Hosting a Party

Please make sure you look after your guests when you are hosting a party. Remember to notify your local police, CoSafe and your neighbours if you are planning a party. Contact the City to report an issue or make a complaint about a party.

When you are celebrating a special occasion, your party should be fun, safe and trouble free. You have a duty of care towards your guests, and you are responsible for their safety and welfare.

Tips for hosting a party

Please follow these tips to keep your party enjoyable without being spoiled by uninvited guests and upset neighbours:

  • Plan your party, give out invitations to invited guests and clearly state time and location.

  • Be mindful of residential noise. If you are having amplified music, notify your neighbours or if you wish you can invite them. At 10pm the music volume must be lowered.

  • If you have underage guests at the party, try to create a list of contact numbers of their parents or guardians.

  • Do not serve alcohol to underage guests.

  • Make sure to invite the number of guests to suit the venue and avoid overcrowding. Notify the City to see if there are any restrictions.

  • The host should check car parking to make sure all vehicles are legally parked and not obstructing neighbours.

  • Please supply enough food and water to guests during your party.

  • Encourage your guests to drink water and eat between alcoholic drinks.

  • Have mid-strength or light beer on hand.

  • Help guests arrange lifts or taxis, don't let them drive if they have been drinking.  Have them stay over if they cannot get home safely.

Always remember to notify local police and CoSafe of all parties.

More information and contact

Please contact the City’s Community Safety Services for more information on hosting a safe party in Cockburn on  08 9411 3444 or at

Please contact the City to report an issue or make a complaint about a party.

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