What is a deputation?

Deputations are a collective way to lobby Council to let them know about a concern you have that is shared with people who you live or work near to.

Several people (deputation) can send in a request to Council, together with a written statement saying what their deputation is about. If the request is agreed to, they will be invited to a Council meeting to speak directly to Executive Staff and Elected Members.

More information on the appropriate processes can be found in the City of Cockburn Standing Orders, Clause 4.6.

How to submit a deputation

If you wish to be received as a deputation by Council, you must first send the CEO a written request, setting out the subject matter to be raised by the deputation. This should be concise, but also contain enough details to enable the Council to have a general understanding of the purpose of the deputation. 

Once the CEO has received your request, he will refer it to the presiding member of the appropriate meeting with a written summary of the deputation request, providing an explanation outlining whether or not the deputation should be received. 

If the Presiding Member agrees to allow the deputation, the person or persons wishing to be received as a deputation will be invited to meet the Council at the meeting at which the subject matter is to be considered. 

At the Council meeting, 10 minutes are allocated to the hearing and discussion of each deputation. Deputations to a meeting must not exceed 5 persons, only 2 of whom may address the meeting, although others in attendance may respond to specific questions from Elected Members to be raised through the Presiding Member.

Submit a Deputation Request form
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