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Community Development Team

The City's Community Development Team is part of the Family and Community Development Service unit. The team works with community members, volunteers and not-for-profit organisations to support and contribute to a community in which people feel a sense of belonging and connection.

Our team can provide information and support in the areas of volunteering and community development. 

Resident associations in Cockburn

The following table lists residents associations within the City of Cockburn including their names, email addresses, website and Facebook page (if applicable).

Name of Resident Association Group Online Contact Information
Atwell Community Association Email: [email protected]
Website: Atwell-Community-Association
Facebook: Atwell Community Association

Aubin Grove Community Association

Email: [email protected]
Website: Aubin-Grove-Community-Association
Facebook: Aubin Grove Community Association
Banjup Residents Group Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Banjup Residents Group
Beeliar Community Association Email: [email protected]  
Facebook: Beeliar Community Voice Inc 
Bibra Lake Residents Association Email: [email protected]
Website: Bibra-Lake-Residents-Association
Facebook: Bibra Lake Residents Association
Catherine Point Community Group Email: [email protected] 
Facebook: n/a
Cockburn Central Town Centre Association Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Cockburn Central Town Centre Association
Connecting South Lake Email: [email protected]
Website: Connecting-South-Lake
Facebook: Connecting South Lake
Coogee Beach Progress Association Email: [email protected]
Website: Coogee-Beach-Progress-Association
Facebook: Coogee Beach Progress Association
Coolbellup Community Association Email: [email protected]
Website: Coolbellup-Community-Association
Facebook: Coolbellup Community Association
Hamilton Hill Community Group Email: [email protected] 
Facebook: Hamilton Hill Community Group
Hammond Park Community Association Email: [email protected] 
Website: Hammond-Park-Community-Association 
Facebook: Hammond Park Community Association
Harvest Lakes Residents Association Email: [email protected] 
Website: Harvest-Lakes-Residents-Association 
Facebook: Harvest Lakes Residents Association
Jandakot Residents and Ratepayers Association Email: [email protected]
Website: n/a
Facebook: Jandakot Residents and Ratepayers Association
Jandakot Rural Landowners  Email: [email protected]
Facebook: n/a
Murdoch Chase Residents Association
Email: [email protected]
Website: n/a
Facebook: Murdoch Chase Residents Association
Port Coogee Community Association Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Port Coogee Community Association
South Coogee Community Association Email: [email protected]
Website: n/a
Facebook: South Coogee Community Association
Spearwood Progress Association Email: [email protected]
Website: SpearwoodProgressAssociation
Facebook: Spearwood Progress Association
Success Residents Association Email: [email protected]
Website: n/a
Facebook: Success Residents Association
Treeby Community Association Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Treeby Community Association
Yangebup Progress Association Email: [email protected]
Website: n/a 
Facebook: Yangebup Progress Association

Resident associations budget requests 2022-23

As part of the City’s budgeting process, Cockburn resident associations are invited to submit up to three projects for consideration in the 2022 - 23 draft capital works budget. Projects may have a total combined value of up to $30,000.

Resident associations have until 4pm, Monday 20 December 2022 to submit their project ideas. Contact your resident association to share your suggestions.

What projects can be considered?

Priority is given to projects that align with prior Council commitments. Community support for the project must be demonstrated within the submission.  

  • Playground shade sails

  • Playground improvements (if additional equipment will require extensions to the play pit border and additional soft fall material you will need to consider this as part of your submission as it will impact the cost of the project)

  • New footpaths linking other footpaths

  • Verge/median landscaping

  • Small art projects (e.g. murals)

  • Other small community projects (e.g. parklets)

  • Park Improvements

    • Solar lighting along footpaths (consider length and proximity to adjacent houses)

    • Trees in parks

    • Barbecues (assess if there is a shelter, drinking fountain, seating, etc. already in the park as these are essential infrastructure to support a BBQ. If a park doesn’t have these elements then you will need to consider the cost of these items in your submission)

    • Shelter, Tables, Seating, bins (consider accessibility issues)

    • Exercise equipment

    • Half-Court Basketball Courts (consider park size and location on park)

    • Sporting infrastructure (liaise with the City prior to submission)

    • Park/Reserve signage (consider sign content and name of park)

Before items are presented to Council, officers will assess requests in line with project criteria, budget, long-term plans and policies.

Which projects cannot be considered?

Please note that projects exceeding $30,000 will not be considered. These projects are usually major infrastructure projects like roads, buildings, public toilets, water-based projects, fenced dog exercise areas, skate parks and pump tracks.

Each association can submit a maximum of three projects for consideration, with a total combined value of up to $30,000.

What will happen next?

An initial assessment of the submissions will be undertaken by officers in first quarter 2022. This process determines whether a project is suitable for Council to consider in the 2022-23 draft capital works budget.

If the project is considered suitable for Council consideration, it will be included in the draft budget requests for 2022-23. The draft budget is presented to Council for consideration and approval at Special Council Meeting in June 2022.  

Resident Associations Budget Requests Update

The City has completed an initial assessment to determine which projects are suitable for Council to consider at the June Special Council Meeting. At this stage, projects considered ‘suitable’ are still yet to be approved.

Council will make their final decision about the project at the June Special Council Meeting.Swipe to see more
Priority 1 Cost Priority 2 Cost Priority 3 Cost
Atwell Community Association
(To be considered)
Seating options at skate park, Atwell Park 
Aubin Grove Community Association
(Already funded or earmarked for consideration)
Playground shade sail, Camden Park
$25,000 (To be considered)
Park seating,
Bologna Park
$5,000 (To be considered)
Park upgrades,
Bondi Way Park
Banjup Residents Group
(To be considered)
FireWise demonstration garden, Oxley Rd
Beeliar Community Voice
(To be considered)
Landscaping, McLaren Ave, Plumosa Ave, Starflower Gr, Retusa St
$30,000 (Already funded or earmarked for consideration)
Dog waste bags, Senecio Lane,Formosa Park,
Wanarie Park
$2,000 (Already funded or earmarked for consideration)
shade sail, Radonich
Bibra Lake Residents Assocation  
(To be considered)
Park upgrades,
Ramsay Park
$30,000     (Already funded or earmarked for consideration)
Canine facility
upgrades, Ramsay Park
Connecting South Lake
(To be considered)
Picnic gazebo,
Broadwater Park
Coogee Beach Progress Association
(To be considered)
Landscaping, Cockburn Water Estate entrance
Coolbellup Community Association
(To be considered)
Gazebo lighting,
Hargreaves Park
$5,000     (To be considered)
Solar lighting on footpath, Jarvis Park
Hamilton Hill Community Group
(To be considered)
Public murals,
Southwell Cres and Enright
Reserve Cricket Pavilion
Hammond Park Community Association
(To be considered)
Tree planting,
Botany Oval
Murdoch Chase Residents Association
(To be considered)
Shade upgrades,
Allendale Park
Port Coogee Community Association
(To be considered)
Exercise equipment, Coromandel Park, MacQuatha Children’s Playground
South Beach Community Group
(Already funded or earmarked for consideration)
Infill planting, Barrow Park
$5,000 (To be considered)
Shade sail, Barrow Park
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