Watson Oval/Edwardes Park

Two full size soccer pitches, one cricket pitch, athletic facilities with onsite clubroom, change room and toilet facilities. Training standard floodlighting is available for large ball sports on Watsons Reserve.

This venue can be booked in advance. Please contact the City at customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au or on 08 9411 3444 for more information.

Capacity: 200+

Watson Oval

15 Reserve Road
Spearwood, WA 6163

Bus Route 

530 and 531

The available map is equipped with additional accessibility features including in-map voice and accessible colour choice. If you would like to access these features, please make sure they are switched on.


Below is a summary of the available facilities at this venue:

BBQ’s Dogs Gym Equipment Play Shelters Sport Toilets
No No No Yes No Yes Yes



9 Coleville Crescent,
Spearwood 6163

Po Box 1215, Bibra Lake DC,
Western Australia, 6965

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