Barking Dog Complaint Form

Barking dogs

Prior to lodging a barking complaint please read the Barking Dogs (complainant) information which will inform you of the process for lodging a complaint. 

Dogs communicate naturally by barking and at low levels is not an offence. Barking may alert its owners to danger or intruders or a number of other issues. However, a dog that persistently barks can be a nuisance. If a dog barks continually without reason, the cause may be lack of training and exercise, loneliness, inadequate shelter, ill health or deliberate or unintentional provocation by people or roaming dogs.

If your neighbour has a dog that constantly barks we encourage you to speak to them in person about the issues or alternatively leave a Neighbourhood Notification Letter in the mailbox in the first instance. A copy of the letter is available for download below. 

Once this initial contact has been made please allow 14 days for them to rectify the issues. If there is not sufficient improvement and you believe the barking is still at nuisance levels please return to the website and complete the online barking complaint form. 

Please Note: Complainants also need to complete a form 7 (official complaint form) which can be found in the Documents area below. This form is a Dog Act requirement. Please complete and attach as an attachment to the barking form submission otherwise it will be needed prior to engagement with the dog owner if the initial 7 day diary is found to prove nuisance issues.
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Barking Complaint form 

All fields are required except where indicated
Have you attempted to engage with the owner by way of notification letter or speaking to them:

If No, please complete neighbour notification (document link above) letter.
How have you confirmed the barking is from that address:

Have you reported this to City before:

If there are more than 2 dogs please enter details in the Other notes field
Breed Colour
Detail about Dog 1 :

Gender of dog:

500 characters remaining
Detail about Dog 2 (Optional) :

Gender of dog (optional):

500 characters remaining
Is the noise occurring when the owner is home:

500 characters remaining

When do barking issues occur?

500 characters remaining
Enter details on days and/or times the dog barks EG: Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings, Saturdays from 10pm
500 characters remaining
Enter additional details about Suspected causes of barking issues, information on additional dogs to that mentioned above

Complainant details

Note: street number and street name are needed for all addresses
Will any other resident be assisting with completing the diary:

Terms and Conditions

The information provided is true and correct at the time of entry.

I hereby request the City of Cockburn initiate the barking complaint process and where necessary further investigate this complaint on my behalf. Where it is necessary to instigate court proceedings further along the complaint process where barking persists I undertake to:
  1. Give further detailed information by way of diaries to the City as requested;
  2. That I have read the information of the process either on the website or in the Dog Barking complainant brochure. 
  3. That I am prepared to appear in Court to give evidence as a witness to the truth and validity of the complaint and the diaries I provide to the City. 
  4. By completing the online form I am also confirming that the prior 1st step has already been attempted having spoken to or provided the dog owner with a neighbour notification letter. As this did not resolve the matter a formal complaint process is being logged.

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