Small Events Sponsorship Program

About small events sponsorship

The small events sponsorship program supports small-scale neighbourhood events across Cockburn. The program provides funding for small community events such as movie nights, pop up cafés, Christmas carols, food swaps and fetes to be run by organisations and in consultation with the City’s Community Development team. Funding is available all year round.

Who can apply for small events sponsorship?

To apply for small events sponsorship, you must be:

  • An organisation based within the City of Cockburn or who primarily services residents and/or the interests of the City
  • A not-for-profit organisation including sporting, welfare, educational, arts/cultural, youth, seniors, children, ethnic and related groups.
  • Your organisation or group must be established and demonstrate a high level of community support.

Selection criteria

You must also demonstrate:

  • Demonstrate that your group primarily serves residents of the City
  • Demonstrate that your group is financially sound and/or key people involved can demonstrate an ability to manage the proposal for which funds are being sought
  • Demonstrate an ability to manage affairs effectively.

Project criteria

For small events sponsorship, you must be able to demonstrate that your project:

  • Will be of benefit to the local community and/or City of Cockburn generally
  • Meets an identified need in the community
  • Will not require commitment to ongoing funding from the city
  • Adheres to council policy ACS7 - Donations to Schools (see related documents below) if your application is on behalf of a school or other educational institution
  • Will have a financial or in-kind contribution to the project if you are an organisation, or have requested funding from other organisations
  • Does not duplicate an activity already available in the local area.
What can small events sponsorship funding be used for?

Small Events Sponsorship funding is to support neighbourhood-scale events. Funding can be used to cover running costs, equipment and venue hire, food, marketing and promotion, entertainment and supplier costs.

Funding will not be provided retrospectively for events that have already occurred, or due to occur within two months of the application’s lodgement. Funds will not be provided for consumables or personal items unless the applicant can demonstrate that the general community will benefit from their provision.

How much can I apply for under small events sponsorship?

You can receive up to $2,000 per application. Each organisation is entitled to one successful application per financial year.

When can I apply for small events sponsorship?

You can apply for funding all year round. Your project must be two months or more from the date of your application.

How do I apply for small events sponsorship?

Contact the Community Development team before you submit an application to the City. Once you have contacted the City to discuss your project idea, submit an application form.

You will also be required to address the following additional information in your application:

  • Description of your project or activity and what you hope to achieve
  • Proposed project plan – how you hope to achieve your project aims
  • Proposed timeframe for the project
  • Proposed budget for the event, including amount requested from the city and in-kind and/or financial contributions from the applicant or other sources
  • Number and description of participants who will be involved
  • Description of benefits to the community.

If your application is successful you will need to sign a Conditions of Funding Form. Once your project has been completed you must submit a completed Sponsorship Acquittal Form to the City.

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