Adapting to Climate Change

The City of Cockburn is taking action to adapt to the impact of climate change. This includes a Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan, Coastal Adaptation Plan as well as grants and subsidies for residents.

Climate change impacts in Cockburn

Climate change is expected to impact Local Government, communities and the environment. The impacts we are likely to experience in Cockburn include increased heat waves and storm surges, a drier climate, increased frequency and intensity of bush fires and the possible loss of flora and fauna species.

These impacts may result in great costs to our community, the economy and the environment if we delay action. While the City is working toward reducing emissions to keep within internationally agreed limits, we need to minimise our exposure to these risks and adapt to these changes by increasing our resilience as a community.

Cities Power Partnership

The City of Cockburn joined the Cities Power Partnership in 2019 to collaborate with other local governments to create a more sustainable future. This free, national program is Australia’s largest local government climate network, representing almost 11 million Australians.

Local governments that join the partnership make five action pledges in either renewable energy, efficiency, transport or working in partnership to tackle climate change. The City of Cockburn will nominate its pledges through the development of a Climate Change Strategy in 2020.

Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan

The City of Cockburn participated in a regional climate change adaptation planning process in conjunction with the South-Metropolitan Regional Council in 2009 to identify regional risks and adaptation actions. Subsequently, the City prepared an operational Climate Change Adaptation Plan, which included a set of actions to manage the specific risks. 

The Adaptation Action Plan is due for review in 2020 as part of the development of a Climate Change Strategy. Community consultation will be undertaken to gain an understanding on how the community would like the City to demonstrate leadership in climate change.

Coastal Adaptation Plan

The Coastal Adaptation Plan was developed in 2018 as part of the Cockburn Sound Coastal Vulnerability & Flexible Adaptation Pathways Project.

This plan has been prepared to adapt to the changing coast in the City of Cockburn, and provides recommended timeframes and trigger points for decision-making and planning. The plan is the first iteration of an evolving, long-term planning and decision making process for the City of Cockburn, the community and key stakeholders to adapt our coastal communities and infrastructure to coastal processes, including risks of coastal erosion and inundation.

The adaptation plan has been informed by the Coastal Vulnerability Study (2013) and the Values and Risk Assessment (2014) undertaken by the Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance.  

It provides a best practice approach to coastal adaptation and details specific actions the City will take in the immediate (15-year) planning horizon to manage risk including coastal erosion and inundation.

The City of Cockburn is a member of the Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance opens in a new window, which is a member group involved in assessing and determining adaptation actions associated with climate change related coastal vulnerability and adaptation.

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Urban Forest Plan

Urban Forests improve the liveability of our cities and protect against an increasingly changing climate, in particular forecasts of more hot days and heatwaves. Trees provide shade and help to cool the surrounding air helping to reduce the urban heat island effect.

Trees function as a key element in urban ecosystems by improving air quality and sequester carbon from the atmosphere which helps to reduce the effects of climate change.

Cockburn residents can request a free street tree for their verge. For more information on the species that are planted or to request a tree visit the Street Trees webpage.

The City of Cockburn Urban Forest Plan 2018 - 2028 guides the management of streetscapes and public open space to improve the resilience of our City.

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What can I do to adapt to climate change? 

There are a number of actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and to adapt to climate change impacts in your home and community.

The City offers a range of subsidies and programs to help you live more sustainably:

More information and contact 

Please contact the Environmental Manager for more information on climate change adaptation on 08 9411 3444 or at
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