Footpaths, Roads and Drains

Footpaths, roads and drain maintenance 

The City regularly maintains the City’s streets, using street sweepers and road maintenance trucks. The City also maintains footpaths and undertakes road maintenance including potholes and drains.

How to report an issue with footpaths, roads or drains

The City regularly maintains the City’s streets and undertakes a road maintenance program, addressing potholes and drains. You can report issues with footpaths, roads and drains to the City’s Engineering Services.

Please contact the City to report areas needing road sweeping, problems with potholes, blocked drains at the roadside, or damage to footpaths. You can also contact the City for help with road and pedestrian safety.

Drainage Catchment Study

The City of Cockburn's Drainage Catchment Study has been prepared by Cardno on behalf of the City of Cockburn to:
  • Undertake a review of the existing 2009 Plan and the delivery of its recommendations
  • Review any relevant structure plans in developing areas so that new sub-division developments provide appropriate stormwater management and required infrastructure;
  • Review of the most recent customer requests related flooding issues received since 2009;
  • Review present condition of the Council’s Drainage Assets to identify weaknesses in the City’s drainage system and action plan for implementation of the Drainage Management Strategy (DMS);
  • Identify the reasons why existing drainage assets fail/deteriorate and therefore do not meet current performance standards and community expectations; and
  • Identify and establish the priority order in which any modifications and/or new works are to be installed, so that a clear direction is provided to the Council.

More information and contact

Please contact Engineering Services for more information on roads, footpaths and drains on 08 9411 3444 or at

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Cardno - Drainage Catchment Study - Engineering Roads Design

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Cardno - Drainage Catchment Study - Engineering Roads Design - CW988000-WA-RP-001-B PDF document



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