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Application to sell food from a temporary food premises (community and charitable groups only)

All fields are mandatory unless marked as optional or if applicable. This online form is for Community/Charitable groups ONLY and must be submitted at LEAST two weeks prior to the event.

Details of food premises

Location of event

Do you have the land owner's permission to operate at this site?

Type of temporary food premises:

(Please attach a copy of the local authority approval document if you selected 'Approved Food Vehicle' for the above question)

Public liability insurance:

(Please attach a copy of your public liability insurance if you selected 'Yes' for the above question)

Applicant details

Applicant's name

Applicant's postal address

Applicant's contact details

Details of proposed food handling activity

Does the food require preparation or handling prior to the event?:

(Please provide name of food business if you selected 'Yes, the food is prepared within an approved commercial or residential kitchen' for the above question)


  • Preparation in residential kitchens is only permitted for one-off fund raising events where low risk or shelf stable food is prepared, eg. jams, biscuits.
  • Please contact the City’s Health Services for further information, if you propose to prepare other foods in a residential kitchen, or for more than one event.

Details of temporary food stall

Proposed stall has the following facilities:

** A large container of sufficient volume must be provided to catch waste water after each use and store for appropriate disposal.

Power supply:

Water supply:

Waste water disposal:

There is no charge for the approval of Community or charitable groups carrying out fundraising

  • Submitting this application does not automatically result in an approval.
  • If granted - the approval will be emailed to the applicants.
  • If you do not receive your approval within two weeks, please contact the City’s Health Services on 08 9411 3589.

Please ensure that all the relevant areas of the form are completed.


By submitting this form you declare that the above information to be true and correct.

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