Crime Statistics and Prevention

The City of Cockburn regularly consults with the WA Police, Neighbourhood Watch, other local governments and various organisations across Western Australia to reduce crime in our community.

Crime prevention in Cockburn

The City supports a Community Safety & Crime Prevention Committee, which makes recommendations about safety and crime prevention to Council.

The City’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan supports the Committee in developing, implementing and evaluating projects and initiatives that enhance safety and reduce crime within the community.

  • Increase awareness of the consequences of speeding within the City of Cockburn

  • Change attitudes and behaviours within the community in regards to speeding

  • Increase motorists’ awareness of the real speed at which they are travelling

  • Driver alert/ public education.
The City's Community Safety and CCTV Strategy can be found in the 'Related Documents' below.

Bicycle D-Locks Project

The City, in conjunction with WA Police and Public Transport Authority, are promoting the use of D-locks on bicycles in Cockburn to help prevent theft.
D-locks are much stronger than a regular chain lock and are a much greater deterrent to thieves when used correctly. A D-lock should be used to lock the front wheel and the bike frame to the rail. Never lock just your frame or wheels. Secure any accessories such as helmets and lights, or take them with you.
Part of the project involves registering your bike details to our database by completing the form, with serial numbers, description and your contact details. This information will be retained by the City, and will be accessible by WA Police should a bicycle be recovered, to assist with identifying the owner.
You will also be given the opportunity to receive information about the City's TravelSmart scheme.

To register your bike, please complete the online Bicycle Registration Form

Anti-theft Screws for Licence Plates

Cockburn Neighbourhood Watch Reference Group, local Police, and Bunnings regularly participate in anti-theft screw installation days, whereby residents can have their existing number plate screws, replaced with specially designed anti-theft ones, free of charge at Bunnings.
Anti-theft screws turn only one way, preventing opportunistic thieves from removing the number plate with a regular screwdriver. Once installed, only a specially designed tool can be used to remove them. 

Crime statistics

You can view crime statistics in your area, by visiting the WA Police and entering your suburb.

More information and contact

For more information on crime prevention and community safety, including how to join the City’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Committee, please contact Ranger and Community Safety Services on 08 9411 3444 or at

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