Cultural Grants

About the Cockburn Cultural Grants program

Cultural Grants support local arts and cultural activities, recognising the diversity of Cockburn. The program encourages expression of cultural identity through all artforms.

Who can apply for a cultural grant?

Cockburn-based groups and organisations are invited to develop their ideas into performances, displays, workshops, artist in residence programs or events that can be shared by communities in Cockburn. Priority will be given to applicants who haven’t previously been funded. Schools can apply for one-off funding if the project is extra curricular and falls outside the Education Department’s area of responsibility.

Applicants must:

  • Be based in Cockburn and/or be able to show how their project will mainly serve Cockburn residents
  • Develop their project to mainly benefit Cockburn residents and be preferably based in Cockburn
  • Show an ability to manage financial affairs.

How much funding is available under Cockburn cultural grants?

Individual applicants can receive a maximum of $4,000, but smaller amounts are encouraged. Applicants need to show in-kind support for their project.

When can I apply for a Cockburn cultural grant?

Cockburn cultural grants open for nominations in March and September. Funding rounds are publicly advertised.

Cultural grants application process

We want to be able to help you. Before you start your application, get in contact with the City’s Cultural Development Coordinator to discuss your idea. We may be able to make your application stronger, suggest some other funding sources and link you with other Council officers or community people who can help and be able to streamline your application. We are here to help.
The Cultural Development Coordinator will help you streamline your application by giving you advice on how and what to put into your application. This includes:
  • Evidence of community support, which may be in the form of letters by relevant community members/groups
  • Budget details. Your budget income must equal expenditures. We will also need evidence that your group is able to manage its financial affairs, so a financial statement will also be required.

How are Cultural grants assessed?

When we have received your application, it will be recorded and you will receive verification. If applicable, we may then refer it to a relevant council officer for comments.
For example, if it were an art project with an environmental theme it would then be given to the Environmental Services area for comments and recommendations. It is for this reason that it is important that you speak to a relevant officer regarding your application. Delegated Authority is provided to the Manager Community Services who determines the successful cultural grant applicants.

What happens next?

You will be advised whether your application for funding has been successful or unsuccessful. If you have been successful, we will send you a Letter of Offer and a Conditions of Funding form which we ask you to sign and we may stipulate some conditions. Once we have received your acceptance you will receive your funding, together with an Acquittal form. You must return the Acquittal form with all relevant information at the completion of the project.

What happens afterwards?

Once the project has been completed or the time frame has finished, we need to hear from you. If the project has been completed, you need to return the Acquittal form with copies of all receipts. Any unused funds must be returned. If your project has not been completed in the proposed time that you stated, you need to let us know. Extensions may be granted and we may be able to assist you if there are difficulties.

Application checklist

Please make sure:
  • You have discussed your project with the relevant officer
  • Your organisation and/or project serves City of Cockburn residents
  • Your application meets selection criteria
  • Your project has community support
  • You have completed a budget overview for your project
  • You have addressed all questions in your application
  • You have completed a signed declaration.

More information and contact

For more information, or to apply for a cultural grant, download the cultural grants guidelines below.
Contact the Cultural Development Coordinator to discuss your application on 08 9411 3444 or at

Applications can be made at the Cockburn Smarty Grants website.

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