Our vision for the next 10 years

So why is Cockburn the best place to be?

We are excited about our vision to make Cockburn the best place to be.

There are many reasons why it is already the best place. We have fabulous beaches, unique wetlands, pristine parks and arguably the best leisure centre in Australia. In addition, we are a powerhouse growth area with high-value investment opportunities in the commercial and industrial sectors generating sustainable prosperity.

So what are we doing to build on our vision? Our  Strategic Community Plan outlines the fifteen areas that the community has asked us to focus on. 

Below are some of the tangible things that we are doing in areas you have told us are important to you. To see what's happening this financial year, view a list of the capital works projects for parks, roads and community facilities.

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Create a sustainable and diverse local economy

We aim to create a sustainable and diverse local economy that attracts increased investment and provides local employment. Here are some of the things we do:

  • Advocating for investment to facilitate economic growth, and local employment

  • Building local business capacity through partnerships, networks, programs and skill development

  • Increasing the City’s purchasing of local goods and encouraging the community to buy local

  • Developing the City’s new Visitor Information Service as part of the Aboriginal Cultural and Visitors Centre

  • Making the City easier to do business with by improving our processes.

  • We assist young people to gain employment.

We urge everyone to shop local

The City of Cockburn supports local businesses. We urge everyone to shop local as part of our vision to make Cockburn the prosperous place to be. 


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We assist young people to gain employment

We assist young people to gain employment as part of our vision to make Cockburn the place to be for opportunity. Find out what we do for youth in Cockburn.

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Be a leader in sustainable environmental management

The City aims to be a leader in environmental management that enhances and sustainably manages our local natural areas and resources. Here are some of the things we are doing:

  • Sustainably managing our environment by protecting and enhancing our unique natural areas, coast, bushland, wetlands and native wildlife.

  • Implementing our Climate Change Strategy

  • Improving our urban forest and streetscapes across the City

  • Providing accessible high-quality open spaces and parks for community benefit

  • Sustainably managing water, energy and other resources and promote the use of environmentally responsible technologies

  • Minimising the City’s waste to landfill through reducing, reusing, repurposing, re-gifting and recycling of waste

  • Address climate change through planning, adaptation, mitigation, infrastructure and ecological management.

For more visit the 'Environment and Waste' section on this website, or view the Natural Area Management Strategy 2012-22 below under 'Related Documents'.

We're preserving the bushlands and wetlands

As part of our vision to make Cockburn the natural place to be, we are preserving the bushland and wetlands for generations to come.

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Provide great places to live and move around

We have a plan to provide residents with great places to live, activated social connections and high quality open spaces. Here are some of the things we are doing:

  • Advocating for the redevelopment of the South Fremantle Power Station site (and the associated electrical sub-station)

  • Developing Cockburn Central as a vibrant, regional city centre

  • Advocating and planning for reduced traffic congestion, safe roads and regional transport networks including concept development and advocacy for coastal corridor and east-west public transport and options

  • Continuing to build accessible cycleways, footpaths and trail networks across the City.

We believe that a City needs a vibrant centre

We believe that a city needs a centre, as part of our vision to build a living, breathing place to be for the community.


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Provide a vibrant, healthy, safe, inclusive and connected community

Here are some of the things we are doing:

  • Continuing to provide a diverse range of accessible, inclusive and targeted community services, recreation programs, events and cultural activities

  • Fostering local community identity and connection through social inclusion, community development, and volunteering opportunities.

  • Support health and well-being outcomes for our community

  • Providing community, sport, recreational, and cultural facilities and infrastructure to meet community needs

  • Investigating opportunities to repurpose the Roe 9 corridor for community infrastructure and development

  • Facilitating and advocating for increased community safety

  • Celebrating the significance of cultural, social and built heritage including Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders and multicultural groups.

Listening and leading

  • Delivering sustainable financial management, planning and asset management

  • Reviewing the Corporate Governance Framework

  • Focussing on customer experience and community engagement

  • Focussing on providing a workplace that supports diversity

  • Build an organisational culture that encourages innovation to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

For more information on the City's vision

For more on the City's vision and what we have planned for the future, read the City of Cockburn Corporate Business Plan under 'Related Documents' below.



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