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Cat Sterilisation Subsidy

The City of Cockburn offers a subsidy of $50.00 towards the cost of cat sterilisation which may be claimed following production of a sterilisation certificate from a registered Vet. (Cat must also be microchipped and registered) Proof that you reside in The City must be provided with a copy of a current drivers licence.

For further details contact the City of Cockburn on 9411 3444 or call into the Council Administration centre between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Any one residential property may have up to 3 adult cats.  A property with 4 or more adult cats will need to apply for a cattery licence.

Cats are nocturnal and hence most mating and territorial behaviours occur at night. To help minimise the impact on your neighbours it is a good idea to have your cat sterilised.

Sterilised male cats wander less and their urine doesn't have a high hormonal odour. Sterilised cats are healthier, live longer and are less of a nuisance to the community.

Preferably cats should be confined to a pen or house at night between 8pm and 7am. As they will wander further at night which not only puts wildlife at risk but they could be hit by a car, savaged by another animal, get into fights with other cats that may result in large vet bills.

Please read the leaflet shown for more information on the Cat Sterilisation Subsidy.



Residents that have concerns in regards to cats are to contact the Cat Haven or the RSPCA or the Cat Alliance of Australia Inc.


Cat Sterilisation Subsidy Form:

  1. Download the Cat Sterilisation Subsidy Form
    (You must supply a copy of vet certificate for sterilisation, and microchip details. Please provide a copy of your current drivers licence.)
  2. Then post the form to:

The Chief Executive Officer,
City of Cockburn,
P O Box 1215

From 1 November 2013 you will have to sterilise, microchip and register any cat from six months or older. 

Sterilise your Feline Friend today 

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