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Nomination criteria

It is necessary to complete at least two of the following seven nomination criteria.

e.g. plantings by well-known public figure or group; relates to an historical occasion or event
e.g. scientific value, propagating potential, tolerance to pest and disease
e.g. rare or Localised e.g. rare species (2-50 known specimens), one of few examples of the family/genus/species in the precinct)
e.g. unique location or context, aesthetic value, major contribution to landscape and/or local place character
e.g. height, circumference, canopy spread, curious forms
e.g. scarred tree, corroboree tree, canoe tree
e.g. community engagement focused around the tree for positive social or cultural reasons, spiritual importance of a tree to a specific group in the community

e.g. National Trust, Heritage Council
e.g. book titles, Battye Library references
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