUFC. Ongoing community involvement allows me to share my experiences and skills in strategic planning, community consultation, fiscal management, corporate governance and policy reviews. In addition to serving as a State Councillor at WACSSO, I have also contributed to several local campaigns such as 'Hands off Cockburn' and 'Hammond Park needs a High School'. I see myself as a devoted advocate for environmental conservation. My children are my inspiration and drive my passion for youth engagement, road safety and crime prevention. I pledge to listen to our residents, consult on important issues and represent the core values of our diverse, cohesive and robust community.

Mobile: 0411 612 382
Email: chontelle_sands@hotmail.com
Social network address: Chontelle Sands for Cockburn Council

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Mariyon Slany

I work on developing inclusiveness  and fair allocation of your community resources. My community has always been my priority. I have had a career in Community Services, Counselling and a role at Challenger TAFE Business lecturing.  I have volunteered on committees achieving collaborative outcomes (including Murdoch University Senate, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre Board), and graduated from the AICD Company Directors course. As Chair of Perth Natural Resource Management Board I balance community needs with business planning.   A newer resident in Cockburn with mid-European immigrant parents, I would bring fresh perspectives from different Perth suburbs, also adapting my experience from Vienna and Budapest with their liveable green spaces and connectivity through arts/heritage. I would listen to your diverse views whilst aiming for beneficial solutions across the following:

1. Traffic management balanced with environment
2. Family friendly public spaces
3. Business needs
4. Valuing heritage/community  
5. Asset maintenance including bike paths - when pro-actively representing Central Cockburn issues

Mobile: 0430 183 893
Email: mariyonslany3@iinet.net.au
Social network address (Facebook): Mariyon Slany Cockburn Council

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Tom Wilson

Living in Coolbellup since building my first home in 2014, I am thrilled to be part of a thriving local community with such rich history.
My vision for Cockburn is one of a vibrant, well connected community where its people feel heard and well represented. I believe that a large  part of what makes Cockburn great is the strength of its diversity.
If elected, I will work closely with the local community to ensure the City's prosperity is shared and enjoyed by all its residents. I will strive to ensure the City's growth enriches the lives  of its residents, and the local economy is resilient to the challenges of the future.
With professional experience working with community, government and industry to deliver sustainable community outcomes, I believe I am well equipped to represent the residents of Cockburn in delivering this vision.

Mobile: 0425 391 733
Email: Tomwilsonforcockburn@gmail.com
Social network address (Facebook) - Tom Wilson for Cockburn - Central Ward

The wording above has been provided by the candidate.
East Ward Candidates

Ayna Davies

I am a successful Project Manager, Manager Consultant and Founder/Director of Experience Cuba Tours, a tour company providing private and bespoke travel experiences. I am an Australian-Cuban, settled in Perth for nine years, and have worked in the IT Management sector for 18+ years. My Australian partner Nick is a pilot in the Royal Flying Doctor Services WA. We have two young children (four and two) and are passionate about supporting and improving the local community where they live.  

We aim to become activists within the community, a facility to the community, and to help people to respond to their problems as they perceive them to be. I possess a deep understanding of technology, the ability to manage people, time and expectations.  I am anchored to the community, and have an enquiring mind. 

Mobile: 0430 293 511
Email: adavies@experiencecubatours.com.au
Social network address (Linkedin): Ayna Davies

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Tarun Dewan

I have lived in Atwell and Success for 16 years.  I am an Engineer and have an MBA and my partner is a local high school teacher.  I volunteer as a cricket coach and coordinate WAFC games for the community children.  This community is my home, and it is time for me to give back.

Having understood the needs of our residents, I believe there are three key issues which require urgent focus, namely increasing Council rates, traffic congestion and safety of residents'. As a Councillor, I will leverage all resources to promote rate freeze by 2019 and deliver the best outcomes for ratepayers.  I will also introduce tangible inputs to tackle traffic congestion and provide effective measures for improved law and order.  I will ensure community suggestions are heard and implemented.  Together, we can make meaningful growth.  I ask for your support to better our community and say 'Yes for Change'.

Mobile: 0433 875 350
Email: tarundewan.11@gmail.com
Social network address: Tarun Dewan For Cockburn East

The wording above has been provided by the candidate.


Stephen Greenwood

My priorities: 3 Cs

  1. Congestion - with growth comes the need to build infrastructure, including Roe Highway, enabling efficient traffic flow.  Pace transport needs with development.
  2. Crime - residents need to feel safe, continue CCTV  roll out and a professional CoSafe working collaboratively with the Police.
  3. Consultation - balancing residents views and expert advice.

Councillors are elected to represent and reflect the values of its residents. Representation on a local level - not being aligned with political parties, will enable me to have a reasoned and unbiased approach without having to carry a party line.

Cockburn resident for 15 years; I have watched it grow; loving the newer facilities.  I have raised a family and as a single dad with two daughters, have also owned two successful local businesses.  I have an Associate Diploma in Electronic Engineering and a Diploma in Financial Services.

'Together let's make Cockburn a Better Place'

Mobile: 0403 012 036
Email: steve.greenwood@protonmail.com
Social network address (Facebook): Steve Greenwood for Cockburn East

The wording above has been provided by the candidate.

Janetia Knapp

My background is cultural teaching. Having worked within the City of Cockburn, I would like to share my experiences as an Aboriginal on issues such as:

  • Culture
  • Environment
  • Heritage
  • Education.

I am an artist and have displayed many of my works at the City of Cockburn on special occasions such as Show Off, NAIDOC, Reconciliation and Bush Babies to name a few.  I have been recognised through Qantas for Aboriginal culture.  As an artist I have had the pleasure to work alongside many artists and have supported them within the area of Cockburn.

I have met and worked alongside a diverse group of people from all over the world, that have come here and now call the City of Cockburn their home.  I am well liked and respected by all people whom I have met.

Mobile: 0406 668 008
Email: netaknapp@gmail.com

The wording above has been provided by the candidate.

Kim Sadlier

I am a long term and passionate resident of Cockburn, and am aware of the future community challenges and opportunities.

I am a Justice of the Peace and President of the Success Residents Association.  I run a small business and have sat on the boards of several organisations.  I have been involved with several community service clubs, Variety and Emergency Services.

If elected I will:

  • Maintain my independence
  • Ensure transparency and accountability on how our rates are spent
  • Champion greater community consultation and communication
  • Push for compulsory Codes of Conduct for all Elected Members and staff
  • Foster a productive partnership between Council and WA Police so we receive our fair share of policing activities
  • Maintain the pressure and ensure promised improvements are made to our road networks
  • Push for increased youth programs and outreach activities
  • Support sustained growth of local industry and business to increase local employment opportunities.

Mobile: 0438 339 507
Email: kim@derwentem.com.au
Social network address (Facebook): Kim Sadlier for East Ward-City of Cockburn

The wording above has been provided by the candidate.


Lorenzo Bokshi

I have been a resident of Cockburn for over 11 years and have invested my energy into this vibrant City by successfully running my own business, Nocellos Restaurant in Cockburn Central employing many local people.  I am married to Laura. We have two adorable children.

As a Councillor, I will use my business experience to represent the community to:

  • Ensure Council rates never go up more than the inflation rate
  • Support and maintain pensioner rates discounts
  • Maintain free tip passes
  • Work to ease traffic congestion around Cockburn Central.
  • Ensure maximum support for community and sporting groups.
  • Maintain quality reserves and streetscapes.
  • Support small business to create more jobs.
  • Pursue safe and accessible recreation hubs.
  • Increase CCTVs to reduce criminal and hoon behaviour in our suburbs.
  • Maximise public transport.

As a Councillor I offer you a new voice, experience, strength and positive representation.  I ask for your vote.

Mobile: 0412 266 974
Email: ib.8@icloud.com

The wording above has been provided by the candidate.

Anita de Klerk

Anita De Klerk

I'm passionate about helping people and have been a Registered Nurse for many years. My background in working with the elderly, those with disabilities and the young have taught me how important they are to our society.

Cockburn needs a fresh breeze of dynamic and energised leadership based on integrity, approachability, honesty and reliability to make Cockburn the prime community in which to live.

My husband Marnus, three year old sons Sam and Josh and I call Aubin Grove home. We love the community spirit. It's my wish to enhance our growing East Ward by providing better road infrastructure and more facilities for young families, bring generations together and to foster a friendly and safe environment for our children to grow up in.

Electing me will provide the East Ward with the dedicated and passionate representation that it deserves! I look forward to your support.

Mobile: 0403 467 741
Email: nitadeklerk@yahoo.com.au
Social network address (Facebook): Anita for East Ward

The wording above has been provided by the candidate.

Lee-Anne Smith

As your most experienced East Ward Councillor and resident of more than 20 years, I am seeking your vote for re-election.

My commitment to East Ward and getting a job done well has been achieved on many levels including the new budget process I put in place. A team effort with residents, securing almost every requested budget item including shade sails, street beautification, BBQs, road resurfacing, upgrades, decking and more!  All in all we feared better than any other Ward.

If re-elected, I will continue listening to the needs of residents and push for improved security, crime prevention and an effective transport system.

As your proven, award winning and experienced Local Government Councillor, CEO and board member, this year I also seek your support for Mayor.

Vote 1 Lee-Anne Smith - East Ward, Vote 1 Lee-Anne Smith - Mayor

Let's get Lee-Anne Smith and East Ward into the top job!

Mobile: 0497 953 153
Email: eastward@cockburnmayor.com.au
Social network address (Facebook): Lee-Anne Smith for Mayor-City of Cockburn

The wording above has been provided by the candidate.

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