Eco-Shark Barrier

The City of Cockburn installed the state’s first Eco Shark Barrier at Coogee Beach, allowing people to  enjoy a safe swimming environment all year round. The physical barrier is recyclable and safe for marine animals and the environment. The area has become a popular and safe swimming destination for people from around Perth.

About the Eco-Shark Barrier at Coogee Beach 

The Eco-Shark Barrier is at Coogee Beach for a three-year trial lease period, which is due to conclude in November 2017. The area within the barrier is approximately 300 metres long and 75 metres wide. It extends from sea bed to surface to create a safe swimming beach. The Eco-shark barrier is a strong physical barrier made from a sturdy, flexible nylon with steel cables that is expected to last at least 10 years and which can be recycled at the end of its life. The barrier does not harm marine life, but provides a unique marine habitat whilst it is in place.

The barrier at Coogee Beach has proven to be a very popular destination for swimmers from all around Perth. It attracts schools and other swimming groups. In the summer months, one of the City’s three pontoons can be found within the barrier.

More information and contact 

Visit the Eco Shark Barrier website for more information on the installation. Contact Infrastructure Services for more information about the trial on 08 9411 3444 or at

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