Adapting to Climate Change

The City of Cockburn is taking action to adapt to the impacts of climate change. This includes a Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan, coastal vulnerability study, and grants, subsidies and rebates for residents.

Climate change impacts in Cockburn

Climate change is expected to impact Local Government, communities and the environment. Human activity is extremely likely to have caused global warming at a faster rate than at previous times in history. While the City is working toward reducing emissions to keep within internationally agreed limits, climate change will have impacts on our community and our environment and we need to adapt to these changes and increase our resilience as a community.

The impacts we are likely to experience in Cockburn include increased heat waves and storm surges, a drier climate, increased frequency and intensity of bushfires and the possible loss of flora and fauna species.

These impacts may result in great costs to our community, the economy and the environment if we delay action. The good news is that we have a chance to minimise our exposure to these risks and costs if we act now.

Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan

The City has developed a Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan (CCAAP) which is being implemented across Council and is reviewed on an annual basis. The plan is contained within the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Strategy (see related documents below) It identifies a wide range of adaptation options to help reduce the impacts of climate change. The CCAAP focuses on six key areas, which need to be protected:
  • Health
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Infrastructure and Property Services 
  • Planning and Development
  • Protecting Cockburn's Natural Environment
  • Water and Sewage Services
Current actions include:
  • A major, multi-year coastal vulnerability study
  • Supporting research into the consequences of seawater warming in Cockburn Sound
  • Emergency management planning
  • Increasing energy security through investment in renewable energy
  • Reducing pollution, disturbance, pests and diseases to build resilience within our natural systems to improve their ability to adapt to climate change impacts.
Additionally the City of Cockburn is a member of the Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance, which is a member group involved in assessing and determining adapation actions associated with climate change related coastal vulnerability and adapation.

To access the Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance website, visit

What can I do to adapt to climate change? 

There are a number of actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and to adapt to climate change impacts in your home and community. The City offers a range of subsidies and programs to help you adapt:

More information and contact 

Please contact the Environmental Manager for more information on climate change adaptation on 08 9411 3444 or at
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