State/ Australian Government Projects

Projects in progress

Metronet - Thornlie to Cockburn link

Completion date - 2025

The project involves new rail between Beckenham and Thornlie stations, two new train stations at Nicholson Road and Ranford Road and a new platform at Cockburn train station. Read more about Metronet - Thornlie to Cockburn link.

Stock Road Pedestrian Bridge, Hamilton Hill

Planning for the future of Stock Road is underway and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. As part of this planning, the location of the supporting piers is being determined so construction can progress. In the meantime, environmental reviews are underway.

The previous bridge was demolished in 2020 following impact by an oversize vehicle in 2019. To stay up-to-date with this project, visit the Main Roads WA project page

Pedestrian Crossing at Cockburn Road, Coogee

At the end of January 2024, Main Roads WA, with funding from the State Government, will start the construction of a signalised pedestrian crossing on Cockburn Road in Coogee. This safety improvement is expected to be completed by the end of March. To find out more visit the Main Roads WA website.

Recently completed projects

Quill Way, Henderson

The new traffic lights at either end of Quill Way in Henderson was part of a project delivered by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) in conjunction with Main Roads Western Australia, as part of the Australian Marine Complex upgrade programme. For more information on this project contact JTSI

Black Spot Funding Projects

The State and Federal Government funds the State Black Spot Program, which sees upgrades and safety improvements made to roads across the region. The Black Spot Program targets roads with a proven crash history or locations identified as high-risk. 

The City of Cockburn works with the government to implement upgrades and safety improvements to the roads in Cockburn. 

Top 15 Black Spot intersections in Cockburn, 2017-2021

Rank Roads Total Crashes Information
1 Stock/ Phoenix Roads 91 Stock Road is a State owned and managed road. The City is lobbying the State government for a bridge over this intersection. The proposed upgrade includes interchanges, additional lanes and a shared path. 
Most crashes are rear-end/side-swipe crashes, especially from turning left from Phoenix Road (westbound) into Stock Road (southbound). The City is monitoring this intersection.
2 Armadale/ Tapper Road and Verde Drive 89 Armadale Road is a State owned and managed road. This intersection was upgraded by Main Roads WA from 2019- 2021 as part of the Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge project.  
3 Midgegooroo Avenue/ Belliar Drive/ Cockburn Gateway Shopping City North access
76 The proposed Cockburn Gateway Shopping City expansion has been approved by the State government.
The opening of the Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge across Kwinana Freeway in 2021 should reduce traffic at this intersection. The City is monitoring the intersection.
4 Stock Road/ Spearwood Avenue 71 Stock Road is a State owned and managed road. The City has requested that Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) upgrade the traffic signals and improve pedestrian crossings at this intersection.
5 Armadale/ Solomon Roads 80 Armadale Road is a State owned and managed road. This intersection was upgraded by MRWA between 2019 - 2021 as part of the Armadale Road to North Lake Road Bridge project.
6 Cockburn Road/ Russell Road (west) 61 This intersection will be upgraded as part of the Australian Marine Complex development.
7 Murdoch Drive/ Farrington Road/ Allendale entrance 56 This intersection has been upgraded by MRWA as part of their Murdoch Extension project. The City is monitoring the intersection.
8 Hammond Road/ Beeliar Drive 56 The staggered T-intersections at this location were realigned in early 2015 to form one four-way intersection with traffic lights. Russell Road will be upgraded which should reduce traffic on Beeliar Drive.
9 Warton/ Jandakot/ Mason Roads 53 Jandakot road is currently being upgraded and the future duplication of Jandakot Road will include upgrades to this intersection.
10 North Lake/ Farrington Roads 53 Upgrade completed -a second right hand turn lane is now available for motorists travelling north along North Lake Road and wanting to turn right into Farrington Drive, reducing the number of cars queueing beyond the Waverley Road intersection with North Lake Road. The upgrade was completed in March 2022. The City is monitoring this intersection.
11 Spearwood Avenue/ Beeliar Drive 52 Spearwood Avenue was widened to a four lane divided road in 2019. The City has a project concept plan in place and further upgrades are subject to developments in the area.
12 Stock Road/ Beeliar Drive 52 Stock Road is a State road. The intersection was upgraded in 2020. The City is monitoring.
13 Phoenix/ Rockingham Roads 51 Upgrades are expected to be completed in 2023/2024. The future intersection upgrade will improve vehicle safety and congestion by converting the four-way traffic light controlled intersection into a roundabout. The future upgrade forms part of the Rockingham Road Revitalisation project.
14 Cockburn Road/ Spearwood Avenue 47 Cockburn Road is a State owned and managed road.
The right turn arrow for dedicated right turning was installed in 2021. The City is monitoring this intersection.
15 North Lake Road/ Bibra Drive 45 The vegetation on the verge of this intersection has been removed to improve sightlines. The City is monitoring this intersection.

Crash data source: List of Intersections Prequalified for Australian Government Black Spot Funding from MRWA's Crash Analysis Reporting System.

Lyon Road/ Rowley Road

In the planning phase. 

Progress Drive (between Hope Road and Gwillian Drive)

The City will re-visit this project alongside future developments in the area. 

To view what road projects are taking place in your suburb in 2022-23, visit My Suburbs. Find out more about Main Roads WA / state government road projects.



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