Help us design age friendly homes in Cockburn

Add to calendar Tuesday 30 October 2018 Midday-2.30pm

If you are a Cockburn resident aged 50+, join us for a FREE luncheon to generate ideas on how to design better homes for our older residents.

Tell us what your current housing needs are and what they may be in the future. No formal experience is needed, just your own thoughts and ideas!

Architects, planners, designers at the City of Cockburn and the Australian Urban Design Research Centre will use the information from this session and a following session in February 2019 to:

  1. Prepare a report promoting the home design needs of Cockburn residents aged 50+
  2. Publish materials to support decisions around future housing designs for the 50+ market including a design brief and house floors plans
  3. Provide a report for other Local Governments to use detailing key learning outcomes for home design in the 50+ market. 

Outcomes from the two sessions will ensure that builders, developers, designers and architects working in the City of Cockburn are aware of the housing needs of our residents aged 50+, which will influence the housing designs used within the City.

Please call 08 9411 3444 or email to RSVP before 25 October 2018.

Photo credit: Kim Vo

City of Cockburn Seniors Centre

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