Home Safety Tips and Advice

Safety and security tips for your home

Lock doors and windows
Make sure to lock not only when you leave the house, but also when you are in your garden or preoccupied.

Don’t hide keys outside, take them with you or leave with a trusted neighbour or friend.
Sheds, garages, side gates
Make sure these are locked as offenders not only steal the contents but can use the tools stored here to break into the house.  If there is a connecting door between the garage and the house, make sure it is also locked. Side gates should also be locked. Lock the electricity meter box to prevent security lighting from being turned-off. 
Remove any obstructions
Trim bushes and trees around doors and windows so the house can be clearly seen from the street and there is nowhere to hide. Picket, rail and post-type fences not only provide security but also visibility from the street.
Light up at night
Keep doors, windows, pathways and driveways well lit at night.  Movement activated sensor lights are ideal.
Family dogs
Research suggests a family dog deters many potential offenders.
Out for the day (or night) 
Offenders generally target empty houses. Never leave your home obviously unoccupied (eg. by leaving notes on the door).  At night you can use timer devices that switch lights and radios on inside and movement activated sensors to switch lights on outside.

Free crime prevention app for Coolbellup residents

The City of Cockburn is trialling a free crime prevention app for the residents of Cockburn to help reduce crime in the area. 'Saven' is a crime alerts app driven by the community who can share crime updates and information which keeps everyone connected, aware and safe. 

Any crime that happens in Coolbellup gets sent directly to you via a push notification - so no matter where you are, Saven will keep you up to date. Other features of the app include:
  • Maps that show you detailed locations of the crime
  • Ability to send out broadcast alerts
  • Ability to take photos to capture evidence
  • Discuss something in detail via a thread
  • Search feature to find what you are looking for.
An SMS was sent to all residents of Coolbellup on 24/4/18 - please download the app via the link in your SMS.

For more information call Customer Service on 08 9411 3444.

Plan for holidays 

Cancel deliveries and arrange a trusted neighbour or friend to clear your letterbox, take out and bring in the bins and park in your driveway occasionally. Notify CoSafe to arrange Holiday Watch patrols. 
Get to know your neighbours
They are in the best position to recognise suspicious activities in your street so lookout for each other and report any suspicious behaviour to the Police.
Prepare for an emergency 
Always ensure you can safely and quickly escape in an emergency.  Ensure your house number is clearly visible to emergency services.  

Personal property registration

It is almost impossible to recover stolen property if it isn’t marked with your information. It is easy to mark your property, and this can help to deter burglars from stealing items. You can mark your property by using permanent or Ultra Violet (can only be seen under a UV light) markers and using commercial products such as datadot.

Property register

Create a written property register, which includes details such as photographs, serial numbers, makes, models, descriptions, identifying marks and the approximate cost of items. This is useful when reporting stolen property or claiming for insurance. Keep a copy of this register at a different location for safe keeping and send a copy to your insurance provider. City of Cockburn libraries have property marker pens available.

Security self appraisal

You can conduct a security appraisal of your own home, which will show you how to make your home more secure. Refer to the Residential Security appraisal under Documents below.

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