Private Parking Agreements (PPA)

What is a Private Parking Agreement (PPA)?

A Private Parking Agreement allows the City of Cockburn to work together with private landowners to manage private and commercial property parking areas and enforce parking regulations. The agreement also includes periodic patrols of the private parking areas to inspect no stopping or parking zones, ensuring they remain free from obstructions.

This approach provides significant relief to property owners as they no longer have to personally deal with the challenges of parking issues on their property.

When you establish a PPA, select individuals can contact the City's parking team in cases of unauthorised parking within the private parking area, seeking their assistance.

We only issue infringement notices from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm. All other times will be subject to the discretion of the City of Cockburn Parking Operations Manager.

Who can Sign up for a Private Parking Agreement?

If you own private land or lease land (with your landlord's permission), you can enter into a PPA. If you're the owner, you can authorise a managing agent to handle this for you.

What are the Requirements?

Application requirements

If you lease the property or are a managing agent, you'll need to include a letter from the owner giving you permission to act on their behalf for the parking facility.

For strata title land, a managing agent can be recognised in these agreements if most of the owners agree, and there's written proof of the appointment. Remember, you'll also have to pay for and put up the right signs following the City's guidelines and approval.

An application for a PPA must include:
  1. The completed PPA application form, which includes:
    1. Letter of appointment of a managing agent/ strata council
    2. Copy of the Certificate of Title
    3. Details of signs
    4. Site map of the property and parking area
  2. Payment of the one-time application fee of $800.
After we receive your PPA application and the application fee, our parking team will contact you. We'll schedule a property inspection and investigate your signage and compliance options. During the inspection, we'll need you to be on-site so we can ask any questions related to the management of the agreement.
The rules for parking on private land won't apply until:
  • The City approves your application
  • The signs are put up as agreed
  • Everyone involved signs the Private/ Commercial Parking Agreement
  • You've paid the application fee
  • We know who will be in charge and who to contact.

Signage requirements

If you have a PPA for your property, it's important to have the right signs in place. These signs should follow national parking sign standards and be approved by the City which is essential before taking any action related to signage.
After our first meeting, if we find that you need signage, we will arrange a separate meeting to discuss this. Afterward, you'll need to send us an updated A4 property plan showing where the new signs will be placed for our approval. To avoid any issues with incorrect or improperly placed signs, please wait for written approval from the City before manufacturing and installing your signs.
Important: You must not install signs that look like they are from the City of Cockburn without having a current PPA as a property owner.

Fees and Renewals

To implement a PPA, there's a one-time application fee of $800 required when you submit the application. It's not refundable, and you need to apply separately for each property. There is also an annual renewal fee to keep your PPA current. Plus, if there are any changes to the parking rules, we can review and approve them.

Court Attendance

If an infringement ends up going to court, the person who owns the property, their representative, or even the person who reported the incident may be required to attend court as a witness.

Requests to Cancel Parking Tickets

Before you report a car parked where it shouldn't be in your parking area, make sure it really doesn't belong there. If you ask us to cancel a ticket, there's a $50 fee. If the ticket has gone to a Final Demand notice or the State Fines Enforcement Registry, there may be more charges.

How do I Apply for a Private Parking Agreement?

For an application form and an initial discussion, please contact our Parking Operations Manager at [email protected], or call 08 9411 3444.



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