Improving your journey through Cockburn

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We understand that traffic congestion in Cockburn is frustrating and have long term plans to accommodate the transport requirements of our growing population.

The City is working with all levels of government to:

  • Improve East West, North South connector roads
  • Deliver transport networks to your home and work
  • Improve public transport in Cockburn
  • Provide more sustainable, healthier ways of getting around
  • Provide more vegetation and use elements of nature in transport designs.

When planning for our roads and transport networks, the City implements ‘green infrastructure’, or elements of nature into the design to soften the look, make our suburbs more attractive, protect them against excessive heat and improve air, soil, and water quality. 

An effective transport network means a more connected, safe and happy community.

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What are the short-term focus areas? 

The projects listed below are in the process of construction or have been recently completed. There are many more projects in the pipeline that will be delivered by the City, State and/or Federal government over the next 10 years. These are detailed in the City’s 10-year Integrated Transport Strategy 2020-2030 which aligns with the State and Federal government transport plans. 

A copy of the video transcript is available in the related documents below.

Cockburn Central

To improve traffic flow at Cockburn Central:

Project Estimated Completion
Building Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge Completed
Armadale Road widening Completed
Additional PTA eastern carpark at train station, Knock Place realignment Completed

Berrigan Drive

To reduce congestion getting on/off the freeway at Berrigan Drive:

Project Estimated Completion
Jandakot Road widening  (Stage 2 Solomon Road to Berrigan Drive Completed
Kwinana Freeway widening Completed
Karel Avenue widening (in part) Completed

Major roads running east-west and north-south (vis a versa) 

To improve the journey through Cockburn from east to west and north: 
Project Estimated Completion

Hammond Rd widening (between Branch Circus and Bartram Rd) 

Mid 2023
North Lake Rd/ Farrington Rd 2nd right turn lane  Completed
Stock Road and Beeliar Drive intersection upgrade Completed
Spearwood Avenue widening (in part) Completed

Other projects that will reduce traffic congestion

Project Estimated Completion
​New Thornlie to Cockburn Link (rail) Late 2024
Smart Freeway Completed
Ever expanding network of shared paths and bike friendly roads Ongoing

While much is being done to alleviate traffic congestion, it takes time and requires a coordinated approach by all levels of government. As space for more roads and vehicle-related infrastructure will reduce in the future, we strongly encourage our community to cycle, walk or car share wherever possible. This is the only long-term sustainable way of alleviating traffic congestion. 

The next time you get in your car, ask yourself if you can carshare or travel by bike or foot instead.

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