Three Bin System

About the three bin system

Residential properties over 400m2 will receive a new three bin waste disposal system over the next few years which includes a new lime green-lidded bin.

The new lime green-lidded bin is for all garden waste, the red-lidded bin is for food and general household waste, and the yellow-lidded bin is for recyclables.

Please see the Three Bin System FAQs for more information.

What can I place in my new lime green-lidded garden waste bin?

The contents of this bin are sent to Henderson Waste Recovery Park to be mulched. All organic garden waste (anything that grew in your garden) can be placed in this bin, including:
  • Grass clippings 
  • Weeds (including noxious)
  • Twigs and sticks
  • Prunings, cuttings and trimmings
  • Palm fronds
  • Tree nuts.

What can I place in my red-lidded food/general household waste bin?

The contents of this bin are sent to the Waste Composting Facility at the Regional Resource Recovery Centre where it is converted to compost. The following items can be disposed of in the red-lidded bin:
  • Food scraps
  • Items contaminated with food, such as paper towels, serviettes, tissues, paper plates, pizza boxes and fish and chip paper
  • Pet excrement 
  • Pet hair & fur
  • Nappies
  • Band-Aids
  • Soiled items
  • Shredded paper
  • Sanitary items
  • Cotton wool and cotton wool buds
  • Clothing that cannot be sent to charity.

What can I place in my yellow-lidded recycling bin?

The contents of this bin are sent to a Materials Recovery Facility where they are separated, baled and sent to be recycled. The following items can be placed in the yellow-lidded bin:
  • All plastics including cling wrap and plastic bags
  • All glass
  • Plastic bottles (empty with lids off)
  • Steel and aluminium cans
  • Aerosols (empty)
  • Cardboard, paper, newspapers, magazines
  • Pizza boxes with food scraps scraped off 
  • Chip, lolly and pie wrappers
  • Aluminium foil.
Please rinse and empty containers. Do not place items in bags. Place them directly in the bin.

What items do not belong in any of the bins?

Some items should not be placed into any of your bins, including:
  • Batteries, mobile phones, printer cartridges and light bulbs. Drop these items off at recycling points at our three libraries
  • Spray paint and chemicals need to be taken to the Henderson Waste Recovery Park
  • Good quality clothes can be taken to charity shops, otherwise use the red topped bin.



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