Water Wise Verge Incentive Scheme Design Application Form

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Waterwise Verge Incentive Scheme Design Application Form

All fields are required except where indicated

Application process may take up to 8 weeks

Please read this application form in conjunction with City of Cockburn’s Street Verge Improvements Policy.

Successful applicants must comply with the criteria below to be considered:

  • Approved design applications, material/service purchases and installation must all occur between 1 July 2019 to 30 September 2019.
  • Waterwise Verge Incentive Scheme Design Application Forms must be submitted and approved prior to installing the Waterwise verge.
  • Photographs of the existing verge are required to be submitted with the design application
  • Photographs may be used by the City for media and promotional purposes
  • Waterwise verge designs are to be mulched and planted with native Australian plant species
  • Call 1100 (Dial Before You Dig) or enquire online for safety and protection of underground utilities
  • Works are to be completed between the period of the offer

Property Details

Note: street number and street name are needed for all addresses

Application Details

Verge Landscaping
  • No plant is to be more than 650mm when mature, or of hazardous nature (e.g. thorny, sharp)
  • Paving material (pavers only) is limited to 25% of the verge area, excluding the crossover, and, if used, is to be integrated into the soft landscaping so as not to provide an area for vehicle parking
  • Artificial turf or synthetic grass is not permitted as a verge treatment under this rebate scheme
  • Loose pea gravel, crushed brick or other stone aggregates are generally not permitted as verge treatments
  • Verge treatment is not to impede pedestrian access
  • General level and grade of the verge is not to be altered
  • New verge trees must be provided and installed by the City on a request basis
  • Existing street trees are to be protected and not be pruned or interfered with in any way without approval from the City and;
  • Verge treatments are to be set back 1.5m from the road frontage, and if no footpath is present, a 1.5m pedestrian area mst be available at the property boundary.
Is there an existing street tree?:
If no existing street tree, do you request a street tree to be installed by the City? (Tree species selected, provided and installed by the City):

Please download this template, draw your proposed landscaping and attach it to this form complete with images of your existing verge.

An officer will contact you shortly regarding whether your application has been approved.
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