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Telephone: (08) 9411 3444

Bus Shelters

The City of Cockburn has around 550 Bus stops within the City, with 220 of these having a Bus shelter installed.

All these Bus Shelters, except the "full glass" shelters along Rockingham Road, are owned and maintained by the City.

The "full glass" shelters along Rockingham Road belong to Adshel and are not owned or maintained by the City of Cockburn. If you notice any damage to the "full glass" shelters you should report it to Adshel on 1800 501 402 (free call).

The City has a maintenance program that is undertaken each year to endeavour to keep these bus shelters in a safe usable condition.    These shelters are installed for the comfort of those who prefer to use the public transport system to reach their destinations instead of their motor vehicle.  This assists with the saving of the greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere, thereby saving the environment. 

The City has a commitment to supply safe infrastructure for its residents and visitors to the City to be able to move around in a safe, comfortable and user friendly manner by developing future programmes to enhance the existing network of paths throughout the City.

What do I do if I see a damaged bus shelter?

Please report the damage by sending in the following details either by post or to subject: Bus Shelter Damage.

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Location of Bus Shelter
  4. Details of Damage

Postal Address:

Bus Shelter Officer
City of Cockburn
PO Box 1215

How do I get a bus shelter in my street?

You can write to the Council requesting a bus shelter be constructed in your street, indicating which side of the road and near what house number.  It would also assist negotiations if you had the agreement of other residents in the street.  From there your request would be investigated and placed on the forward works program for construction.

What if I see graffiti on a bus shelter?

It would be appreciated if you follow the same instructions as mentioned above for "damage to a bus shelter". 

Contact Numbers: Council (day time)  (08) 9411 3444

Read more about : Dealing with Graffiti on our website.

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Need more info?

For any graffiti reports, or requests for a new shelter, please call 9411 3444 Email 

For problems with Glass Bus Shelters contact: