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The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy is the City’s latest suburb renewal project and covers the suburbs of South Lake, Bibra Lake (east) and parts of North Lake. The Strategy will guide infill development into the future and improve amenity throughout the area. The City undertook rigorous community consultation to prepare the Lakes Revitalisation Strategy. Please see the Documents below for more details.

The key stages and their status are displayed in the table below:
Information gathering Complete
Community engagement Complete
Draft Strategy formulation Complete
Report to Council seeking support to advertise Complete
Advertising of draft Strategy and recommendations Complete
Consider submissions and report back to Council for adoption  - 12 May 2016 Complete
Preparation of the formal Scheme Amendment report inclusive of the relevant accompanying information, including State Planning Policy requirements Complete
Present the Scheme Amendment to the elected members of Council at a formal public Council meeting for consideration to Initiate the Amendment (February 2017) Complete
Following Consent from Council to initiate the proposed Scheme Amendment, forward the Amendment to the EPA and the WA Planning Commission, for their consent to advertise Complete
Following consent from the EPA and the WA Planning Commission the amendment will be advertised for a period of 60 days for public comment, service provider comment and government agency comment Complete
Following the formal Scheme Amendment Advertising process the Amendment may be modified in light of any submissions. All submissions will be addressed in a comprehensive 'schedule of submissions'  Complete
The public comment 'schedule of submissions' and the City's response to each submission will be presented to Council for consideration to adopt the (then) final Amendment with recommendation for the Amendment to be forwarded to the WA Planning Commission for their approval as well as the final endorsement of the Hon. Minister of Planning Complete
Forward the Scheme Amendment to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) for their assessment Completed 31 January 2018 
WA Planning Commission to forward the Scheme Amendment to the Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA Minister for Transport; Planning for her final determination Current Stage as at 11 December 2018
Please note: The full process is expected to conclude in either late 2018 or, more realistically, in 2019. The recommendation from the DPLH to Hon Rita Saffioti BBus MLA Minister for Transport; Planning is confidential. Once a final decision on Amendment No. 118 is made this page will be updated again and letters will be sent to landowners advising of the outcome of Amendment No. 118. This page will be updated once the City is informed of the final decision – Last update 17 December 2018.

About the Lakes Revitalisation Project

The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy Project is the latest of the City of Cockburn's revitalisation projects and aims to guide the delivery of residential development across the suburbs of South Lake, Bibra Lake (East) and parts of North Lake. The Project promotes diverse dwelling types to allow current and future residents to make appropriate housing choices.

The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy Project will ensure the Lakes area is an attractive place to live and visit into the future.

Aim of the Lakes Revitalisation Project

The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy Project aims to:
  • Identify areas where infill development is desired to provide opportunities for further housing growth, meeting the needs of existing and future residents
  • Ensure adequate services and infrastructure including promoting pedestrian orientated streetscapes and appropriate levels of car parking
  • Preserve the natural environment and identify opportunities to enhance the character of these suburbs, and
  • Identify possible community facilities and infrastructure required to support additional population growth and provide further support to existing communities.

Key issues of the Lakes Revitalisation Project

The Western Australian Planning Commission in 2010 released its latest strategic plan for Perth and Peel, Directions 2031 and beyond: Metropolitan planning beyond the horizon ("Directions 2031"). Directions 2031 set a target that 47% of the additional dwellings required by 2031 will be delivered through urban infill. This target seeks to address the urban sprawl of Perth's outer suburbs and to promote sustainable planning objectives.

A key theme of the City of Cockburn Corporate Business Plan 2013-2016/17 is for the City to grow sustainably integrating social, economic, environment and cultural considerations, and ensuring that the City embraces the natural environment.

The suburbs of North Lake, Bibra Lake and South Lake are a logical next step in which to examine infill development opportunities and associated revitalisation work due to the following factors:
  • Being a well-connected suburb in proximity to the new Fiona Stanley Hospital, Murdoch University Precincts and close to the emerging Cockburn Central Town Centre
  • The physical age of built form within parts of these suburbs is such that decisions for redevelopment and/or renewal are expected to be made by landowners over the coming years, providing the opportunity to consider whether redevelopment to other forms of housing (grouped and multiple) should take place
  • Providing the opportunity to support further improvements in and around the local activity centres, including seeking opportunities to increase residential densities in areas close to these centres
  • A high number of 3 or more bedroom dwellings and a high percentage of lone person households exist within the locality. Opportunities exist to explore more diverse responses in housing variety and form through the suburb. A key aim is to ensure housing stock meets the need of current and future residents. For example in the suburb of South Lake, only 1.7% of homes are 1 or 2 bedrooms (excluding aged care and retirements homes), while 53% of the population are 1 or 2 person households, and
  • Given the enclosed road layout of these suburbs, opportunities exist to enhance the pedestrian environment and encourage sustainable transport modes.
Since 2009 the City has engaged with residents and landowners resulting in three revitalisation strategies to guide future development in the areas of Spearwood, Hamilton Hill and Coolbellup. Now, work has commenced to identify a revitalisation strategy for the suburbs of North Lake, Bibra Lake (east) and South Lake.

The project will be referred to as The Lakes Revitalisation Strategy and relates to the area illustrated with a No. 4 and coloured purple on the map titled "The Lakes Project Area" on the right hand side of this page.

At the 10th December 2015 Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM), Council supported the draft Strategy for the purposes of advertising.

More information and contact

Please contact Strategic Planning Services for more information on the Lakes Revitalisation Strategy on 08 9411 3444.

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