Road Maintenance Responsibility (Council vs MRWA)

What roadworks is Council responsible for?

Roads and Drainage

  • Scheduled road sweeping

  • Repairing potholes and patching roads

  • Resurfacing and upgrading existing roads and constructing new roads

  • Repairing kerbing

  • Weed spraying kerb-lines and median islands

  • Managing traffic

  • Responding to after-hours emergencies for chemical oil spills, traffic accidents and damage to council infrastructure

  • Repairing, upgrading and installing drainage infrastructure

  • Cleaning drainage pits, CCTV jetting pipes

  • Maintaining sumps and bubble-up outlets.

Footpath maintenance

  • Repairing, maintaining, renewing and constructing footpaths

  • Disability access and inclusion projects

  • Weed spraying foot and bike paths

  • Improving the City’s bike network.

Ancillary or verge maintenance

  • Installing and maintaining bus shelters

  • Removing graffiti

  • Kerb numbering

  • Bus fire response plant for clearing and for traffic management assisting Police DFES or DPAW

  • Installing crossovers

  • Installing and maintaining guide posts

  • Installing and maintaining crash and guard rails

  • Installing and maintaining bollards and handrails, except around parks.

Roads administration

  • Administering Accredited Mass Management System (AMMS) and Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) permits

  • Inspected and approving crossovers, including monitoring compliance

  • Administering verge permits and bonds, including monitoring compliance

  • Administering street lighting applications to Western Power for new lighting

  • Administering private lighting applications for public access ways

  • Inspecting subdivisions

  • Reporting faulty street lights to Western Power

  • Reporting missing road signs and faded line marking to Main Roads.

What roadworks is Main Roads responsible for?

In Cockburn, Main Roads is responsible for the following roads:

  • Armadale road (whole road)

  • Cockburn Road (Rockingham Road to Russell Road)

  • Kwinana Freeway (whole road)

  • Rockingham Road (south from Stock Road)

  • Roe Highway (whole road)

  • Russell Road in Henderson (Cockburn Road to Rockingham Road)

  • Stock Road (south Winterfold to Rockingham Road).

Main Roads other responsibilities

  • All line marking on all roads

  • Road signage except for street name signs and Council banners

  • Maintaining all traffic signals on all roads

  • Maintaining and inspecting all bridges, including rail bridges owned by the Public Transport Authority.

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