Community Venues - Terms & Conditions of Hire

1   Applications/Bookings 
1.1.    All applications must be via the official application format. 
1.2.    Applicants must be 18 years of age or over and able to produce a valid WA driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card if requested.
1.3.    It is the responsibility of the hirer to inspect the facility and ensure suitability prior to making a booking. Please ensure the facility is large                    enough to accommodate your patrons and complies with the specified maximum capacity given.
1.4.    All applications are to be submitted in writing a minimum of 15 days prior to the booking start date and no more than 12 months in advance.
1.5.    City of Cockburn reserves the right to cancel any booking for council business or due to unforeseen circumstances, as per Local Laws part VII,             Division 2, 7.6 (e).
1.6.    All hire will be a minimum of 1-hour duration, with 15min increments allowed thereafter.
1.7.    Bookings are not confirmed unless all required information is provided, and a Confirmation Letter has been issued by the City.
1.8.    Application Forms must be returned as an electronic attachment to [email protected].

2.    Charges 
2.1.    Costs of hire are in accordance with the current Annual Fees and Charges Schedule.
2.2.    Late Application Fees may apply, see Annual Fees and Charges Schedule.
2.3.    All times booked must include setting up and cleaning up of the facility and form part of the chargeable time. 
2.4.    Cancellations made less than two weeks before the hire date will forfeit the full hire charge. 
2.5.    The hirer may make application for a transfer to another date without forfeit depending on circumstances and the availability of the facility. 

3.    Regular Users
3.1.    Regular users will be invoiced monthly for hire charges incurred in the previous month. Payment will be due within 30 days of the invoice date.
3.2.    Regular users must submit a separate application for one-off events and may also be charged a bond.
3.3.    All cancellations or requests for additional dates are to be completed online on a Change of Booking Form at least 3 working days prior to the              date change requested. 
3.4.    Regular hirers operating their business from a Community Centre will be restricted to a maximum of 2 sessions per week.
3.5.    Applications for the renewal of a regular hire must be fully completed and submitted as per the request from the City or you will forfeit your                hire time and day.
3.6.    Regular hire renewals may be refused, revoked, or suspended if hire charges are not paid in a timely manner.

4.    Casual Hirers
4.1.    Payment for costs of hire must be received by the City of Cockburn 14 (working) days prior to the hire date. Payment options are outlined on               the Tax Invoice.
4.2.    Cancellations made less than two weeks before the hire date will forfeit the full hire charge. 
4.3.    A bond as per the Annual Fees and Charges Schedule will be applicable to all casual bookings.

5.    High Risk Users (all 16-25 year birthday parties, and other users/groups as determined by the authorising officer)
5.1.    Additional requirements for high risk users include (but are not limited to):  
 5.1.1.    minimum of four weeks’ notice; applicants must be over the age of 18.  
 5.1.2.    must provide a copy of driver’s licence. 
 5.1.3.    a $1,000 bond is payable two weeks prior to the booking. 
 5.1.4.    a Police Party Registration is to be completed at Register a Party | Western Australia Police Force and confirmation of registration is to be                    sent to Community Venues two weeks prior to the booking date. 
 5.1.5.    evidence (invoice & receipt) that the services of a registered Crowd Control Company has been engaged to be received by the City two                        weeks prior to the booking.  

6.    Bonds 
6.1.    Bonds are transacted using a pre-authorisation via a valid credit card. This must be transacted within the two days prior to the booking date.  
6.2.    The bond will be held against the following; 
 6.2.1.    Damage to the building or equipment. 
 6.2.2.    Breach of the Terms & Conditions of Hire.
 6.2.3.    Any false or misleading information is given regarding the nature of the booking. 
6.3.    The hirer will be liable for costs for damage etc. in excess of the bond deposited. 
6.4.    The pre-authorisation bond will be released within 14 days if there are no breach to the Terms & Conditions of Hire.
6.5.    For any breach of the Terms & Conditions of Hire there will be a deduction of all or part thereof from the bond at the discretion of the                         authorising officer. 
6.6.    Failure to arm the security system on completion of a function/booking may incur a deduction of bond. 
6.7.    Call outs for CoSafe Security Patrols or other council works caused by the hirer, or resident complaints, may incur a fee to the hirer. 
6.8.    The hirer should use only tagged and tested electrical equipment. If a hirer uses equipment not tagged & tested and it causes an electrical                  fault (including power to trip) and invokes a call out, this fee will be charged to the hirer.
6.9.    Administration costs incurred by the Council addressing anti-social behaviour at functions or during general hire will incur a fee. 
6.10.    In the event floors require a “strip and seal” because of your hire, the hirer is to pay 70% of the full repair cost. 
6.11.    Hall hire bond will be forfeited in the event of any substantiated community complaints being received, in respect of anti-social                                 behaviour/activity attributed to patrons of the function conducted at the premises. 

7.    Restrictions 
7.1.    Vehicles must only use the parking bays provided. No parking on grassed areas.
7.2.    It is imperative that the hirer must not enter the facility before or after times booked and paid for.
7.3.    Noise levels must comply with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997. Further advice may be obtained from the City of                     Cockburn Environmental Services. Please contact (08) 9411 3444 for further information.
7.4.    Kegs of any type must not be placed in the halls/rooms. They must be stored in the kitchen or kiosk along with any other refreshments. 
7.5.    Alcohol is not to be stored on site within the community facilities at any point of time. All excess alcohol must be removed from the facility at              the completion of each hire. 
7.6.    Confetti or any similar materials are not permitted either inside or outside the facility. 
7.7.    Decorations such as balloons or streamers are permitted provided, they are cleaned away at the end of the function, including the tape/string. 
7.8.    Helium balloons are permitted provided they are anchored. If balloons are left in the venues a fee will be charged for their removal. There will              be a charge for any balloons activating the alarms due to them deflating. 
7.9.    Balloon releases are not permitted.
7.10.    Smoke machines are not permitted.
7.11.    Live bands are not permitted.
7.12.    All deliveries and collections to the hall are to be included in the agreed booking time. 
7.13.    No buck or hen parties, exotic dancers, nudity or entertainment alike is permitted in venues. 
7.14.    Under no circumstances can an event to be held in one of the City of Cockburn’s community venues be advertised on the internet or social                  media without the approval from the City.
7.15.    Bouncy castles, inflatable obstacle courses, amusements and animals are not permitted inside any venues.
7.16.    Smoking is restricted to well-ventilated outdoor areas, and any discarded butts must be disposed of appropriately. Smoking is not permitted                around playgrounds or less than 10 metres from entry points to any buildings.

8.    City of Cockburn Responsibilities 
8.1.    The City will take every reasonable care and precaution to ensure that all utilities, services, and equipment are in proper working order, but                 will not accept responsibilities for breakdowns beyond their control.
8.2.    The City will make every effort to provide the hirer with a clean and tidy facility.
8.3.    The City is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss of items belonging to or the responsibility of the hirer.

9.    Hirers Responsibilities 
9.1.    Liquor Licenses are the sole responsibility of the hirer, subsequent to permission being granted by the City for liquor to be consumed on the                premises, according to the Liquor Licensing Act 1988 Section 119 (1).
9.2.    Liquor Licenses are required when liquor is sold or provided under a door/cover charge.
9.3.    Hirers must show respect and common courtesy for other user groups within the centre or persons in nearby premises, including residents.
9.4.    The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of all persons attending the function or activity.
9.5.    Hirers are responsible for the insurance of their own equipment or supplies, which are stored or left at the venue.
9.6.    Hirers are responsible for any public liability in respect to their activity. The City of Cockburn’s public liability will only cover injury, loss, or                  damage because of any proven neglect or default of the City.
9.7.    Should any accident and/or injury occur in the venue because of the hirer’s function and/or activity or general hire of the venue, the City of                  Cockburn cannot be held liable under any circumstance.
9.8.    Keep outside doors and windows closed where possible and ensure they are locked at the conclusion of your function. 
9.9.    Music must be turned down at 10pm and turned off at 12 midnight and must not be a nuisance to other user groups or persons in nearby                   premises

10.    Cleaning 
10.1.    At the conclusion of the session the hirer shall:
 10.1.1.    Leave the building in a clean and tidy condition.
 10.1.2.    All external surrounding areas, car parks, verges, and park lands to be left clean and tidy.
 10.1.3.    Make sure all fans/air conditioning/ heating and lighting is switched off.
 10.1.4.    Sweep all floors that were used.
 10.1.5.    Spot mop any spillage.
 10.1.6.    Wipe and stack tables and chairs then return to designated storage areas.
 10.1.7.    Place all rubbish in bins.
10.2.    It is the responsibility of the hirer to remove all excess rubbish from the premises.
10.3.    All unused food, drinks & ice from freezer must be removed from the premises unless otherwise arranged with the City.

11.    Keys/Security 
11.1.    All keys/cards are to be allocated by the City. 
11.2.    Keys/cards are to be collected from the City administration building (9 Coleville Crescent Spearwood) on the last working day before the                      booking date, between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday – Friday.
11.3.    Keys/cards are to be returned prior to 4.30pm the next working day (casual hirers).

12.    Compliance with Legislation and Local Laws
12.1.    The hirer must comply with the provisions of all relevant State and Commonwealth legislation and in particular, the Environmental Protection               Act 1986, the Environmental Protection (Noise regulations) 1997 and Health Act 1911.
12.2.    The hirer must ensure compliance with the City of Cockburn’s local laws.

13.    Disputes 
Any disputes concerning bond refunds or complaints must be made in writing and marked: 
Attention: Head of Recreation Services
City of Cockburn
PO Box 1215 

COVID-19: Special Conditions of Usage

Updated 20 April 2022

To mitigate the risks of contracting and spreading COVID-19, all hirers (regular and casual) using the City’s Community Facilities must adhere to the following Special Conditions in addition to the City of Cockburn’s Terms and Conditions of Hire. 

14.    Usage
14.1.    Ensure all participants in the hire group scan the respective facility’s QR code using the SafeWA/Service WA mobile phone app upon entry if                required. Should users not scan the QR code, the hire group organiser must complete a paper-based Contact Register after each individual                  booking. 
14.2.    All current government guidelines, health directives, restrictions and/or mandates are to be adhered to whilst in the venue. For the latest                    updates visit the WA State Government COVID-19 information page COVID-19 coronavirus (
14.3.    Hire group organisers must keep the Contact Register for at least 28 days post booking. 
14.4.    Participant details on paper-based Contact Registers must be kept privately by the hire group organiser and they must be collected in a way                that protects them from disclosure from other participants. Participant details must be provided to the City or Department of Health                            immediately upon request and not be used for any other purpose (e.g. marketing). 
14.5.    Adhere to room capacity numbers which are listed on the website and displayed on the community room door.
14.6.    Where possible, it is encouraged that hirers continue to utilise external doors that provide direct access to the area booked. 

15.    Cleaning
15.1.    Adopt the City’s Cleaning Protocol for Frequently Touched Surfaces & Equipment. 
15.2.    Active Recreation groups are required to adopt the abovementioned cleaning protocol for shared equipment. 
15.3.    Where practicable, Active Recreation groups are discouraged from sharing equipment. 
15.4.    General surfaces and fittings must be cleaned in the hired area when they are visibly soiled and immediately after any spillage. 

16.    Hygiene
16.1.    Hand sanitiser is recommended to be made available to participants prior to, during and post session and participants should be encouraged               to utilise prior and post group session. 
16.2.    Ensure no sharing of water bottles, towels and/or mats by participants.
16.3.    Minimal sharing of equipment is encouraged. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment where possible. 
16.4.    Communicate the following to participants: 
16.5.     Not to attend the session if they feel unwell and to seek medical advice. 
16.6.    Limit physical contact where possible. 
16.7.    Where applicable, come ready to participate as participants are encouraged not to use the City’s toilets to change. Participants should have a               ‘get in and get out’ attitude. 

17.    Education
17.1.    Communicate and encourage the appropriate behaviours to participants. 

18.    Incident Response
18.1.    If a person is showing serious symptoms of COVID-19 (eg difficulty breathing) contact 000 for urgent medical attention. 
18.2.    Any member who appears unwell should be requested to leave immediately and seek medical advice from their General Practitioner or get                   tested. 
18.3.    Close off the affected areas and do not let others use them or enter them until WA Health advice has been received and followed.
18.4.    If you are aware that someone in your group has been in contact with other participants and has had a case of COVID-19: 
18.4.1.    Ring the COVID-19 Hotline 24/7 – 1800 020 080. 
18.4.2.    Contact the City immediately for advice on progressing activities – 9411 3444. 

19.    Industry Advice or Guidance 
19.1.    The City of Cockburn’s Special Conditions of Usage supersede other Industry Advice or Guidance; however, should the other Industry Advice                 or Guidance take a more risk averse approach to any of the above, the Industry Advice or Guidance should be implemented. 
Failure to comply with these conditions may impact future bookings.

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