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Guidelines for a Direction Sign Application

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The purpose of a Direction Sign is to provide road users with general information and direction to a facility of interest to the community, which is located on a side street. It is not an advertisement sign for any private or public company. The inscription on a sign must be short and concise so to enable motorists to scan all the information and make a decision safely within the time available. 

  1. Accordingly, the inscription on a Direction Sign can only be: 

    Of a generic nature of the facility. Company names will not be accepted. However, consideration may be given to include the name of a not-for-profit community organization / group; and

    Of 16 characters or less (a space between two words is counted as a character). 

  2. The number of Direction Signs that a community group or business organisation can apply for is limited to two (2).  The Signs must be located at intersections on major roads closest to the premises.
  3. No approval will be given to applications for a Direction Sign located at a traffic signaled intersection.
  4. Where a community facility or business premise abuts a major road, no approval will be given for an application for a Direction Sign.
  5. Where there are already three (3) Direction Signs at an intersection, no further Direction Signs will be approved for that location.
  6. To ensure information on a Direction Sign is reasonably relevant and up-to-date, the City will remove an approved Direction Sign, without notifying the sign holder, after the following expiry date, whichever comes first:

    The first day of January, five (5) years after an approval is given (e.g. if it is given in the year of 2011, irrespective of which month of the year, the approval will be revoked after 1st January 2016); or

    When the community / organization / business ceases to exist at the location stated in the Application Form .

  7. New applications can be made and will be assessed on a "first in first served" basis. 
  8. Notwithstanding the above, Council reserves the right to remove a Direction Sign, whenever it is deemed necessary without compensation / notification to the sign holder, especially in circumstances where the sign has been badly damaged by vandalism or vehicle collisions.
  9. The City provides the at cost services of manufacture and installation of Direction Signs. The City does not require a sign holder to pay an ongoing annual site rental and maintenance fee. Accordingly, if you require the City to undertake any replacement or maintenance work for a Direction Sign after its installation, you will be liable for the cost of the work.


  1. If applying in person, complete the attached Application Form ; pay the application fee (stated in the Application form); attach a copy of the receipt with the application; and request the Cashier of the City to forward the documentation to the Manager Engineering of this City.
  2. If applying by post, send the completed Application Form   and a cheque for the application fee payable to the City of Cockburn. Please mark on the back of the cheque:  "Direction Sign(s)" and forward the documentation to :

    The Manager Engineering, 
    City of Cockburn,
    PO Box 1215,
    Bibra Lake DC, WA 6965

  3. Do not pay the costs of sign manufacture and installation until approval is given. You will be advised in writing of the exact amount payable.
  4. The City will advise you within four to eight weeks the outcome of your application. If it is successful, you will be advised of the details of approval (i.e. inscription on the signs and their locations) and the costs payable to the City for the manufacture and installation of the approved signs.
  5. Should you wish to proceed, make a cheque payable to the City of Cockburn for the amount specified in the letter of confirmation; mark on the back of the cheque:  Direction Sign(s); and forward the cheque to the attention of the Manager Engineering of this City. 
  6. On receipt of payment, the approved signage will be manufactured and erected as soon as practicable.

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