The Emplacement Structure Plan proposes to develop this land for a mix of zones, including public open space, medium to high density residential and mixed use.

About the Emplacement Structure Plan

The Emplacement Local Structure Plan forms one of three Local Structure Plans for the larger Cockburn Coast area. At 20.2 hectares it is the smallest in area and is characterised by three to eight storey residential development. The Structure Plan proposes to develop this land for:
  • Residential zones with densities ranging from R40 to R160
  • Building heights generally three to eight storeys
  • Mixed-use zoning, which provides an interface between residential zones and areas of dense activity or traffic flow
  • Green links providing a connection to the Indian Ocean.
The Emplacement Local Structure Plan will provide a framework for subdivision and development through the coordination of land use, community facilities, services and infrastructure.

Subdivision and development within the Emplacement precinct

The Emplacement Structure Plan is set within the broader context and issues of the Cockburn Coast District Structure Plan.

If you are looking to subdivide or develop in the Emplacement precinct, please consult the City’s local planning policy, which outlines the design guidelines and information on development in this area.

More information and contact

Please contact Strategic Planning for more information on the Emplacement Local Structure Plan on 08 9411 3444 or contact Statutory Planning for information on subdivision and development proposals.

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