Home Waste Compost Subsidy

City of Cockburn residents are eligible for subsidies on worm farms, compost bins and bokashi bins. Different home waste compost systems are suitable for different types of households and waste needs.

About the home waste compost subsidy

The City of Cockburn offers a home waste compost subsidy that part funds the cost of worm farms, compost bins and bokashi bins. Please read through the table below to decide which home waste compost subsidy is best for you.

Features of different home waste compost systems

  Bokashi bin
$50 subsidised rate
Compost bin
$50 rebate
Worm farm
$85 subsidised rate
Dwelling suitability House, apartment, office, no garden Houses, schools,  anywhere with gardens House, apartment, office, no garden
Location Anywhere, indoor or outdoor Ideally outside, away from  house in a sunny area Indoor or out, ideally outside and in shade
Efficiency Efficient break down into liquid, though dry scraps take longer and need to be buried in soil Variable. Dependent on carbon/ nitrate ratio and aeration. Fast process if well maintained Dependent on worms but generally fast in process
Odour levels No odour if bin is kept sealed in air-tight container Dependant on carbon/nitrate ratios. Nil if well maintained No odour if worm farm is well maintained and scraps are being digested
Maintenance costs Around $10 per bokashi mix bag No cost once set up No cost once set up
Fertiliser Liquid Solid Liquid and solid
How to obtain
Rebate or Subsidy (Cockburn residents only)
Collect and pay at City of Cockburn front counter. Cash; Credit Card; Cheque (over front counter); cheque / credit card via post proof of residency required Purchase your own compost bin that suits your needs and receive a $50 rebate on proof of your receipt and residence. Requirement to come into the City's Admin Building and complete a rebate form. $50 rebate then reimbursed electronically Only available at Cockburn Worm Farm workshops (visit website for details). Registration essential, bring $85 cash for purchase at workshop.

Waste accepted in different home waste compost systems

  Bokashi Bin  Compost Bin  Worm Farm 
Veggie scraps Yes Yes Yes
Citrus and onions Yes Yes Small amounts
Meat scraps and bones Yes No No
Dairy Yes Yes No
Coffee grounds and tea bags Yes Yes Yes
Egg shells Yes Yes Yes
Garden waste Yes Yes Yes
Pet poo No Only vegetarian pets Yes, but best in separate worm farm for meat eating pets
Paper and cardboard Small amounts Small amounts Small amounts, shredded

Worm farm subsidy - $85

Worm farms are a great way of using kitchen scraps to produce fertiliser for your garden. The worm farm subsidy includes:
  • 4-tiered unit
  • 20kg of castings
  • 1kg of worms
  • Instruction manual and tailored workshop. 
Residents are required to come along to a workshop and learn how to set-up and use worm farm units. The workshops are run in partnership with The Worm Shed. Find out when the next workshop is on.

Cost: $85 cash at the workshop.

Bokashi bin subsidy - $50

Bokashi bins are designed for odour-free composting in the kitchen and are great for those with smaller gardens. Visit the City’s Administration Building and purchase your 20L Bokashi Bin. You must provide proof of residency. This includes a bag of Bokashi Dust (lasts an average household 3-4 weeks) and instructions. Maximum two bins per household.
Cost: $50

Compost bin rebate - $50 

Compost bins are great for households with a medium to large garden and can be used to transform kitchen and garden waste into a valuable soil additive. 
Buy a compost bin of your choice and receive a $50 rebate upon proof of purchase and residence. Please complete the compost bin rebate online application form below. Please note your rebate will be processed within 8 weeks. Maximum one bin per household.

Compost Bin Rebate Application Form

Compost caddy - FREE

Compost caddies (includes a roll of compostable bags) are suitable for collecting food scraps in the kitchen and transferring them straight into a worm farm or compost bin. The caddies are free and are available from the City’s Administration Building. Maximum one caddy per household.

More information and contact

Please contact the City’s Waste Education Officer for more information on 08 9411 3444 or at customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au
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