Cockburn Parenting Service (0-18)

Cockburn Parenting Service: assisting parents/carers of children and teens aged 0-18 years

Cockburn Parenting Service is a free service for families with children aged 0-18 years in the City of Cockburn. The service includes practical advice on children’s development (ages 0-18 years), parent education and information, emotional support and strategies to assist those in a parenting role. Cockburn Parenting Service provides practical ideas and strategies delivered through a variety of forums including parenting groups, events and individual programs as needed.  

We link parents to and offer information about other community support services and resources. We also offer a parenting program for families aimed at assisting parents to strengthen and maintain a close and connected relationship with their children.

Cockburn Parenting Service: support for parents

We offer a range of support services for parents, grandparents and carers of children aged 0-18 years including:

  • Emotional support and information  for parents covering early parenthood through to adolescence
  • Helping to manage the challenges of parenting 
  • Providing information and support for your child's development from 0-18 years
  • Helping you understand your child’s emotional needs and behaviour
  • Giving ideas to strengthen your relationship with your baby, child or young person
  • Identifying local community support networks. 

We offer free services for parents including:

  • A range of different parenting groups
  • Practical advice on children’s development and learning
  • Information on children’s emotional needs and how best to respond
  • Help to set limits while maintaining a close and connected relationship 
  • Information and ideas to assist with language, motor skills, and social/emotional development
  • Individual programs where required for parents and their children
  • Connecting parents to other services and programs within the community

Group programs include:

  • Parenting by Connection (Building Emotional Understanding & Understanding Tears and Tantrums) Hand in Hand Parenting
  • Tuning in to Kids
  • Tuning in to Teens
  • Sing and Play (supported playgroup)
  • My Time (Aboriginal parent/grandparent group
  • Parent Circle (parent support group)

More information and contact

Cockburn Parenting Service provides a range of group activities and programs to support parents and their children aged 0-18 years. Please visit What’s On for a full list of programs, events and activities for parents and children.

Please contact the City for more information about Cockburn Parenting Service on 08 9411 3444 or at



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